The Book of Common Prayer, 1559: The Elizabethan Prayer Book

By John E. Booty

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PRE-ISBN.Publishers code ON653SLGX (printed on box).Seal-grain red leather, 23 carat gold edges, gold roll inside cover, typeface = Pica, India paper. Three (red) marker ribbons. Marbled endpapers. Printed in Great Britain.The date of publication is an estimate only, based on the inclusion at the end of the book of Orders in Council and Royal Warrents variously dated betwe PRE-ISBN.Publishers code ON653SLGX (printed on box).Seal-grain red leather, 23 carat gold edges, gold roll inside cover,

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Hardcover, 427 pages
October 5th 2005 by University of Virginia Press
0813925177 (ISBN13: 9780813925172)
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Jacob Sabin

I was going to refrain from giving it a rating, but since I can greatly appreciate what the book was trying to do, even if it is not my personal style, I feel comfortable enough doing so.Leaning more towards a Charismatic style of teaching/praying/worship, I wouldn't personally want all of my services and prayers to be already determined (for the most part) word for word. That being said, I can certainly appreciate why people would enjoy such a style and I know it still gets used to this very day. I want to make sure I emphasis the purpose of the book is to help lead people into proper prayer and worship of God. Even if it is not my particular style of prayer, it does not mean it is wrong and or invalid. All prayer needs to be done with the right heart, mind, and soul after God whether it is planned or not. If it helps lead people into proper prayer and worship, then it has done it's job. It is heavily Scripture based. I guess I could argue it would be too easy to fall into a routine and not really give the proper thought behind the words being said in the prayer, but the same thing could happen whether the prayer is coming from a book or not. If you are a believer, even if it is not your style or something you are going to use regularly, I would still recommend reading this book. Whether or not you actually use any of the prayers from it, it is one of the most read/used books in all of Christianity and even that should peak one's interest. One may even want to use one of the prayers verbatim, which is what the book is intended for. It is a book I have been waiting to read for a while and again, while I do not see myself going back to it regularly, I am glad I read it and will probably read through it again in the future.