Lexus GX 550 Features Review

Talia Lee
June 11, 2024

Lexus SUVs, including the Lexus GX, are globally renowned for their reliability, capability, and widespread admiration. The Lexus GX 550, in particular, stands out as a top contender in this esteemed lineup.

Having recently spent several days with the Lexus GX 550, my appreciation for Lexus vehicles has only grown. This admiration began with models like the IS Sport Cross and expanded to include the LS sedan and the luxurious Lexus LX. The GX continues this tradition, impressing with its on-road performance even during off-road excursions.

While I didn’t have the opportunity to fully explore the GX 550’s off-road capabilities, I did gain insight into its adaptability to rugged terrain. Below are some notable features of the Lexus GX 550:

Amidst discussions about the new engine and proportions, the allure of the forest captivated my attention, where each tree, though not flawless, exuded its unique charm. The boxy profile of the Lexus GX 550 blends modernity with traditional style, presenting an attractive and refreshing exterior that exudes luxury effortlessly, without any sense of overbearing effort.

The GX’s twin-turbo V6 engine delivers ample power, boasting a 3.4-liter capacity and generating 349 horsepower along with 479 lb-ft of torque. This torque proves invaluable for off-road adventures, while its towing capacity, nearing 10,000 lbs, exceeds expectations. Compared to its predecessor’s V8, the new GX’s V6 offers a significant boost in performance, a fact appreciated by all new Lexus GX owners from 2024 onward.

However, there’s a certain something missing without the V8. Whether it was the reassuring weight of the old engine or the smoothness of the 4.6-liter powertrain, its absence leaves a noticeable void. While the new engine excels in quantifiable ways, the nostalgia for the V8 remains.

While the GX’s interior doesn’t quite match up to other Lexus models, I appreciate its spaciousness and design. The lofty roof, slender body, and upright driving posture evoke a nostalgic charm reminiscent of old Montero or Trooper models. I’m not directly comparing luxury or features; rather, I’m focusing on the driving experience. Much like those classic SUVs, the GX offers a commanding view of the road and obstacles, which I find reassuring, especially during off-road excursions. Even if the GX were my daily driver, I’d still appreciate its cabin dimensions and driving position.

My initial encounter with the concept of integrating climate controls into the central touchscreen was in a Range Rover Evoque. In this setup, a dial is incorporated into the lower section of the expansive central touchscreen, and as you turn the dial, the displayed temperature adjusts accordingly. While somewhat gimmicky, it adds a touch of luxury to the interior—a feature that could enhance its overall appeal.

Affordability comes with its own set of trade-offs. While the new Lexus GX may not boast the same level of luxury as its counterparts, its $65,000 starting price is appealing. Most buyers tend to push the final tally closer to $75,000, highlighting the value proposition that remains a hallmark of Lexus. With optional features like the impressive Mark Levinson audio system, digital key, and head-up display, along with the Luxury trim level, the price can surpass $80,000—a significant investment. Nonetheless, in a market where luxury SUVs often begin just shy of $100,000, the Lexus GX 550 presents a compelling option, particularly considering Lexus’ renowned reputation for strong resale value.

Review : 4.6/3984
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