Um Menino Chamado Natal

By Matt Haig

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Acredite no impossível!Se você acredita que algumas coisas são impossíveis, deixe este livro de lado agora mesmo. (Porque este livro é cheio de coisas impossíveis.)Você ainda está lendo? Que bom. (Os duendes ficariam orgulhosos.)Então, vamos começar...“Um Menino Chamado Natal” é uma daquelas histórias para aquecer o coração em uma época tão encantadora.Nikolas é um menino Acredite no impossível!Se você acredita que algumas coisas são impossíveis, deixe este livro de

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Paperback, 240 pages
2020 by Ciranda Cultural

(first published November 12th 2015)

Original Title
Father Christmas and Me
178211789X (ISBN13: 9786555005899)
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Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin

Look at these sweet little kids talking about the book on Youtube!

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Okay, so I got this audio version through the BLOGGING FOR BOOKS program! Thank you!

I very rarely listen to audio books any more because I just don't remember things and can't spell very well. I actually thought this was the hardback, BUT <--- I loved it because the narrator is STEPHEN FRY! I love Stephen Fry and he narrates perfectly!


I loved Nikolas and his story! It's funny and sad!

The story talks about what happened to Nikolas mother which I'm not going to tell you. And about his father being a woodcutter but taking off one day with a band of peeps to go find elves. He leaves Nikolas with his horrible aunt until one day Nikolas and his little mouse friend head out in search of his father.

They run into a reindeer that is hurt and after fixing him up the reindeer joins their journey. And no, it's not Rudolph. I'm not telling you!

When they finally get to Elfhelm they find out that things are not as they should be. The elves are in a state, an elf child was stolen and some bad things are going on all around.

Then eventually all good things start to happen (well not a couple of parts, but I digress) and the book finishes up with how Santa Claus became to be. I loved it, I loved it, I loved it!

There are parts about going to the loo and poo that are quite funny. I just had to mention that!

And...... because I saw how beautiful the pictures were when you look inside the book on Amazon AND looking at all the pictures on google, um...I went to Book Depository and bought the box set! The box set has the hard back of both "The Boy Called Christmas" and "The Girl Who Saved Christmas." The cover of that book looks awesome too.


I really loved the story this author wrote and I'm excited to re-read the actual book. I will doing another review when I do!

I leave you with some of the art work!






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Irena BookDustMagic

The best Christmas story ever written!This one goes to my all-time-favourite shelf.I loved it so much! ❤?⛄❄??

Britt / Basically Britt

oh man, this was such a wonderful Christmas book <3
I think this is such an amazing middle grade read that teaches you about good and bad, love and friendship, and the power of believing in yourself and believing in magic.

What a perfect book to start 2018 with! (and yes, who cares that it's about Christmas?! Christmas books can be read all year round <3). I'm already so ready for Christmas 2018 haha!

*update on December 3rd 2018*
I reread it and loved it just as much! SO READY FOR CHRISTMAS!

April (Aprilius Maximus)

1.) A Boy Called Christmas ★★★★★
2.) The Girl Who Saved Christmas ★★★★
3.) Father Christmas and Me ★★★★

1.) The Truth Pixie ★★★★
2.) The Truth Pixie Goes to School ★★★.5


What an absolute delight. Matt Haig is just incredible. I also highly recommend the audiobook narrated by (my fave) Stephen Fry! :')


Can you believe there was a time when no one in the world knew about him? A time when he was just an ordinary boy called Nikolas, living in the middle of nowhere, or the middle of Finland, doing nothing with magic except believing in it? A boy who knew very little about the world except the taste of mushroom soup, the feel of a cold north wind, and the stories he was told. And who only had a doll made out of a turnip to play with. But life was going to change for Nikolas, in ways he could never have imagined. Things were going to happen to him. Good things. Bad things. But if you are one of those people who believe that some things are impossible, you should put this book down right away. It is most certainly not for you. Because this book is full of impossible things. Are you still reading this? Good. (Elves would be proud.) Then let us begin.

