Archangel's Consort (Guild Hunter, #3)

By Nalini Singh

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Nalini Singh steps back into the shadows of her “heartbreakingly original”* world where angels rule, vampires serve, and the innocent can pay the greatest price of all…Vampire hunter Elena Deveraux and her lover, the lethally beautiful archangel Raphael, have returned home to New York only to face an uncompromising new evil…A vampire has attacked a girls’ school—the assaul Nalini Singh steps back into the shadows of her “heartbreakingly original”* world where angels rule,

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Paperback, 324 pages
February 10th 2011 by Gollancz

(first published January 25th 2011)

Original Title
Archangel's Consort
0575095776 (ISBN13: 9780575095779)
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I discovered yesterday that I own more than eight hundred romances. Straightforward, luridly-covered paperbacks from Messrs Harlequin Mills & Boon and associated publications. So I've decided that one of these days, when I'm done with my more important chores, like cleaning the toilet and reorganizing my groceries in alphabetical order, I will collate all of these romances, borrowing maybe a paragraph in total from each of these books, to achieve a manuscript approximately one hundred and eighty pages long. This novel will be full of best-selling sexplicit imagery, where she will "slide her wet, warm heat along the length of his hard throbbing manhood" while "his silver eyes watched her with a strong and hawkish possessiveness that screamed 'Mine!'" And of course, I will put in some fairies (for the sex), some werewolves (for the sex), some angels (for the duh! sex) and some vampires (to be the bad guys... and also, for some sex). I can almost see my name up there on the New York Times Bestseller list already.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have discovered the secret to becoming a bestselling author. It's quite simple, really, all you need is one Alpha alpha male (that means hairy, chest thumping, caveman-type alpha male), one liberated woman who secretly just wants to be possessed and dominated and told to keep to her place in the kitchen, a few million cliches and lots and lots of SEX! Now don't go stealing my formula just cause I've put it out there in the webosphere, you plagiaristic bitches!

I have no problems with lots and lots of sex. I'm fairly sure that at least fifty percent of my eight-hundred strong collection of romances is built solely on the foundation of lots and lots of sex, and since I'm not suddenly expecting Marquez to start writing for Mills & Boon, I'm not shocked that these books are formulaic, predictable and have no plotline whatsoever. However, I expected better of Nalini Singh, yessir, I did. Within her selected genre of paranormal romance, I think Singh has been doing a good job. Much, much better than a lot of the tripe out there. She's done some decent worldbuilding, especially with her Psy-Changeling Universe, and the stories don't annoy me the way most romances do these days. Aah, I long for my younger, more uncritical days when the sameness of romantic fiction never palled!

Despite the arrant inequality displayed by the relationship in the Guild Hunter series, I still liked the first two books. Probably because it had only a couple of sex scenes, max. In the first book, it took until almost the end for the thousand-year old archangel to stop trying to intimidate the puny human and seduce her instead. In the second book, the puny human had become a puny angel from whom the overprotective archasshole withheld sex because she was too... hmm, let me think... yes, that's it! Too puny! But they sure made up for it by fucking like bunnies in the third book! Seriously, at times I was tempted to tell Singh to stop trying to come up with a plotline and just describe their endless sexathons throughout the book. That way, at least, I wouldn't have spent the last two days propping my eyelids open with matchsticks and flipping though at least eighty percent of the book in an attempt to avoid the 'meaty' parts and get to the story.

This book had no point. The mystery was thin and unappealing, like day old porridge (gasp! Was that a cliche? Oh no!) and sandwiched between too many sex scenes to count. Had a bad day, Elena? Let's make it all better by having some sex. Your daddy was mean to you, darling? DOn't worry, you'll be much happier as soon as we have some sex! Finishing sparring practice that's left you limp and sweaty and exhausted? You'll be all sprightly again with just a little sex! Having a shower? Let's accompany that with some sex, shall we? Oh, you're breathing? That means we must have sex now. And so on. There's just so much throbbing cock and jutting nipples a person can take before you want to gag and start wondering if you'll ever have sex again.

