The Beggar's Prophecy

By Mehmet Murat ildan

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The play passes in the 1930's Paris. In a narrow and a dirty street, a beggar has been begging money from a rich woman. After they talk for a while, the beggar discovers a secret of the woman. Beggar's Prophecy has a play within a play. The inner play has psychological significance for the characters in the outer play. There is some parallel between the two plays. This two The play passes in the 1930's Paris. In a...

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2001 by Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture
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Quotes From "The Beggar's Prophecy"

"I only want to remind you what weak creatures human beings are. Even people who seem to have wills of steel have serious weaknesses! At those moments of weakness, will power breaks into a thousand pieces."
"May God bequeath everyone the gift of listening to the voice of their conscience!"
"Don’t forget that birds with broken wings walking on the ground were once flying high up in the sky."
"Once one seizes happiness, one should hang onto it like an octopus."
"To delete our memory to zero! A completely new life! . . This is a fantastic idea!"
"To life! There can never be anything more important than life! To life, my friends!"
"A writer should show the silver in his hands neither as bronze nor as gold; the gist of the matter is to show silver as silver."
"A cock should always know his limits and never have his eyes on the big heights like an eagle!"

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