I loved reading this so much that before I was halfway through I ordered copies for several people.

A perfect Christmas story for any age, really. Filled with a magical adventure, reindeer, snow, elves, trolls and pixies, and oodles of charm. It’s not without some difficult situations which rather beautifully illustrate the theme that impossible is just an old elf swear word, and that if you truly believe in what you’ve set out to do, nothing is impossible.

The illustrations, which are enchanting, really add to this story, and are perfect.

Many thanks to Annet, whose review inspired me to read this.


Impossible - an old elf swear word :-)

Great Xmas story, out of the box!
Including elves, trolls, pixies and reindeers....
The drawings are just beautiful and cute.
Fun, although also a bit sad here and there....
All in the spirit of Xmas.

A Boy Called Christmas is a tale of adventure, snow, kidnapping, elves, more snow, and an eleven-year-old boy called Nikolas, who isn't afraid to believe in magic.

My name is Father Christmas. When I was your age I was called Nikolas. There will be a lot of people in your life who will tell you to 'grow up'or to insist that you stop believing in MAGIC. Do NOT listen to these people. There IS magic in this world. ....Now, go and spread the word. Merry Christmas! Yours, F.C.

He wrote the three bestselling books of the decade in Elfhelm, over twenty-seven copies each. 'How to be jolly: The Father Christmas Guide to Happiness', 'Sleighcraft for Dummies' and 'The Reindeer Whisperer'.

Reading_ Tam_ Ishly

?? The Movie Adaptation is coming!!!!!!

I read this book on 25th December 2020 and I enjoyed it so much!

Right so because the book is about Father Christmas and I was really curious about his story. Matt Haig has written an incredible story! It's heartbreaking throughout the narration but it's so full of hope till the end.

This story tells the story of a poor boy, Nicholas, who lived with his father trying hard to make both ends meet everyday. They had so little yet they were satisfied living together.

However, things changed when his father had to leave to a faraway land in a quest which promised to bring far more money if he succeeded.

Things turned out in a way that neither expected. Nicholas' aunt neglected and harrassed him until he couldn't bear any longer. He left home and thus begins the story of one of the most adventurous reads!

I like the writing so much! It's almost like everything is happening in front of you while you're reading the book. The illustrations! Yes, they are done so well. All my love to the artist, Chris Mould.

I love how the story deals with both the human world and a fantastical world of elves and many other fantastical characters. It's well-balanced.

I love how the story deals with a range of emotions as well as the concepts of loyalty and hope with such zeal and sincerity.

There would be moments where you shed a tear or two but ultimately you would feel good as you keep on reading the book because all this book would do is to give you hope and immense warmth towards the end. Such a gem!

? Merry Christmas ?️?
Today will remain memorable for years to come.

This book is special and so written well. Matt haig and his adventurous stories with lots of life quotes in between.

*I have to watch the new episode of Tharntype season 2. Thoughts on the book will be up by tomorrow.


Wonderful Christmas book to keep. One of my favorite Christmas books. ♡ the illustrations. Will read again! :)5*****


After adoring Matt Haig's "The Midnight Library" this year, I decided to work my way through his back catalog. What a delight to find that he's written a few holiday-themed middle grade novels!

"A Boy Called Christmas" tells the origin story of Santa Claus/Father Christmas, starting back when he was a just a wee boy named Nikolas in Finland. There's magic, adventure, peril, heartbreak, snowy scenes, cozy moments, and a perfectly plotted ending.

The blurb sums it up so well: Before there was Santa Claus, there was a young boy who believed in the impossible. Lemony Snicket meets Elf in this warmhearted Christmas caper.

Families should take note that the audiobook is narrated by Stephen Fry. This would make a wonderful listen in the car while heading to and fro in December.


Perfect book to finish reading at 1.30am on Christmas morning!