Wickedly Ever After (Pleasure Emporium #3)

By Michelle Marcos

3.41 - ratings 129

THE PLEASURE EMPORIUM WAS ONCE THE BORDELLO OF CHOICE FOR LONDON'S GENTLEMEN ELITE. BUT NOW THE LADIES HAVE SOMETHING FAR MORE SEDUCTIVE --- AND SCANDALOUS --- IN STORE ...AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER.After discovering her fiance in the arms of a courtesan, Lady Athena McAllister comes to a frightful realization: Most men prefer the company of their mistresses to their wives. How THE PLEASURE EMPORIUM WAS ONCE THE BORDELLO OF...

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June 30th 2009 by St. Martin's Paperbacks
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Quotes From "Wickedly Ever After (Pleasure Emporium #3)"

"Lady Ponsonby was right. The forbidden fruit isn't shaped like an apple. It's shaped like a banana."
"Her mind turned to those paintings. The locked treasure chest, the masks, the dark woods. Those symbols were emblematic of her own secret pain—the inaccessibility of love, the inscrutability of men, her own loneliness. She could never confess those intimate details with someone like him!."
"All she had was the desire to be desirable"

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