• “8 Ways to Shine a Positive Light on Others

    1. Let the other person appear smart. The person who desperately tries to be the smartest person in the room inevitably comes off as the least.
    2. Don’t bring attention to anything which may embarrass another person. Whether your conversation partner has poor grammar, a pimple on his chin, or lacks social grace, a discreet person does not say or do anything which would make another feel ashamed, embarrassed, or humiliated. Allow the other person to maintain his own grace and dignity.
    3. Ask their opinions, seek their advice, ask them inquiring questions. By allowing them to reveal their opinions and knowledge, you will demonstrate respect and make them feel important.
    4. Practice patience. Sometimes it takes a person a moment to gather her thoughts, process information, or respond appropriately. Your patience is respectful and appreciated.
    5. Maintain your calm. Rather than react with anger or defensiveness, regulate your response and shift the energy into a more positive direction.
    6. Put your ego aside. Allow another to triumph and enjoy the spotlight.
    7. Be aware and concerned for the feelings of others.
    8. Purposely seek ways to put others at ease and make them feel comfortable.”