Warrior Cats - Die neue Prophezeiung. Sonnenuntergang: II, Band 6

By Erin Hunter

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March 15th 2012

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Fitting end to the second series. I like how things were wrapped up into a semi-neat bow with enough dangling threads to keep us wanting the third series. These books are addicting!!

Sella Malin

This book is amazing. Every time I finish it, even if it's not for the first time, my heart beats as furiously, I am as sweaty and pale, and I feel as shocked as if I had been in the book and experienced the appalling turmoil that the main character had just been in. Every time I re-read it, it is as exciting and terrifying as if I had read it for the first time, and all the same things happen to me. It's the end that is the best part.

It is everything that makes the best books so good. It is full of cruel treachery and betrayal, heightening suspense, heart-stopping excitement, intriguing mystery, paling shock, and more the like. I think that if an author not as talented as Erin Hunter would have braved to write such an ending, it wouldn't have been as good. I think this is my favorite book in the whole warriors series. Even Erin Hunter would be hard-pushed to write a warriors book in a better way.

After the badger attack, Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw push away their conflicts and come together. Squirrelflight trusts Brambleclaw fully again, but Leafpool isn't so sure. She knows Tigerstar still haunts Brambleclaw's dreams, and how loyal can Brambleclaw be with his father's temptations hanging over him? Meanwhile, Brambleclaw struggles to stay loyal to his Clan and not give in to the path of his father's footsteps...


Thumbs up! I'm greedy for warriors and this ends the arc in an awesome way. A great addicting read, with love, action, adventure and suspense, what more could you want? Character's that you become really attached too make this story even more amazing. I find these stories very believable and moving. A troubled tom cat must choose between power and loyalty to his clan and the cat he loves. A very exciting ending, loved the ending - did not know what was going to happen next. Weird reincarnation thing at the end... what will they come up with next?


I was super anxious starting this book. As the last book of the New Prophecy series, I knew many questions would be answered, but I almost didnt want to know which way things were going to go. I was happy the book was told from BrambleClaw's perspective and hoped that would be an omen that with all the difficult choices and temptations he had to face wouldn't take him off his path. All throughout the book he keeps dreaming about his evil (and dead) father TigerStar, and joined bu his brother HawkFrost, in the dreams, TigerStar coaches them on gaining power and leading all the 4 clans among both of them. It is clear that BrambleClaw has misgivings about some things his father says, and in his waking hours he is a loyal ThunderClan cat, but the meetings with his father, and his over ambitious brother had me feeling anxious. BrambleClaw is one of my favorite characters...

The book's narration was shared again, by LeafPool, and she was also aware of BrambleClaw's dreams with TigerStar, and while she was often worried about this, she didnt let it could her judgment when StarClan gave her an omen that BrambleClaw was to be made clan deputy.

I absolutely adored the whole New Prophecy series, although I felt this book ended a bit too abruptly for my taste. Once we finally know the outcome of the prophecy ''Before there is peace, blood will spill blood...'' the book comes to a close, without sharing anything more with the reader about the characters we've grown to care for all through the series. I knew the next series 'Warriors, Power of Three'' will probably show us more, but time will have passed and it will be from a new generation of cat's perspective. Seeing as I get way too emotionally invested in fictional characters, I will miss sharing BrambleClaw's thoughts, but I am very happy with this book as the final book of the New Prophecy!


Author: Erin Hunter
Genre: Fantacy/Adventure

This is the sixth book in the second series of Warriors. Brambleclaw is a loyal Thunderclan cat with a bad past. Firestar is the leader of Thunderclan, and has two daughters.When Brambleclaw is faced with the promise of power and contol he has a tough decision to make. Will he follow in his father's path or will he choose to break away. There is one prophecy that has been ongoing;before there is peace,blood will spill blood and the lake will run red. There are new apprentices and kits that have a promising futere. When a good thing leads to a bad, will the clan be strong. The plot never gives away the ending but will lead you down the path of the problem. This is the way in every book.


A great installment in the 2nd Warriors series. I was never bored, the pacing was steady and interesting; although the ending had a very rushed feeling. Despite that, it much less predictable than many of the earlier books.

The continueing drama of the intertwined lives of Tigerstar and Firestar and their families is really well-played in this book; and the glimpses of StarClan and the shadowy forest are especially intriguing and satisfying for those of us interested in the Warriors' world.

