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Dec 05, 2023


Toca Life World, developed by Toca Boca, is an expansive and imaginative digital play world designed for children. Released in 2018, this game invites young players to explore a vibrant universe filled with characters, locations, and creative possibilities.


Open-Ended Exploration:

Toca Life World offers an open-ended play experience, allowing children to explore a variety of environments, from bustling city centers to serene countryside settings. The game provides an interactive space where kids can engage with different characters, objects, and scenarios, fostering creativity and imagination.

Endless Customization:

A standout feature is the extensive customization available. Players can personalize characters, create unique stories, and design their own settings by combining elements from various Toca Life apps. This flexibility encourages storytelling and role-playing, making each session a new adventure.

Visual Style:

Toca Life World is characterized by its colorful and whimsical visual style. The characters, animals, and environments are designed with a playful and child-friendly aesthetic, creating an inviting atmosphere for young players.

Learning Through Play:

Beyond entertainment, Toca Life World incorporates educational elements into its gameplay. Children can learn about daily activities, relationships, and the world around them as they engage in various scenarios. The game promotes cognitive development through interactive and imaginative play.

Community Engagement:

Toca Life World encourages community engagement by allowing players to share their creations with others. The ability to exchange characters, settings, and stories fosters a sense of connection among young players, turning the game into a collaborative and social experience.

Monetization Model:

The game operates on a one-time purchase model, providing access to the core Toca Life World experience. While additional in-app purchases, such as thematic packs and new content, are available, the primary focus remains on delivering a comprehensive and accessible play environment.

Parental Controls:

Toca Life World incorporates robust parental controls, ensuring a safe and child-friendly gaming experience. Parents can manage in-app purchases, set time limits, and control access to external content, providing peace of mind for caregivers.

Cross-App Integration:

One unique aspect of Toca Life World is its integration with other Toca Life apps. Players can import characters and items from other Toca Boca games, expanding the creative possibilities and adding value for those who have engaged with the broader Toca Life ecosystem.


Toca Life World stands as a delightful and enriching digital playground for children, emphasizing creativity, exploration, and imaginative play. Its commitment to providing a safe and educational space, coupled with the ability to share creations within a supportive community, positions Toca Life World as a standout choice for parents seeking quality digital entertainment for their children.

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