Thoughts About the 2024 Infiniti QX60

Talia Lee
June 11, 2024

When behind the wheel of the 2024 Infiniti QX60, the experience evokes admiration rather than passion, with a demeanor that’s subtly refined.

Unlike some luxury brands with distinct personalities like BMW’s performance focus or Lexus’ smooth elegance, Infiniti, akin to a sophisticated cousin of Nissan, has historically embodied an earnestness without a clear-cut identity.

The QX60, its midsize 3-row SUV, excels in many aspects without a defining standout feature. During my week-long test, I found it appealing but not captivating. It’s a dependable choice suitable for many buyers, especially if pricing is competitive and dealers offer incentives. It could serve your family well for years to come.

However, it’s wise to explore other options before committing, as the QX60 doesn’t demand to be the one you take home.

My test vehicle, the Autograph edition, boasted a striking 2-tone design of Deep Bordeaux red and Black Obsidian, complemented by Graphite quilted semi-aniline leather seats and black open-pore ash wood trim. Priced at $69,145, including a $1,350 delivery fee, it offers a premium experience worth considering.

The QX60 may appear larger than it feels, thanks to its nimble and precise handling, offering a more manageable experience than typical 3-row SUVs.

This Infiniti delivers a tranquil ride on the highway, enhanced by exceptional sound insulation.

Yet, despite these attributes, I find myself not entirely enamored with its performance. While the QX60’s 295-horsepower 3.5-liter V6 engine should provide ample power for a vehicle of this size, it exhibits a slight sluggishness when accelerating from a standstill. There’s a noticeable hesitation at lower speeds before the engine kicks into gear and accelerates smoothly to highway speeds.

This hesitation feels akin to turbo lag, although the QX60 doesn’t utilize a turbocharger. So, what’s causing this literal hesitation?

It appears that the 9-speed automatic transmission may be sapping some of the engine’s low-end torque. This issue could likely be addressed by refining the transmission tuning. While many drivers may not be bothered by this hesitation, automotive journalists, accustomed to comparing vehicles in spirited driving scenarios, may notice it more. Put simply, when asked to accelerate, the QX60 takes a moment to gather its momentum before truly picking up the pace.

Moving from the mid-level Sensory trim to the top-tier Autograph edition is akin to transitioning from Business to First Class.

On paper, the upgrades include enticing features such as second-row captain’s chairs, a removable second-row console, and the Tow Package, all as standard. However, the real allure lies in the addition of quilted semi-aniline leather adorning the perforated seats and dashboard. Accentuated by contrast-color stitching, this luxurious touch elevates both the appearance and tactile experience of the interior.

In fact, I found myself becoming discerning, nitpicking over details like the diamond-quilt stitching on the dashboard being a deep graphite hue while the thread on the doors leaned towards a lighter gray. I contemplated whether a uniform shade would have been preferable. Such considerations underscore the heightened level of luxury when even the nuances of thread color become a topic of scrutiny.

While many luxury vehicles inundate drivers with a cacophony of beeps and dings, leaving them bewildered by the sheer number of alerts, the QX60 takes a refreshingly restrained approach. It emits a warning tone when it detects oncoming traffic that could intersect your path as you reverse out of a parking spot, sparing you from unnecessary auditory clutter.

Yet, I couldn’t help but wonder if Infiniti erred on the side of caution by dialing down the volume too much. The rear seat reminder, for instance, quietly displays a text message in the driver’s instrument cluster prompting you to check for passengers and belongings before exiting the vehicle. While discreet, it runs the risk of being overlooked, thereby compromising its effectiveness in fulfilling its intended purpose.

If your passengers include clients, adults, or larger teenagers in the second row, they’ll find the QX60 quite accommodating. The vehicle grants them authority over their climate settings, provides USB charging ports for their devices, features headliner-mounted air vents, and offers reclining seats for added comfort. Additionally, pull-down window shades contribute to their comfort by allowing them to regulate their temperature as desired.

While accessing the third row is effortless with its powered one-touch tilt-and-slide feature, providing convenient entry and exit for third-row passengers, the space itself falls short. With just 28 inches of legroom, it offers less than comparable models like the Acura MDX, Lexus TX, or Genesis GV80. Consequently, the QX60’s third row is best suited for small children or occasional use during short trips.

The 2024 Infiniti QX60 presents itself as a comfortable and accommodating midsize SUV with three rows. Sharing a platform with the Nissan Pathfinder, its more ordinary traits likely reflect its roots as a sophisticated Nissan model. Nevertheless, in its Autograph guise, it exudes a refined aura. For those seeking a comprehensive three-row luxury SUV, it’s worth considering for a test drive. However, within its competitive segment, it may not immediately stand out as the top choice.

Review : 4.3/3544
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