Can't wait to start the 3rd series now!~


Leafpool is now mediciene cat of Thunderclan, while Squirrelflight falls in love with Brambleclaw and Brambleclaw figures out that power isn't always a great thing.


Soon after the cats reached their new home by the lake, ThunderClan's medicine cat Leafpool received an ominous warning from StarClan: Before there is peace, blood will spill blood, and the lake will run red. As the Clan slowly recovers from a devastating badger attack, Leafpool can't help but wonder . . . do her prophetic dreams mean there are even worse dangers still in store for the warrior cats?
At the same time, shadows of the past continue to haunt the forest as some old friends struggle to find their place, others appear to be lost forever, and an old enemy finds a new way to resurface in a quest for dark revenge. A sinister path is unfolding, and the time is coming for certain warriors to make the choices that will determine their destiny . . . and the destiny of all the Clans.
I actually really loved the plot in this Warrior book. Of course, I always do. It was thrilling, and I read it in 1 day. In almost every Warrior book, there's a huge war, and I was glad to see a change for this one. There wasn't technically a war, but they was was major fights that were with few cats. Although, some plot twists were obvious, but yet again, Hunter leaves me off with a major cliffhanger and I MUST start the next book ASAP.
Erin Hunter is my second favorite writer of all time. She/they are such amazing writers, and I LOVE their writing style. It's so easy to read, but it's beautifully complex at the same time.
There was so much character development in this novel, it was unbelievable. Sometimes, you can't trust ANY cat, and you have to wait for the novel to reveal the traitor. One thing that bothered me, was Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight started picking up their "relationship" like nothing had EVER happened. That bothered me, and if you've read this book, you would know what I'm talking about.
Overall & Recommendations:
This was such an amazing ending to The New Prophecy. I can't wait to start with The Power Of Three. Everything was perfect in this book, and barely anything bothered me. I would recommend starting the Warrior series in 5th grade.


I've finished this book for the THIRD time, and it was as good as ever. This just proves that good books don't get boring. I think the theme I got was about the balance of kinship (blood relations like your cousin, relative, sibling etc) and justice. In the story, one of the main characters, Brambleclaw, was conflicted because his power-hungry father and half-brother would do anything to make him the leader of his clan. While Brambleclaw was loyal to his clan and the present leader, he also didn't want to disobey his father or lose his brother's trust. Throughout the book, I can see him struggling to compromise between these two conflicting ideas in his head. At the end of the story, Brambleclaw chose to save his clan and therefore kill his half-brother (his father was already dead and visited him in dreams), but he was still haunted because of that and was terrified that he spilled his kin's blood. I feel like the author is trying to tell us that it is normal to have conflicting thoughts. However, in the end, you should chose to do what you think is right, even if it means betraying your relatives. Traditional Chinese belief oppose that, and the Chinese culture tells us to stand behind our family no matter the circumstances. Overall, I think this concept is very interesting and deserve deeper thoughts. I think the ultimate question is: What is more important, family or justice? Do any of y'all have an opinion? Because I am very conflicted and would love to hear any thoughts. :)


Goodreads review of Warriors-The new prophecy: Sunset by Erin Hunter
Review by: Naomi Willard

Sunset is probably one of the more intense warriors books, showing the aftermath of the badger attack and what happens to ThunderClan afterwards and which clashes with other clans happen. After the badgers are fought off by ThunderClan, Stormfur and Brook Where Small Fish Swim journey to ThunderClan and arrive immediately after the last badger has left. (Besides Midnight) Shocked at what has happened, they offer to help rebuild the camp and help to return ThunderClan to full strength. Graystripe has been gone for moons and even Firestar is giving up hope. ThunderClan needs a new deputy, whether Graystripe is alive or not.
I loved reading yet another of Erin Hunter’s masterpieces of a book and found myself tensing up at every battle and prophetic dream. I sort of wish that Firestar had waited longer for Graystripe to return because Graystripe is one of my favorite characters and it’s depressing when one of your favorite characters seems to be dead. (Hope you live Graystripe, we miss you.) I think Erin does a great job of describing every little detail, I felt almost like I WAS Brambleclaw at times, not just reading about him. I found it interesting to read about Leafpool especially, it’s cool to see what it’s like being a medicine cat. Overall, I loved this book! (Like pretty much every Warriors book ever.)