Trigun Maximum Volume 1: Hero Returns (Trigun Maximum, #1)

By Yasuhiro Nightow

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As an anime series, Trigun gained a multitude of fans across the otaku landscape before gaining a huge mainstream manga audience. Now, Trigun goes beyond the storyline laid out in the anime and the first two volumes of the manga into brand new territory! Our hero Vash the Stampede disappeared for two years after blasting a crater onto the moon orbiting the desert planet he As an anime series, Trigun gained a multitude of fans across the otaku landscape before gaining a huge mainstream manga

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Paperback, 192 pages
June 8th 2004 by Dark Horse Manga

(first published July 1998)

Original Title
トライガンマキシマム #1
1593071965 (ISBN13: 9781593071967)
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I thought this book had a good mixture of humor, action and storytelling all wrapped up in a sci-fi setting that was appealing. i remember watching this anime when i was younger and this re sparked my intrest and placed feelings of nostalgia in me. The characters were believeable and the fights that occoured were amuzing to see and showed the skill of the characters. This is Deep Space Planet Future Gun Action indeed.

Juho Pohjalainen

This was one of the first mangas I ever read. Back in the day there were some parts I felt downright sick reading through, and the story occasionally got confusing, but I still enjoyed it. It seems to have held up well enough, going by what I've re-read so far.


Much deeper than it looks


This... Vash always has a special place in my heart. I recommend this to everyone everywhere!!! This is a story that will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. I cannot explain how beautifully written this story was, and the illustrations were so seducing in the way that they were executed. Many emotions are definitely to be had for this hero; so many characters to fall in love with and so many to be angered with. *This world is made of LOVE AND PEACE!*


The art is amazing the way the writers explains the main characters pass is really good I also love the anime show for this

SE Panoply
Continuing from Vol. 2 of Deep Space Planet Future Gun Action!

In a town, someone yells for the sheriff as a man goes into a shop for a bite, the man inside explaining he is unlucky, since no one could leave town, now. He’s further told of Vash holding up the place with his gang. He’s impressed, wondering its truth as they discuss how the name can make people quake. They detail his past criminal accomplishments, ending with making the hole in the 5th moon, but it’s questionable truth.

Then, the traveler intro’s himself when the shopkeeper notices his crucifix, Wolfwood asked if he did funerals, the town’s priest murdered the day before. Then, Lina busts in to order a drink, and tells of the group after her, a pedo, probably not having seen where she’d gone. Outside, an egg-headed fella wonders aloud where the girl whom’d kicked him in the face had gone. Outside, Vash can be seen coming as the fathead threatens to kill the guy whom’d confessed where the girl is if it wasn’t true.

Eriks goes out to chat with egghead, the fool demanding the girl come out, he noting she’s 12 and this fool seemed to aim on killing her, so no. Eriks prostrates himself in front of them, Vash agreeing it’d be forgiven if he also acted like a dog. Lina protests inside the bar, Eriks getting nekkid and doing as commanded. Vash leaves, but still shoots Eriks, Lina rushing to him, and then Eriks being brought to a doc.

Upon examining the wound, it looked like the bullet’d been pushed out, so Vash’d recover. Wolfwood enters where the patient lay, and shouts for him to wake, Wolfwood then requesting some time alone with him. He addresses Vash and how long it’d taken to find him. Vash admits the hole in the moon being caused by his gun of ultimate destruction.

Wolfwood then returns an item Vash’d lost a couple years ago, bing bang boom, his gun. Vash’s happy and sad to see his quiet life’d led back to violence. Next, a note is left saying Wolfwood and Vash’d gone to locate Lina. The 2 are ready for their opposition when Vash reminds they shouldn’t kill the gang.

They see the V-look alike holding Lina hostage with a gun to her head. Evil Vash demands they say his name, then commands Wolfwood drop his gun, and by the time it’d hit the ground, he’d be kilt. Real Vash beats fake Vash to it though, and shoots him, noting whilst sharing his name, he is way quicker. Vash wonders where the injured should be moved, a new legend to come.

2 men are discussing the havoc left by only 2 men, and how uncommon it is. Meanwhile, Lina’s lying down inside and thinking about why she’d 1st helped Vash. Back with Vash as he and Wolfwood eat, Vash asks where they’re headed. Wolfwood admits it’s up in the air, so Vash states he’d be leaving after food.

After a short tussle and the bartender tells them to cut it out, Vash shares a memory from a yr previous, a townspeople go missing, seemingly in mid-task, 1 thing different being the name Knives being written on a monument in the plaza. Wolfwood states how Knives is changing, this intriguing Vash for wanting to know how Wolfwood knew him. Wolfwood states his hope of Vash meeting up in a few days, then exits, Lina coming down for a drink, and confirming to the bartender of feeling better. Vash decides to confront Knives as Lina’s drink upset her tummy.

