When Godly People Do Ungodly Things: Finding Authentic Restoration in the Age of Seduction

By Beth Moore

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You watch the news, read the headlines--the seduction of God's people is nothing new. In this brand new release, best-selling author Beth Moore confronts the hard questions of faith and faithfulness, and offers warnings to Christians to safeguard themselves and others against Satan's attacks. You watch the news, read the headlines--the seduction of God's people is nothing new. In this brand new release, best-selling author Beth Moore confronts the hard questions of faith and

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Kindle Edition, 332 pages
April 1st 2002 by B&H Books
Original Title
When Godly People Do Ungodly Things: Arming Yourself in the Age of Seduction
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Community Reviews

Jodi Woody

I think this book has been one of the most important books I have read to date. I strongly encourage every Christian to read "When Godly People Do Ungodly Things: Arming Yourself in the Age of Seduction". Not only would this be so helpful for someone who has fallen into sin, more importantly it will help prevent a fall to begin with. Beth Moore is a great teacher, she is kind and simple in her writing style. I am going to recommend this book to all of the ladies at our bible study and to all of my followers. I give it five stars only because I can't give it more. Appropriate for teens and up.

Susan Jolly

A book anyone experiencing guilt from past sins should read.


This book was truly an eye opener for me. I got a greater insight as to why godly people do ungodly things. This book shall stay on my desk for quick reference and reminder. This is a must read for sure.

Meredith Dennis

A wonderful book every Christian should read. Rather or not you think you might have some underlying issues, we need to all realize that it can be a short fall from grace if we are not on guard!

Karen Storey

Great book, one that I will continue to reference and will likely read again. Are you, "wholeheartedly, sincerely, and purely devoted to Christ"? Do you think that you are exempt and safe from Satan's seductions, that people who fall into these traps must not have really known and loved God? If so then think again, because it can happen to ANY believer, especially the ones who think it'll never happen to them (including those who've spent most of their lives in ministry.) I have read numerous Beth Moore books and studies and have enjoyed each one but must confess that this is my favorite, for the subject matter is of the utmost importance -- safeguarding your walk with the Lord.
Moore grabbed my attention as early as the Preface after hearing about her convictions of urgency and dedication in getting this book published. She then shares very strong, biblical advice and warnings about known and unknown vulnerabilities; how to help, and not condemn fellow brothers/sisters who have found themselves caught up in the enemy's lies; and great, great guidance on forgiveness and true healing. If you are a Christian, please read this book, you won't regret it.


This was my first Beth Moore study, and it will certainly NOT be my last. She has such a clear message and seems to connect so well with women. This study was very personal in nature. The study's purpose is to force women to examine their faith to see where there might be footholds for Satan to come in and destroy lives. It was unsettling for me to reflect so much on the past to understand the present and secure the future, but it was worthwhile in my case. I love how Beth is inspired to apply just the right scripture to a particular lesson. She is also very humble and gives all the glory back to God. I'm very much looking forward to another Beth Moore study.

Debbie Todd

I've always known that there had to be a reason why Christians all seem to do dumb things, sinful things, make mistakes and missteps. This book gives you a different outlook. It's kinda like a stop judging them and pray for them because their humans who many times fall in the same places anyone else does. Then, by the same token, she gives some candid advice on avoiding temptation.




Beth Moore does it again. It's a great reminder, that no matter how far you turned away from God, or what you did. God is still there waiting for you to turn back to Him. Despite all that you've done to make Him sad, He still loves you and will forgive and forget! It's something I needed. That first week is really tough when you start answering questions and seeing how you line up with the thinking of others. I was amazed at how many times I said, that is so me!


As always Beth Moore is spectacular! Laying out God's word in a no nonsense way that everyone can understand. It took me a longer time than usual to get through this book because it is not one that you read in a day...you have to read it in sections then put it down and digest the information. My favorite "A-ha" chapter was where she explains we can never be perfect, but we can be blameless. That gave me encouragement and hope, because I am sure not perfect!