Principles of Meditation

By C. Alexander Simpkins

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This simple, step-by-step guide to the art of meditation offers ways of using this timeless practice to relax, to focus and to clarify thoughts. It explores the roots of meditation in the Eastern tradition and explains how to apply its principles to everyday life.

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Paperback, 144 pages
April 15th 1996 by Tuttle Publishing
Original Title
Principles of Meditation: Eastern Wisdom for the Western Mind
0804830746 (ISBN13: 9780804830744)
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Brief but useful book on basic meditation techniques. Starts out with a basic rundown of Eastern traditions: yoga, Buddhism, and Taoism, which gives some context and conceptual basis for the function of meditation. After this, it goes straight into meditation methods, giving exercises for the reader to try out. The authors cover a fairly broad range of techniques, ranging from visualization to focus on breathing, in a fairly limited space. I appreciated the simple, conversational style of the text and focus on practice, though I think they could have gone into greater depth regarding where each particular technique related to the traditions previously established. But I also think this is asking for more than the book aims to be, which is getting the reader acquainted with the principles and actually having them test the principles on their own. This is ideally the book for someone just beginning to explore meditation, and suitable for a variety of contexts. I wouldn't call myself a complete beginner and apart from the section on yoga, much of the information on Buddhism and Taoism was nothing new. Some of the techniques were not new to me (visualization in particular), but it was helpful to learn more specifically outlined exercises and gain a better grasp of certain fundamentals. Certainly lots of things to try out and apply in a practical way.