• “Having been baptized into Christ, and put on Christ,1 ye have been made conformable to the Son of God; for God having foreordained us unto adoption as sons,2 made us to be conformed to the body of Christ’s glory.3 Having therefore become partakers of Christ,4 ye are properly called Christs, and of you God said, Touch not My Christs,5 or anointed. Now ye have been made Christs, by receiving the antitype6 of the Holy Ghost; and all things have been wrought in you by imitation,7 because ye are images of Christ. He washed in the river Jordan, and having imparted of the fragrance8 of His Godhead to the waters, He came up from them; and the Holy Ghost in the fulness of His being9 lighted on Him, like resting upon like.10 And to you in like manner, after you had come up from the pool of the sacred streams, there was given an Unction,11 the anti-type of that wherewith Christ was anointed; and this is the Holy Ghost; of whom also the blessed Esaias, in his prophecy respecting Him, said in the person of the Lord, The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, because He hath anointed Me: He hath sent Me to preach glad tidings to the poor.12”