Desire And Pursuit

By Frank Delaney

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, 400 pages
Original Title
Desire and Pursuit
0006497861 (ISBN13: 9780006497868)

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This was another book that I bought ages ago that has just come to the top of mount TBR. This one however shows that my taste in books has changed, I would never pick this one to buy now.
That said it was easy to read although I did skip ahead at several points because I knew what was going to happen. The spilt viewpoint made it easier in one respect, short chapters, but I've never had much interest in politics and would prefer to forget about the bloodshed of the troubles , so Andrews story didn't appeal to me. I also don't have much patience for women who just let things happen instead of standing up for theirselves or just walking away. So Ann made me want to slap her at times.
Other than that, it was well written and paced with a genuine plot twist at the end.

Diane Meier

Such an ambitious idea -- a difficult story told in two voices. And we never confuse them. Great writing. There is so much to like about this story, but even more when you see it as a myth designed to reveal the nature of Ireland as she struggled to find a moral compass in a material world.


I rarely read books twice. But I have read this one at least twice and may go back again. Great story telling