Award Winning Plays -2

By Mehmet Murat ildan

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The play passes in the 17th century Italy. A count, Signor Monteverdi, lost a big amount when gambling and so he got into a huge debt. If he can't pay it back, everything he has will be taken away from him. To solve this problem, count visits a magician, Metastasio, who lives in an island surrounded by marsh land. This play got "The Best Play Award" in a National Playwriti The play passes in the 17th century...

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November 2000 by MitosBOYUT Tiyatro Yayınları

(first published 2000)

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Quotes From "Award Winning Plays -2"

"Don’t forget that the boat and the water are in love with each other; you should never let them on their own; lo and behold, they have made an agreement with the wind and gone off on their honeymoon!"
"Is it possible to take river water back after it has mixed into the sea? The river and the sea are united and one now."
"What a hungry fox constantly dreams of is a chicken!"
"Like a broken vase does not fear of breaking once more, my broken heart is not affected by your hurting words anymore!"
"You see only the cat’s paw, Signor Tartini, whereas I see the sharp claws hidden in that paw!.. Women are like fire; they warm you from afar, and when you enter into them they burn you to ashes!"
"Women are like the fish in the sea, they are the ones who give life to the sea, that make the sea joyful."
"This is a world of the hunters and the hunted, signorina. Tonight you are the prey and I am the hunter!"
"They say ‘Wine is Satan’s falcon,’ apparently he uses it in hunting men!"

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