Do You!

By Russell Simmons, Donald J. Trump

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Since rising out of the New York City streets over 25 years ago, Russell Simmons has helped create such ground breaking ventures as Def Jam Records, Phat Farm and Def Comedy Jam, in the process becoming known the world over as "The CEO of Hip Hop." Russell might have helped introduce hip-hop to the world, but he credits his success to his belief in a strong set of principl Since rising out of the New York City streets over 25 years ago, Russell Simmons has helped create such ground

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Hardcover, 320 pages
April 24th 2007 by Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated

(first published 2007)

Original Title
Russell Simmons' Laws of Success: 12 Proven Steps to Achieving Happiness and Empowerment
0641969856 (ISBN13: 9780641969850)

Community Reviews

Sabrina Gates

While he does not say anything particularly new or profound, this work is thoughtful and concise. There are books you read that come at just the right time and reaffirm thoughts you already have. This was one for me. I was delightfully surprised the thoughts expressed in this book and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a positive uplifting read.


This is actually the first book review i have made by a celebrity or however you call it. After i finished this book i have learned more about Russell Simmons as a person, not some rich guy that wants to make more money for a book. I would have to say this book is real, deep down to earth, and translates it back into reality. Whenever i finish reading a chapter, i have noticed that where ever i left my bookmark, i have learned about 3 to 5 quotes that is true and i would always remember it. So far this is the best book i have ever read because it talks about the truth and that is what i am seeking for. I picked this book out because i wanted to learn more about leadership and so far it has taught me a variety of new things. Things from what has happened in Russell's Life, Achieving things even though it may be hard, and lastly the most important, work hard for anything you do. I learned how this author is very unique. The book starts off with 12 laws that can all be used in your life and in every chapter is like a sub topic that also relates to the chapter. The author creates such a vivid image that i can personally relate to any of the topics he may have spoken about.This author doesn't sugarcoat anything but states the truth which i find unique. His powerful quotes reminds me of the words my dad often preached to me and that is a strong connection. At first it was hard for me to find a book based on leadership but it look like i found the right one and first i was more concerned of the number of pages this book has rather than what i can take out of it. I may repeat myself but i really have learned a lot. I would recommend this book to anyone who would just like to hear the truth. If you first thought this book was about money or how to be rich, this book is definately not for you and for the people who would like to know where will you be if you work hard, things like that. To close this revier, one quote that i can take from this book is this."NO MATTER WHAT SORT OF JOB YOU START OFF WITH, AS LONG AS YOUR HARD WORK SERVES THE PEOPLE YOU'RE WORKING FOR, YOU'RE GOING TO BE SUCCESSFUL.

Brian Johnson

“In the end, the overriding factor in whether or not you realize your dreams is going to be you. Not the world. YOU.”

“I’m just suggesting that when you’re faced with fear and anxiety, don’t medicate. Meditate instead.”

“I knew it was unrealistic to think I could build an institution overnight. But if I took baby steps, eventually it would happen.”

~ Russell Simmons from Do You!

I didn’t know much about Russell Simmons until my friend Robin Sharma (author of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and The Greatness Guide) first sent me this book. There’s no way I would have guessed Russell would have such a profoundly spiritual, yet remarkably “real” and unquestionably successful expression of his spirituality in the 21st Century.

The New York Times calls Russell Simmons one of “the most innovative and influential figures in modern American business and culture.”

He’s a hip-hop mogul (affectionately known as the Godfather of hip-hop, in fact), producer, entrepreneur and all around rock star. AND, he’s a yogi, vegan and deeply spiritual guy.

I like that combo. And I love his book. (It kinda makes me imagine Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits written by a hip hop mogul for the 21st century. :)

Do You! is packed with inspiring stories, Russell’s wit and wisdom on everything from getting your mind right, living with authenticity, dreaming big and doing your best. It’s one of those books you read and at the end say to yourself, “That author is a good person!” (which is always a standard by which I measure my favorite books).

Let’s jump into some of the Big Ideas:

1. What’s Your Vision? - Know it. Stick to it.
2. Mantra - Tools of the mind.
3. Breakfast of Champions - A big bowl of gratitude.
4. Rotting Fish - Don’t stink up your soul.
5. Don’t Stall - Get to work.

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Siju Odeyemi

A great feel-good book and a fantastic ad for the Jivamukti yoga centers in New York and London.

Brian Sachetta

“Do You!” is a great, simple book on business, spiritual, and personal success. It’s centered around twelve high-level laws on living a good, meaningful life. Though none of said laws are anything totally new, the stories Simmons tells in support of them make them feel like they really are.

He astutely connects each law to trials and tribulations from his past, and he uses the stories of such trials as a chance to draw further conclusions about each of the laws he describes.

My favorite story he told revolved around selling some of his companies. He says that so many of us think that selling our businesses for huge sums will make us happy, yet, in reality, when he sold his own companies, he was actually a bit disappointed, because he realized that running his companies brought him more joy than the money likely ever could.

It’s these sorts of lessons that make the book great; Simmons continually shows the reader the true paths to meaning and fulfillment. And, spoiler alert, those paths aren’t always the ones that society preaches.

In sum, this book definitely helps you realign with and reconnect to your passions / what’s important in life. I recommend this one, as well as the author’s “The Happy Vegan.”

-Brian Sachetta
Author of “Get Out of Your Head”

Serge Larose

I rate it between a 3 and 4 stars. Personally I preferred his book called Super Rich, since I didn't see it coming. This one felt a little flat and redundant at times. It was a good read and I don't regret reading it. However I felt its value slightly lower than his other book. Not sure I'll seek another book from Russell just yet.


This book is amazing. I recommend it to anyone who wants to be successful! I love it!

Cory Richardson

Easily one of my favorite books. I use to read this book annually as a reminder that I’m in charge. That I control my own self worth and I have to always be myself.

Judith Romance

Empowering book. Loved it.


at first i said it was ok. but i think he didnt tell people anything about investing or anything about acquiring wealth. he just talked about passion.