And when they're not having sex, they're arguing about Raphael's need to cosset his puny angel. And her desire to be conidered his equal. And flashbacks to the same few scenes of her past that I have already revisited, SEVERAL TIMES, in the previous books. All of the things that made the earlier books bearable, such as a storyline, and Elena's sassiness and humour, tight, fast-paced writing, it's all just GONE. Elena's so manic-depressive in this book, and she's always running to Raphael to kiss her wounds better, and then she wonders why he's mollycoddling her all the time! This book was such a huge disappointment. Nalini Singh brought me back to reading romances after I had given up in disgust post the unending boredom of Pregnant Mistress, Playboy Prince type stories, and I expected better of her. I just hope the next installment in the Psy-Changeling series brings the romance back into her stories. Literally.

Ren Puspita

5 stars

RE-READ in order to read Archangel's Propechy and Archangel's War.

Okay, I'm still on my Guild Hunter marathon, and boy, the week turn out as a blast for me even though I can't read this book in one sitting since I must go to work. I'm so tempted to take a paid leave just so I can devour all the series, but eh, girl gotta do work if she want to buy her book wishlist :P

Archangel's Consort happen directly after the event in Archangel's Kiss and still my favorite book to date, but this re-read proved that I still liked Kiss compared to Consort. The book still so slow and some sentences or part can be too repetitive, but well, it's Singh signature and who am I to complaint when I just want to read this book oh, so slowly. While I read my early review that said Elena perhaps too lusty for Raphael, re-read make me think that "eh, it's okay, tho". So often I read about the hero that go ham and possessive toward his heroine and its can be too much to read them act so alpha. Yet, the possessiveness between Elena and Raphael goes both ways and I find myself feel delighted.

Consort so far are the steamiest of Guild Hunter books I'd read and I remember once I complaint why the book become less steamy, especially in Archangel's Heart, lol. I did notice both Elena and Raphael jumped to each other plenty, but again, who am I to complaint. Beside, Singh write this erotic scenes wonderfully like she always do! The way she describe the sensual angel's dance might be physically impossible to did in reality, but well they are supernatural beings. Aside of the steaminess factor, I must praised Singh for her capability to write the mechanic of the angels, especially with how they flight. Its always feel surreal to read about her angels and archangels.

Angels Blood feels like urban fantasy with hints of romances, but Kiss and Consort are purely paranormal romances that emphasize of how Elena and Raphael work their relationship. Theirs is of course not an easy ones. Elena still deal with her barely made immortality also take her ground when it comes to Raphael and his protectiveness streak. Raphael is struggle not just with his mother issues, but also how to not try to bend Elena to all his will. Of course there will be angst, but I always like that Elena never did back from the challenge. She's willing to fight for her heart and her Archangel. It's funny that she like her freedom much in Blood, and in Consort she willing to compromise. Even Elena herself feel it too. This is why I feel the relationship feel real. Elena might be seems like blinded by love if you see her fierceness to her mate, but Raphael is always worth to fighting for. And it's not just from Elena side, but Raphael too. This pairing will always be my favorite, simply because how they feel balanced without try to shadowed each other.

I correct my earlier opinion that said the ending feel a little bit plain, because it's actually not, lol. Raphael always talked over by Lijuan, that he will become mortal since he take Elena as his mate, therefore make him weak and easy to killed. Yet, its not what it seems to be. And I like even he's so powerful, he still need Elena while Elena also grow her power. I will not repeat about the world building. It's still wonderful, still beautiful with a hint of gore and horror. Nah, can't go without the horror, lol.

Another great installment of Guild Hunter that in another time I would love to read again :)

First read review below. Not many squeeing, tho:

What I must said?

After my long time waiting for this book, 2 months, if you want to know, I'm almost weep when this book finally arrived at my home. And I don't wanna waste a time, that night I read it and I found, when I'm finish reading this, I re-read again!

How odd for me. But it's true...

Archangel's Consort must be my top ten list in this year, and this book is #1!! (with the fact that I don't read many book this year, thank you very much! And I must ashamed until March I just read 27 books! It is a disaster for me! *lol* )

I can't describe how the story, the characterization, how the relationship between Elena-Raphael, about Raphael' s Seven... I just feel, stunned.. when I'm read this..