Lina goes outside and contemplates Vash, Wolfwood warning Vash of Lina’s mischievous nature. Meanwhile, Egghead is back to threaten them, Eriks clarifying the options the fool is giving them are to stay and die, or run and they’d destroy their home. Eriks then urges Egghead to attack, and he meets him with a kick and shoots at him, Wolfwood giving Eriks/Vash shit. As Vash points his gun at Egghead again, he states of leaving town soon, but expects Egghead to guard the town rather than hurt anyone.

Vash makes clear though, should he fail, he’d track him no matter the cesspit he resided in. After Egghead flees, Lina gives Vash a haircut, and her guardian, the old woman, shares with Wolfwood of knowing Vash isn’t normal. Whilst the old woman recognized their couple of yrs together felt long and short, Lina’d have a part to play in the future.

Wolfwood states the old woman should remember, upon losing ANY fam, eventually, 1 becomes used to the feeling. After Lina finishes returning Vash to his sharp-ass haircut, he thanks her and admits her strength. Before being off, he profusely thanks the old woman and she again, then walks off with Wolfwood.

Star yr 0100, the 10th month, Juneora Rock, late afternoon the moon is seen getting dented. In yr 0113, 2nd month, 2nd city, Dec, Meryl’s having a bday party, and Millie is singing and setting the cake down. She thanks the others in the room along with Millie and tells of now being 23. Millie makes certain Mer is careful about being put into so much danger willingly, and is glad to know she’d be taking a vacay for a wk in New Miami.

When Mer is asked to join her higher ups for a meeting at her new office job, they have her look at some pics. She confirms their hope of it being Vash, and then 1 fella is sent out to meet up with him. The man about to track Vash belittles Mer’s reports on Vash sounding like legends, which there’re already too many of, then leaves believing he’d succeeded where she hadn’t. Mer responds with a face pull, taking him lightly.

The office girl back in the main work space assures Mer she should allow the man take over, having had experience as top ex-military. Fool goes and knocks on Vash’s hotel room, stating who sent him, but doesn’t get headway til name-dropping Mer. Fool picks his mo to attack, which Vash is ready for, catching his shotgun in his hand as he bulldozes through the door. Vash quietly tells him he’s being excessively loud.

Fool notes Vash’s being exactly as described (Prick), when they hear someone yell form in the hall for the 2 to stop, the Fool making a huge explosion. This brings Wolfwood to the fray, going to Vash to make sure he was well, Vash warning of Fool’s insurance title, Wolfwood sensing hitman status. Fool is realizing he needs to end this, Mer walking up behind him as he hunkers with his gun. Mer calls him out on his not so secret plan to off Vash for not allowing his power to roam free.

Fool agrees and points his gun at her head, Mer closing her eyes as he mocks her and she remembers Mil’s words of she being happy in dangerous situations. Mer opens her eyes again pondering to herself, Fool stating she’s shit out of luck. She agrees he actually is, he noticing Mil at a window with a big gun pointed at him.

After taking care of his face, Mer decides theys hould continue to vacay as Wolfwood hears about the Fool’s wound, and Vash tells the nurse to not be a perv, she recognizing him as another “loud mouth”. Wolfwood approaches Vash with not hidden hot sauce to handle him, as Mil and Mer walk off, the ladder assuring Vash’d be meeting up with them soon if her sense told her anything, so preferred ditching work. At work, the manny orders for a replacement hitman as her supe is told by the office girl she’s still vacaying.

150 yrs previous, dozens of flaming arrows hit the planet, the arrows colony ships. Vash and Knives are on ground and Knives is asking pointless qs as Vash talks of Knives killing Rem, and not being human, Knives glad, and stating he shouldn’t ever liken him to them again, ever. He prophecies they’d be the 2 last standing, Vash asking Rem for advice silently. Vash promises to protect those she’d been attempting to save.

Vash then trains and aggravates Wolfwood for the town being quiet af. They chat more about leaving, but Vash had a meeting he isn’t sharing with Wolfwood, since he’d done the same. Meanwhile, on a sand steamer, someone gets too nosy in Brad’s luggage. When Wolfwood goes back to bother Vash again, he sees he’s left, already facing off with Brad.

