Antiquary Arago's Diary

By Mehmet Murat ildan

2.67 - ratings 3

Antiquary Arago's Diary is a crime novel by the Turkish author Mehmet Murat ildan, published (in Turkish) in Istanbul by the "Truva Publishing House" (Truva Yayinlari) in August 2005. It takes place in the John Constable Country in the 19th century England. A famous and wealthy aristocratic novelist Gregory Morgan, living in a small village in Dedham-Essex, decides to writ Antiquary Arago's Diary is a crime...

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August 2005 by Truva Yayınları

(first published 2005)

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Quotes From "Antiquary Arago's Diary"

"Elephants don’t know anything about the world of ants; the peaks of mountains are oblivious of what is happening on the plains!"
"For an apple you can’t reach up and pick, you have to climb that tree; the tree won’t bend down for you!"
"Slonovi ne znaju nistA o svijetu mrAvA, plAninski vrhovi ne poznAju zivot rAvnice."

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