The writing is so beautiful, flow like water, and like I said, it's rather I see a beautiful picture rather than read a book. The way angel flying, and don't forget the scene when Elena and Raphael dancing in the sky, I don't know when first Raphael mention how Angel dance, but when it's happen, I just "wow", I never expected that Angel Dance is like...... (you must read yourself, no spoiler here *wink2*)

So many event happen in this book, like The Seven's past, Dmitri, Aodhan, Jason, Illium and Venom (my disappointment is, there's no Naasir :(( , but I think I'd explain at the beginning, why he's not here ;)), Elena deal with her father (really I want to smack Jeffrey, for his behavior to Elena), the disaster, murderer and strange behavior of Cadre because Caliane (Raphael' s mom) 's awakening and the important part is Raphael and Elena themselves..

I found myself intrigued and loving Raphael for the first book, it's increasing in Archangel's Kiss, but Raphael in Consort is more than that. He's no like sidekick for Elena, they are together and can;t be separated. I'm not blame Elena for lusting after Raphael, because it's the normal reaction for her (Hey, if I have a gorgeous boyfriend like Raphael, I'll lusting after him too).

The ending is just feel a little plain for me, because I want something big happen, but it's no prob, because, overall this book is GREAT!


Gosh, how I enjoy reading this series. Especially about Elena and Raphael. They truly are one of my all time fav couples. They simply support each other so well and their love is unbreakable. Even when it at times seems that one might be in a bad and cold place, the other doesn't give up and pulls till they see light again. Their journey is amazing and this new adventure hits very close to Raphael's past and heart. We also get to see more of China's archangel, who developed into something else than what we'd call a living creature. Death is her friend and she will use it to get what she wants and in the end that is always going to be more power. There are some hints about how the story will continue in the six book and I already know that the action is going to be epic! Besides her, I loved Bluebell and the slight introduction to his mother, so touching! Also we get to see more of Elena's past and family drama and what the Guild thinks of her new form of being.

I really loved the story and I cannot wait to get into the next story. :)



1. They are seven of the hottest vamps and angels out there! Singh answered my call to heaven for a book about angels and vampires. Sexy angels + Sexy vampires = enflamed panties. Genius!

2. They like to trash talk like this:
“Sure you can handle me, pretty, pretty Bluebell?”
“Did I ever tell you about my snakeskin boots?”
“I do think I need some new feathers for my pillow.”

3. They dress like GQ models in black-on-black suits. Venom, you smexy beast!

4. Even better, Illium – the blue-winged angel is shirtless. Need I say more? *waggles eyebrows*

5. Dmitri’s got a scent so sexually potent and alluring that even a woman in love like Elena falls prey to his lures. It’s like BREATHING SEX. I cannot wait for his book! (Archangel’s Blade, September 2011).

6. They are as lethal as they are graceful. Singh writes vivid and gory action scenes that juxtapose well against the beauty of the hunters, angels and vamps .

7. And lastly, Dmitri, Illium, Aodhan, Venom, Galen, Naasir, and Jason would give their life for their Sire, Raphael and in turn, for his consort as well. Their loyalty is a sign of friendship of the deepest level. I love it when characters have strong bonds with others outside of their relationships.

I ADORED THIS BOOK!! I wish I could live in this world soo badly! I’ve said this countless times, but Singh’s worldbuilding is so spectacular! How does she come up with this?

Elena is my favourite UF heroine ever! My favourite scene is where she falls through the ceiling and sets her flamethrower on those bastard vamps! BAD.ASS. And even though she may not be in 100% hunter shape, she’s still got her hunter-born senses and can definitely spar with Venom, Galen or even Raphael any day. She also has vulnerabilities that make her such an appealing heroine that I can’t help but adore.

Familiar faces show up and I loved reading about Sara, Deacon (aka gorgeous manflesh), Zoe and Ransom! Even Ash shows up briefly! I adore them just as much as the Seven. Well, maybe not as much.

But probably the most mind-blowing thing about this book is Singh’s writing. Each line is quotable on its own and written with such heart. My favourite parts are when she describes her characters.

This is a particularly good one:
His heart stopped beating as he watched her come toward him, an archangel of such piercing beauty that she spawned legends and caused empires to fall. Her hair was a waterfall of ebony down her back, thick and wild with silken curls his father had loved to fist in his hands as he kissed her, her eyes a piercing hue that he saw in the mirror every single day of his life.
Caliane had given him her eyes, her power...perhaps her madness.