After it settles down, Vash is gifted with new gun and gear, Brad giving him shit for being super and probably didn’t notice a couple yrs go by. The elder man keeps them on topic and makes sure Vash hadn’t met up with Knives yet, and asks whether he’d lost his memory. Vash states he hadn’t been affected the same, not remembering fully, he felt he’d created the hole in the 5th moon. He also confesses Knives knowing more about what he’s capable of than himself, triggering Brad to point Vash being even more a plague, which Vash admits is possible.

Vash tries to have Brad give him a chance, but Brad reverts to how much he’d changed in 13 yrs, whilst Vash is Dorian Gray. When Brad exits, the elder explains Brad’s hang ups involving Vash’s celebrity and his puppy love being died for the girl wanting Vash. Meanwhile, the sand steamer is stopped and military had arrived right before gunshots are heard. They knew Shidan of the Polo fam is aboard, and Vash is with Wolfwood watching.

Wolfwood attempts to convince Vash to stay out of it for now, but by the end of Wolfwood’s reasoning, Vash states everything he’d stated was solely words. The 2 are then interrupted by townspeople saying they wanted Vash to leave, so he goes in a different direction, and shouts he’d create a massacre instead. Brad and the elder man watch as Vash threatens gunshots and mockingly chases them, Brad not seeing Vash or Wolfwood’s value.

Flashback to Vash learning from Rem on what flowers are, Vash curious of its edibility. Rem agrees it’s likely, but flowers held much symbolism, as well: like love and determination, as she speaks of a red geranium. Back with Vash, the military leader has his men quiet, but keep their guns ready. The bandits inside game plan how Vash’s presence may affect them, but not changes are made, still confident of their success against the feds, as well.

Vash starts advancing on the sand steamer as he sings to himself loudly. Upon busting into the car, he’s happy to see his armor worked, if not maintaining the pain. The gang invites him in if he still dares. The 2 exchange ultimatums and don’t find common ground. So, Vash accepts the inability to make peace, and blasts inside.

Everyone’s on the ground, except the quiet, nervous fella, he now claiming to be with feds, but Vash not buying. So, after being unwilling to move from the guy he had his gun pointed on, he reveals the asshole’d murdered his daughter. The waiting group outside wonders if Vash’d been killed due to the train going silent. Inside, the man declares Vash can do whatever he wishes with him when he is done, the man on the floor screaming and begging.

After the man shouts why he isn’t affected, Vash finally speaks up and lunges. The man fights Vash for control of his weapon as the man on the ground pleads for his life, and call him pop, to the guy’s surprise. The feds get all the living on board, the grieving man and Vash among them. The elder man explains to Brad how most people do terrible acts for those they love, and Vash acts this way toward humans.

The old man then suggests they leave, since Vash could squirrel his way out alone. Next, an explosion, Wolfwood riding a motorbike and coming to rescue Vash. In the desert, a man summons and updates Legato on Vash coming back out of retirement.

Oh, mama so much simple drama to entertain with such violence and amusement, for the men. If you can ignore the saviorism toward some of the ladies, it’s still fun. Onward!


WARNING: minor spoilers past this particular volume below, nothing that ruins the whole series but I do mention a few things that happen later in the series (Also: see "Trigun", its inception/prequel).

'90s manga with a successful anime series in tow, set on a barren, desert planet in the future where hundreds of sleeper ships crashland, forcing survivors to struggle to survive in an extreme frontier setting. They succeed thanks to artificial beings called "plants" that were powering their ships and which are exploited to provide everything from drinking water to electrical power. The story takes mostly place 150 years later though, as one person, called Vash the Stampede, is known around the world as the "Human Calamity" and generally believed to have erased a whole city a few years back. He, however, appears as further from this definition as possible, being a stalwart pacifist who bears on himself the scars that have been the price of his struggle to never take a life. His easygoing and gentle appearance conceals immense power and uncanny skill with guns. Did I mention this is a New Frontier type of story?

It's not an adult story by any stretch, really, but it's done pretty well and, while the hallmarks of the time it was made are all too evident and I sometimes want to kill the author because of how he draws some pages, where I can't understand how to turn the page to read it properly, though I feel it might be because the transfer to digital isn't the best. Also, it's clear this was translated long ago, the mistakes are evident here and there even without knowing the original, and the translation is a tad too heavy on Americanisms that detract from the experience. It's the Dark Horse US edition.

But other than that, the story is interesting and the characters (relatively) relatable, and while some may be Evil Bad, not all are and not all the good guys are Goody Two Shoes. Not unmissable by any stretch, but a good series to have.


Surprisingly mature at times


The entire anime gets a 5/5, for the use of odd binaries.

Ulises L Osorio

Crazy af, deep,enjoyable and way better than the anime.