Addicted After All (Addicted #5)

By Krista Ritchie

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Two addicts. One epic love story. Prepare for the worst. That’s what Lily and Lo try to do when Jonathan Hale schedules an “important” meeting. The problem: after being swept into the public eye and battling their addictions, they’re not sure what the worst is anymore. In a sea of many changes—including Ryke & Daisy living with them—Lily realizes that the best part of her Two addicts. One epic love story. Prepare for the worst. That’s what Lily and Lo try to do when

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Kindle Edition, 534 pages
October 30th 2014 by K.B. Ritchie
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Addicted After All
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5+ Stars!

Two addicts. One epic love story.

I don’t think I’ve ever loved a hero/heroine duo as much as I love both Lily and Lo. I was equal parts excited and sad to finish the third and final Addicted book. It was a bittersweet moment for me. Yes, I know there are spin offs and we get LiLo there, but it’s not the same. They are one of those couples I can’t get enough of. This was for sure my favorite book of the series so far!
We have consumed each other from day one. And we truly never let go.


It’s been years since Lily and Lo went from childhood best friends, to being in a fake relationship, then to giving it a real go. They have been officially together for years. Everything they do, they do for each other. Their love is undeniable. It’s all consuming and beautiful. It’s strong enough to help them fight their battles. They both know they can do anything, get through anything as long as the other is by their side. Lily gives Lo his strength, and he does the same for her.

This book was super emotional for me. I don’t know if it’s because it’s the last Lily and Lo book or what, but there it had me in tears more than once. There was one scene in particular I was listening to while driving to work and I just started bawling like a baby. My heart was filled with such joy I cried. I just feel so connected to these characters I can’t help but get attached.
“I speak for everyone here today,” he tells us, “when I say that you two- Lily and Loren- are the strongest people we’ve all ever had the honor to meet.”


Lily and Lo are my favorite couple, but I love all the other group dynamics as well. Lo and Ryke have the most special relationship to me. They are half brothers but so much more than that. Lo would have never gotten sober without the help of Ryke. Ryke loves his brother so much. I think Ryke was the first person to truly believe in Lo and support him (aside from Lily) and it made all the difference. I also love Connor and Lo’s friendship. Neither of these guys really had any close guy friends and they have a banter and bond I love reading about. And of course the 3 sisters. I love them all together.

This is a series where I love every single character, every single page of every single book. It is my new favorite series. Lily and Lo have made these books so special for me. Something about this couple makes my heart so happy. I love them so much. I loved the geeky references in this story the most- they made my inner nerd so happy! These books are amazing. I can’t recommend them enough and I honestly can’t believe I put off reading them for so long! Addicted After All was the perfect conclusion to Lily and Lo’s epic romance and I can’t wait to read more about these characters! 

“I knew from the beginning that we’d be addicted after all.”


Aestas Book Blog


SQUEEE!!! This is my #1 Top Favorite on-going series!!! I have loved every single word of every single book so far, and once again, this new book was everything I could have wanted and more!!

This series truly makes you believe in the unwavering bonds of loyalty between family and the strength of love between people willing to sacrifice anything for each other; who want nothing more in life than than to be together. The Addicted series is sexy, angsty, and completely addictive. The characters come alive as you read, they feel like real friends you know and care about. With it's unique storyline, flawless writing, and compelling characters, THIS is a series that every New Adult romance fan should be reading.

You get a special heart-racing feeling before starting a book in a series you love. That feeling is magnified a hundred times when you know its the last main book about a couple you love. So, all in all, my heart was fluttering all over the place as I excitedly dove into this book.

The moment I started it was like meeting back up with old friends. Everything was so familiar but tinged with the excitement of what was to come. Over the course of this series, the Addicted characters have become such a part of my heart that they feel real. I've seen them come so far together -- from the highest highs to the lowest lows, and I've seen them earn every minute of the happiness they find along the way. But more than anything else, I love that no matter how strongly their love or loyalty is tested, it's clear that nothing will ever break that bond. These authors have built an entire series around a core group of characters building each other up and helping each other face their battles. It's refreshing and inspiring.

If you're new to the series, I'll just give you a little intro: This is a story that started with Lily Calloway (a sex addict) and Loren Hale (an alcoholic). These two addicts, both fighting so many personal demons, both desperately searching for something outside their grasp, fell in love... and their love for each other gave them the strength and will to battle their addictions, and to strive to become healthy again for each other. For a better future, and for a healthy future. I think the most important thing to remember though is that these are deeply flawed characters. They make mistakes. They are addicts. But equally important is to never let go of the fact that they love each other more than anything. There's no Lily without Lo and no Lo without Lily. And that love is what gets them through even the darkest times.