Bottom line? Guild Hunter is one of my top three favourite series of all-time. LOVED IT!


This is a spoiler-FREE review for book three, Archangel's Consort, but there are spoilers relating to the first two books in this series.

Although Elena is now an angel, she is still very young in the immortal world. With the help of her lover, archangel Raphael and his Seven, those that have vowed their loyalty to him, Elena is getting stronger and wise in the immortal ways every day. She is able to fly now, although the vertical lift off and endurance still eludes her. Now that she is stronger, she has left the refuge and is back in New York City. Since she is the first made angel anyone has ever seen, she creates quite the spectacle.

Although she is now an angel, she still has hunter blood in her, and has gone back to occasionally helping The Guild track rogue vampires. She would be working their full time, but Raphael is scared to keep her out of his sights. She is also still dealing with a father that disowned her many years ago, and giving up her “normal” hunter life. She has moved in with Raphael, and although he accepts her and loves unconditionally, everything is still new and raw.

Terrible storms and deadly weather events have been taking place all over the world. Raphael knows this weather is no coincidence. There is legend that talks of these extreme events when an ancient awakens – and that ancient that is coming to, is his mother. The archangel Caliane. The rebirth of an archangel is on the horizon, and it is disrupting everything and everyone. The awakening process can take up to a year, things slowly building until the unknown occurs. When Caliane went under the Sleep, she was insane. Has her sanity been restored? Will this all-power being cause mass destruction, or take her place among the angels again?

When a child is murdered by a vampire at the same school that Elena’s half-sisters attend, she knows the attack is aimed at her. But soon they discover this is not the normal vampire that goes into bloodlust. Someone else is pulling the strings. As vampires rage, and Caliane slowly awakens, Elena and Raphael must turn to each other when family matters become overbearing, and the love they share for each other deepens even more.

I devoured Archangel’s Consort and it only makes me love this serious more, if that is even possible. Where to start? First, I loved the conflict in this one. The idea of Raphael’s mother, slowly waking (possibly over a year) is just an awesome concept. As Raphael says, “my mother is the monster that scares other monsters.” As she wakes, these tumultuous events occur all over the world, wreaking havoc. Vampires rage, angels rage, and of course there are twists thrown in that make it all that much more fun in the end.

Elena herself is still struggling. Physically, she is getting stronger every day, mentally she is still playing games with Dmitri and the other angels trying to find her place. I LOVE that Nalini Singh gives Elena such a hard road once she becomes an angel. It is so interesting to read her about her immortality, because it is such a struggle. Her wings are heavy and ache, she can’t lift off vertically, which can be devastating during certain situations. She must play these mind games with the other immortals, always fearful they may take their hatred towards her one step too far. She also faces with off with Raphael on more than one occasion. He is overprotective of his hunter, and she doesn’t like to have babysitters.

In this one we get lots of good things with Dmitri, Illium, my favorite Blue Bell, and the dark, mysterious Jason. I’m dying for those three books – their stories are so intriguing and I can not wait to learn more about them. We also learn more from vampire Venom and the angel Aodhan. Nalini Singh’s supporting characters are amazing in this series and add so much to these books.

I saved the best for last – oh Raphael. One of the most intense alphas I have ever read about. There is no cracking jokes there is no goofing off. He is alpha, he is archangel, and he means business. In and out of bed. Oh yes. Although Raphael is ancient, and extremely powerful, he needs his little hunter. He needs her on a level that is so intimate. I think that is a good word to describe their relationship. The romance scenes between Raphael and Elena are powerful, raw, intense, dark – and so intimate. Nalini Singh writes their passion on another level.

The way she writes the angels, their flying, landing, taking off, soaring in the skies – it really sets up for a beautiful book. To offset their exquisite beauty, the angels are so far from mortality that they are these creatures that are sometimes so abhorrent. Mortals to many of them are just play things. They can be so violent and cruel. I love the contrast.

This book comes out January 25th and if you have not picked up the first two books (Angels’ Blood and Archangel’s Kiss), I urge you to try this series. All three books are about Raphael and Elena, although in book two and three you also get Raphael's point of view. They are much darker and intense than her Psy/Changeling books. This is a paranormal series not to be missed.


