The Glory of Christ

By John Owen

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In The Glory of Christ, abridged and made easy to read by R. J. K. Law, we have the great Puritan pastor and theologian John Owen at his richest and most mature.

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June 1st 1994 by Banner of Truth

(first published 1683)

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Quotes From "The Glory of Christ"

"Sometimes it may seems that he has withdrawn from us. We cannot hear his voice, nor see his face, nor experience any sense of his love even though we diligently seek him. In this state, all our thoughts and meditations concerning Christ will be barren and fruitless, bringing no spiritual refreshment to our souls. If we are happy with such life-less, fruitless thoughts of him which bring no awareness of his love, nor give us any sight of the glory of his person, the power of religion in us will wither away. Our duty is fully expressed by the spouse in the Song of Solomon (Song of Sol. 3:1-4; 5:2-8). When in such a state we must diligently seek him in prayer, meditation , mourning, reading and hearing his Word in all ordinances of divine worship both in private and in public.
pg. 35-36"
"The soul which can be satisfied without beholding the glory of Christ, is not a soul for whom Christ prays.
pg. 2"
"By beholding the glory of Christ by faith we shall find rest to our souls. Our minds are apt to be filled with troubles, fears, cares, dangers, distresses, ungoverned passion and lusts. By these our thoughts are filled with chaos, darkness and confusion. But where the soul is fixed on the glory of Christ then the mind finds rest and peace for "to be spiritually minded is peace" (Rom. 8:6).
pg. 8-9"
"Ignorance of God is the source of all wickedness and confusion among men. From this ignorance arouse that flood of abominations which God swept away in Noah's day. The sins of Sodom and Gomorrah were burned up with "fire from heaven". In short, all the rage, blood, confusion, desolations, cruelties, oppressions and disasters which fill the world to this day, by which the souls of men have been swept into eternal destruction, have all arisen from the ignorance of God.
pg. 15"
"Election is founded on divine love because it is free and undeserved. We did nothing to persuade God to choose us rather than others. Any good done to us which is altogether undeserved and which is done to promote our good, is an act of love and cannot be anything else. Any good there is in God's people is the result of election and not the reason why God chose us. The only thing that moved God to choose us was his undeserved love.
pg. 50-51"
"By the incarnation of Christ, God intended first of all to redeem the church by the sacrifice of his Son. But there is a greater reason for the incarnation of Christ, one which centres on the glory of God. This was that he might 'gather all things into one' in Christ. The whole creation, especially that which was to be eternal blessed, was to have anew head given to it. From him all graces were to glow into this new family, and from this new family worship, praise and gratitude would flow back to him. All communications from God to this new family would be channelled through Christ, and all worship and gratitude to God from this new family would also be channelled through Christ. Who can describe the divine beauty, order and harmony of all things in this new family under its new head Jesus Christ? The union and communion between angels and men, the order of the whole family in heaven and earth, the communication of life, grace, power, mercy and comfort to the church and all things being ruled for the glory of God all depend on Jesus Christ. This glory God purposed for his incarnate Son, and it was the greatest, the highest glory that could be given to him.
pg. 96-97"
"So the first consequence of Christ's withdrawing himself from us is that inward graces grow weak and we tend to rely more and more on outside helps. Above all, we lose the desire for holy meditation and we spend less and less time with Christ. Just as frost withers the plants in the garden, so the grace in our hearts also withers when the 'Sun of Righteousness' withdraws and hides himself.
pg. 111-112"
"Where the light of revelation is not accompanied by spiritual experience and power in our souls, then it will end either in outward formality or atheism. But when feelings outrun the light of revelation, then they sink into the bog of superstition, doting on images and pictures. But where there is spiritual restraint and discipline, it is better that our emotions exceed our lights, rather than light exceed our emotions. It is by the defect of our understanding that we do not have more light and it is by the corruption of our wills that we do not have more experience of spiritual comforts.
pg. 115-116"

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