Please note: there is no cheating in this entire series.

As I mentioned earlier though. This series should only be read in order so check the bottom of the post for those details. This is NOT the book you should start with. But the review is spoiler free.

This is the kind of series where every single word is important. Each one is filled with emotion. Each one either drives the story forward or gives it more depth. You can just feel how much care went into the writing. These words have weight.

My eyes well with tears… "Against the world, Loren Hale?"

"Yeah," he nods. "Against the world, Lily Calloway. I'm familiar with that battle."

I've said this before but it's worth saying again that the core cast of characters in the Addicted series is truly one of the most well developed ones I've ever read. There are 3 couples -- and individually, that's 6 friends -- and they all have their own unique relationships with each other. Each one of them is thrilling, hilarious, heart wrenching, and gorgeous in it's own way. Each character is so unique, each couple so distinctive, and the dynamics between each set of characters is absolutely brilliant. This story is not just about the main couples, it's about friends, family, siblings, lovers and more. Each with their own set of flaws and strengths that play off in each other in different, equally fascinating, ways.

Even though this is Lily & Lo's book and told from their POVs, just as with each of the other books in the Addicted series, it's just as much Rose & Connor and Daisy & Ryke's book. They're one big unit -- a package deal -- and each of them has their own moment to shine. Gah! That moment when Ryke went to Daisy and sat on the floor with her, or that scene when he went storming into the meeting, or that epic scene when Connor stood up to Jonathan, and omigosh the whole limo scene too (!!!) and just moment after moment, scene after scene, of pure awesome!

But Lily and Lo are two halves of a whole. They understand each other in ways few other people can. Not only did they grow up together and fall in love, but they've battles their addictions together. They've each seen each other at their worst and both helped each other get better. Their bond is absolutely unbreakable and you can feel that in every single moment of the series.

"I love you," he says so empathetically that it tears open my heart. "I understand you. Please hold onto that, Lil."

I can't praise the writing highly enough. If I could custom order a series to be written just for me, THIS series would be it. It has everything I love and nothing I hate, and at it's core it has that wonderful feeling where you know deep down in your heart, that no matter how hard the battle is, they'll make it through.

By the end, you truly see how Lily and Lo's story has come full circle as they prove to themselves and the world that their love is and always will be stronger than anything that is thrown at it.

"Lily Calloway," I murmur, and she finally looks up at me. I love you. I don't even have to say the words before her eyes well with tears. I breathe deeply, my muscles wound tight. Years and years with Lily, my best friend, rush though my veins.

It's a connection that spawned early on, from chasing her around a golf course ad hiding underneath pillows on a yacht. From escaping to a bedroom and playing pretend behind a bar. From shutting out the world until it was just us.

I open my mouth to say more, but it's hard to put everything to words.

A tear drips down her cheek. "I know."

There's a greater message embedded too that most people aren't perfect and may not fit into the "norm" -- maybe they're too conceited, too shy, too high strung, or too wild, aggressive, or awkward or anything else -- but it's okay to just be who you are. And to be proud of who are you.

"Most people can't stand me… I've realized that the people who can are the ones I love deeply."

These characters are also extremely open about discussing things which so many people would keep private and I love that. There's just this complete trust between them all, a lack of judgment, and a genuine desire to make each others' lives better that is just so incredibly heart-warming.

I say this in every review, but the thing I love most about this series is that it has never once relied on any "stupid drama" or "fabricated angst" to drive it forward. I have limitless respect for the direction that these authors continue to steer the series in. Everything that happens makes sense. Yes, there is angst, and there is drama, but it always feels right for the story and always has a purpose.

The ending was so beautiful that tears were running down my face. The happiest endings are the ones you fight hardest for, and no one fought harder than Lily & Lo. They earned every single moment of their happiness one day at a time. But with each other's love, and their family's support, they made it.

"There's something about her that makes all the terrible parts of me seem irrelevant. It's love like this that's worth living for."

I couldn't put this book down. From the moment I started, I was glued to the page. Some scenes made me literally gasp right out loud in shock, others had me laughing like crazy, while others had me wiping tears or fanning myself. There's the perfect balance of everything. And you know it's a sign that the book is amazing when you read it as slowly as you possibly can to make it last just a little bit longer...

The Addicted series is sexy, angsty, heart-wrenching, and incredibly endearing. It's addictive, unputdownable, and one of the best character-driven dramatic romances I have ever read.

It's one of the only series that, each and every time a new book is released, I will drop everything I'm doing to read it without even needing to read the blurb. I have complete trust in these authors. I just hope that they never ever stop writing because I'll never stop looking forward to whatever they write next.