*** 4 ***

A Buddy Read with my Wednesday Warrior lovers at BB&B! Make the warriors angels, and we go nuts!

Raphael, the Archangel of New York and his newly made consort, the angel in training and hunter extraordinaire Elena, are still trying to figure out how a relationship of a very human and recently mortal hunter and a very powerful, over 1000 years old Archangel, son of two of the most powerful ancient Archangels and member of the Cadre, could possibly work and be fair and satisfying for both of them. Their view and reference points are so different and far apart, that it seems as if they could create an insurmountable reef between them. But they do not give up. Knowing that what they have is very special and unique, that she has been given a chance to enter his world and become a part of it, that she is strong enough to hold her own in a world of predators, of beings so powerful and apart from humanity, that the lives of thousands mean nothing to them, and that he has a hunger and need inside of him which only she can fill, they are ready to learn to be what each-other needs... And Elena is going to try to stay strong, try to be there for her Archangel, the man who needs more of her humanity in order to stay sane.

" ... "“Death holds no allure for me, Elena.” The power of him cut against his skin, a cold white fire. “Not when I have yet to sate my hunger for you.”... "

However, despite their determination to make things work, it does seem that the world is set on doing everything possible in order to break them, change them, and put up all traps and barriers to make them fail in their attempts. And the parents are being very unhelpful. It is not enough that Elena's dad has been acting like her adversary ever since the death of her mother and sisters, but Raphael's crazy mommy-dearest is beginning to awaken from her thousand year beauty-sleep and she already is sending not so veiled threats to her son's lover, whom of course she finds completely inappropriate and far, far beneath him. Ooooo, what wonder our families can be sometimes!!!

" ... "“A lot of women have trouble with their mothers-in-law.”
Raphael’s look was priceless. “My mother is an insane archangel.”... "

Oooo, don't they sound like an average everyday family though:):):) Mmmmmeybe not...

On top of the daddy from hell and mommy-nightmare, Elena finds out that one of her half-sisters is dealing with issues close to her heart and it opens old wounds in her soul... Insane and threatening creatures are in abundance and the two lovebirds, Raphael's Seven, and Elena's family and friends are all caught in the crossfire. Action, blood, torture and intrigues ensue and we are once again compelled by the story not to put the book down until the end! I got so caught-up in it, that I forgot to post on the BR thread... Sorry about that, guys...

I love this world and I have grown to truly appreciate Nalini's style, which is deceptively simple and unassuming. I already am invested in the story, Love Elena, and am beginning to care for Raphael, if not for any other reason, then that he makes her very happy. I loooooove Bluebell!!! He is wonderful and I can not wait to find out everything about him and his story!!

" ... "“Raphael, tell him you won’t do anything to him if I get ‘damaged.’ ”
“That would be a lie, Elena. I would tear out his throat.”... "

So, if you love Fantasy and like Paranormal Romance, this is for you! A perfect read for the fans of the genre!

I wish you all Happy Reading and may the whimsy of Fantasy never leave you cold!!!

Robin (Bridge Four)

Buddy read with the UF lovers of Buddies Books and Baubles

I'm pretty behind on reviews so this one will be shorter.

The series is picking up for me now in this third book. There is an old power rising and it is affecting the Angels in ways they didn't predict. Elena must be there for Raphael to help him through some of his more human feelings as the power rises and he has to decide whether to kill it or wait and see if the long sleeping Angel well be sane when it wakes.

I really liked the premise of this book and the unintended side affects. Elena is really coming into her Angel abilities over time and I see her being a good match to Raphael. He is changing a little and I think she helps his ability to empathize. There relationship is growing and even though they have sex like rabbits some is now fade to black so more of the story is dominant in this installment.

Still this is the last book focused on them for awhile so I forward to seeing what some of the others deep dark secrets are.


That she was loved.. it was wonder enough. That she was loved by this man, it was beyond wonder.
He would not hurt her, this hunter with a mortal heart who held his own in her hands.

Nalini Singh knows how to write relationships. It is always beautiful the way she captures the magical feelings of falling in love. She has a way of pulling you in and making you feel all of those wonderful moments. I noticed it in the psy-changling series, and in this one. Along with writing the feelings of new love, she writes in all of those small touches and the body language of couples that are so natural that you don't even think about it. She will write in how he is holding on to her waist, or she is leaning in to him as they are having a conversation. Those are the things that couples do when they are near each other - that they are compelled to do. Even after 26 years together, I am automatically touching my husband in some way whenever we are next to each other. It's the magnetism that brings couples together in the first place that continually draws them together whenever they are in the same space. Singh captures this phenomenon beautifully.

