• “She is here amongst us, but she is not alone,” one of the pixie dust angels told the queen of the woods.

    “And?” the queen demanded.

    “She is with some boy. Both look strange, if you ask me.”

    “Strange, how?” the queen asked.

    “Strange. You know they don’t look as we do.”

    “How do they look?” The queen turned and looked at the pixie angel with her purple eye that sat in the middle of her forehead.

    “I don’t know. They have things like the little people in Vanduesa.”

    “What things might you be referring to?” the queen’s voice rose impatiently.

    “You know those things that the little people get around with.”

    The queen laughed, revealing yellowing teeth. “Oh, the things the little people in Vanduesa refer to as legs.”

    “That’s it.” The pixie angel did an excited flip, and then nodded her head.”