Elena and Raphael are an awesome couple. I can be turned off by a male character who is so much and alpha that he is just a plain old dick, but I love Raphael and how he appreciates Elena's strength.

When she sees a painting he had done of her for his apartment bedroom:
The painting was a full-length portrait of her, knives in hand, wings spread, and feet planted in a combat-ready stance as her hair few off her face in a playful wind. The artist had captured her with her head tilted slightly to the side, a smile mingled challenge and desire on her face, laughter in her eyes...
"Most men would choose a painting of a nude for the bedroom," she teased. "You chose a hunter with knives."
"You are the only woman allowed in my bedroom, Elena."

Yeah, baby!

Elena also accepts that Raphael is not a mortal man and some of the things he does are tough for a mortal to understand. He has power, and the huge responsibilities that go with it, that depends upon his ability to keep deadly and immortal creatures in line. His justice can be brutal, but it's necessary.

In this book, there are crazy things happening in the world like earthquakes, tsunamis, and strange weather. There are also vampires suddenly going crazy and going off on killing rampages. This can possibly mean that Raphael's mother, a powerful archangel who went crazy and then went to "sleep" a millennium ago, is waking up. And, mommy-dearest is a scary bitch who could kill the world. Raphael and Elena have to decide what to do about Mom along with dealing with all of the murderous vampire rages happening. It's just a typical day at the office.

"My mother is the monster that scares other monsters."
Great.... just great...

And, of course, Mother-in-law from hell doesn't approve of Elena. Mother in laws....always trying to kill you. Am I right?

The supporting characters are also intriguing and I hope we get books that focus on them. This series is worth reading if you like PNR.


I strongly recommend not reading this review if you have not read the previous two books, Angels’ Blood and Archangel’s Kiss. It is impossible for me to write this review without including HUGE spoilers for the first book. So, just know that the first two books were five stars for me and I recommend them!

This book takes us back to New York and all the family and friends that Elena hasn’t seen since being Made. I’ve been eager to see the reaction to Elena’s wings since the end of the first book, so this was pretty exciting for me. Unfortunately for her, not everything goes smoothly, despite her new prestige. Her family hasn’t improved—although we do see glimmers of possible better relations—and not all her old acquaintances are pleased with her new status.

I’m very glad that the author hasn’t made Elena’s journey easy. She doesn’t automatically gain status because she’s the consort of an Archangel. If anything, she’s scorned even more for it. She struggles to learn the rules of her new life and to find acceptance, even with Raphael’s Seven. Nothing comes easily for her. She’s used to being the baddest Hunter on the block, but now she finds herself back to square one. She also struggles to master flying tricks and works to build muscle so she won’t be so easily fatigued. Seeing Elena work step by step to adjust to her new life makes any achievements all the sweeter for me.

Elena continues to jockey with Raphael for cooperation and control. Neither of them are really used to a partnership, and trust comes hard for them. The love is there, but there are plenty of bumps along the path to happiness. Elena and Raphael both slowly open themselves to each other and it’s lovely watching them strengthen as a couple. Raphael still has a hard time trusting himself with Elena when he’s in a mood and trusting Elena to protect herself well enough to ensure nothing will happen to her. But Elena values their relationship enough to keep working at it.

We get some nice details about various members of the Seven here. Before rereading the first two books (right before I started this one) I wasn’t that interested in Venom. I don’t know what happened, but all of a sudden he drew my attention like a lodestone. I really liked watching his fighting techniques and hope that we get more of him soon. Illium was someone I’ve been interested in from the start. I like his flirty, fun-loving attitude, but it’s also nice to see a little more depth too.

I had heard that the next book focused on Dmitri before I reread the first two. I paid particular attention to him looking for clues and thought that I had spotted his future love interest, but then I heard Singh had leaked that we hadn’t met her yet. So I suppose I spotted clues where there were none.

Even though I enjoyed this book I didn’t like it as much as the first two. I had to take a while to let it stew after reading it to figure out why I wasn’t as happy with it. I’m still not sure I’ve totally figured it out. Honestly, if I had read this book first I wouldn’t have become obsessed with the series like I am now. The relationship is still good, but it doesn’t have the compelling factor going for it that I’m used to seeing.

I think one of the biggest problems with this book was the pacing. It all felt a bit slow to me. There was a lot of focus on Raphael and Elena—which I definitely do want—but it didn’t feel like the quality time I was craving. It just felt like they were rehashing things when I wanted new development. That’s not to say that it was unsatisfying though. I still enjoyed them together, I just wish there had been more of a spark.

The end fight was a pretty big letdown for me. I wasn’t displeased with the final resolution (because I saw it coming early on) but I did expect more excitement.

Before ending this I do have to mention one thing. We finally get to see Raphael teach Elena how Angels dance! It definitely wasn’t what I was expecting, but I liked it all the better for it.

While this was my least favorite of the series I still think it was pretty good. It also didn’t hurt that there was an excerpt of Kiss of Snow at the end of it! Read that at your own risk though, because I couldn’t resist reading it and then I got bummed and crabby when I ran out of pages.

Favorite Quote:

For the first time in forever, he was stunned to silence. Not by her words, but by the tenderness in her hands, the worry in her eyes. He was an archangel. He’d been wounded far, far worse and shrugged it off. But then, there had been no woman with sun kissed by the sunset and eyes of storm gray to tear into him for daring to get himself hurt.

Review originally posted at Fiction Vixen.


05/10/2016 Buddy read with my amazing friends over at BB&B.

A consort was more than a lover, more than a wife. She was ... someone with whom an archangel could discuss the darkest of secrets, someone he could trust to speak only the truth, even if it wasn’t something he wanted to hear.

Elena Deveraux has barely returned to New York after the devastating events of Beijing, before her skills as a vampire hunter is needed. A vampire attacks a girls’ school, the very school where her half-sisters attend. Could this be a mere coincidence, or is there a more sinister evil at work?

Archangel legends proclaims that when an Ancient awakens, mountains will shake, rivers will overflow, ice will creep across the world and fields will drown in rain. And when more vampires suddenly succumbs to bloodlust, weather across the world become turbulent and Raphael struggles with uncontrollable rage, it becomes clear that a terrifying immortal is rising.

That she was loved . . . it was wonder enough. That she was loved by this man, it was beyond wonder.

Elena is such a fantastic heroine. She’s still weaker than she used to be, having to strengthen her muscles and learning to use her wings, and it’s so much fun seeing her train and growing stronger. I love how she continues to stand up to Raphael when he becomes overbearing, and how hard she fought for him when things got bad for him in this book.

“You hold me to the earth, Elena.”

Raphael is still the sexy and ruthless archangel that we’ve come to know, but I love how much he’s changed because of his love for Elena. I loved seeing how romantic he could be, and how protective he is over her. The evolvement of his powers are very interesting, and I wonder how much of it has to do with his bond with Elena.

“I’m not used to negotiating.” Most people gave him everything he demanded.
A slow, slow smile that melted away the lingering tendrils of the cold rage within him. “I guess the next several hundred years are going to be an education then, huh?”

I just love the romance between these two, and how their relationship continues to grow with every secret, every truth they share. The sexy times were deliciously hot, especially that angel’s dance scene ;-)

I am utterly captivated by Raphael’s Seven. They are so fascinating, each so broken that I just crave to know their stories. I really hope they get their own books soon. And we got to spend some time with Elena’s wonderful friends: Sara, Deacon, little Zoe and Ransom. Oh, and the dog Slayer! :-D

My mother is the monster that scares other monsters.

In this instalment we learn a lot more about Elena’s father and her half-siblings. I hate how Jeffrey continues to hurt Elena. We also learn something about Elena’s mother, which was very interesting….And then there’s Raphael’s mother, Caliane. She was so loved before she went mad the way all old archangels do.

Lijuan continues to grow in power, and what a terrifying thought that is. I have no idea how they are going to defeat her, or even if they can.

This is such a fantastic series, and with every book I read by this author I fall more in love with her writing and her worlds. Her spin on angels and vampires are unique and amazing. Highly recommended.