This series isn't over yet. There will be two more books coming (Rose & Connor's POV, and Daisy & Ryke's) and then the authors teased at the end of this book about their next series and when I saw who it would be about, my heart seriously skipped a beat. It's going to be absolutely EPIC!!!!! I can't wait!!! :D

Series rating: 5 stars!! I love every book!


Do NOT start with this book!!!!

PS: I know it says this is “book #3″ but it’s actually the 7th book in the sequence of the full series. It's kind of complicated but basically, the main Addicted series is broken down into 2 sub-series, BUT the stories are all about the same characters so just trust me and read them in the order I listed (which is ALL the books).

Full Series Reading Order (click links for reviews):

KISS THE SKY (Rose & Connor POV)
THRIVE (Lily & Lo POV)
➜ FUEL THE FIRE (Rose & Connor POV)
➜ LONG WAY DOWN (Daisy & Ryke POV)


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Becca Ritchie

On October 31st, 2014 -- Halloween and Loren Hale's birthday -- the last book in Lily & Lo's POV will release. I've mentioned this somewhere else, but I want to say it here. Krista and I are so very, very grateful and honored to have all of you read this series. It's nine books. A huge commitment, yet so many of you have stuck with us. From beginning to end. And while there are two more books left, this is a little farewell to Lily & Lo, in a way.

We don't have dedications in any of our books because silently they're all dedicated to you. And there's only so many ways we can say "this is yours, from the bottom of our hearts."

Really, I'm writing this to say thank you. There's not any sort of specific acknowledgments in this one, meaning we don't shout out names in the back. Because there are so, so many of you that have shaped our writing and made us better. Who have helped us along the way. Some of those people are even anonymous. We love you all. The Fizzle Force. Our friends. So this is it. It's almost here.

Thank you. So, so much.


It was such a ride reading this at work. I was constantly laughing and drowning in awws and ohhs. I just love Lily and Lo so much. I love their love. I love how they're so intertwined and how they have learned so much from everyone and from each other.

There is nothing I would change about this book and about Lily and Lo's story.


Reviewing this from my phone so I want to be quick, sorry.

I cannot describe how incredibly proud I am. Rooting for Lily and Lo is, as I've said before, a truly honor. Few contemporary characters have made me this utterly happy as they have. I have only great things to say about them both.

The Addicted series has become one of my favorite series and it took me by surprise. I felt in love with the clinical yet emotional writing style and the characters -I love them all. Even the ones I like the least, I freaking love them.

Rose, Connor, Ryke and Daisy have come such a long way with Lo and Lily and they all have grown so much, it's great to see their development and to be able to read about a character doing x thing and realize that they wouldn't ever have done it in book 1... it gives me hope.

I can't tell you how many times it made my day the fact that Lily was doing better and better and gaining more and more confidence in herself. She's one of the strongest female characters I've ever read, no questions about it.

"She possesses this rare courage. It’s quiet and unassuming, but it
still exists. It’s still just as worthy."

Lily is a true gem and I'm so happy I got to know her and see her become the woman she never hoped she'd get to be.

As for Lo.... I adore him. He's such a complex character. I never thought I was going to sympathize that much with him but boy, shit was real.

One of the things I liked so much about Lo is that he was so unapologetic about his love for Lily and never one lost his faith on her. Lo is loyal to the core and it was so good to read about his relationship with Ryke and Connor.

Amy | Foxy Blogs


I love this series!! I love how well thought out these characters are and the story line is consistent from the start to finish. I know I've said this before but this series reminds me of the popular 90's TV show 'Friends.' Similar in some ways but different in others. Overall, this is the book version of that tv show, sort of.

In ADDICTED AFTER ALL the six characters are living together and are united as a cohesive front. Even when outside forces try to tear them apart they stay tightly knitted as a group. "I like having everyone here. One house. Together. We’re a family." I agree, they are at their best when they are all together.

Meet the Addicted six:
Lo - alcoholic, jerk, geek
Lily - sex addict, awkward, geek
Connor - smartass, conceited, nerd
Rose - high-strung, bossy, nerd
Ryke - jackass, aggressive, adventurer
Daisy - daredevil, wild, adventurer

Here's the thing about these six characters... their lives are open to the public and every move they make is criticized. They're rich, they're famous and they've made mistakes.


“It was a good story. I felt guilty for keeping it to myself.” Pick up this series and read it. It offers something to all kinds of readers; even if only in little ways, you can relate to these characters, you will be rooting for them. JOIN the Fangirl site for this series and other books by these authors✿✿➜

One thing about Krista & Becca's books... I WANT TO QUOTE EVERYTHING! But I don't want to ruin the experience for other readers. So, I'll just say➜ READ THEM

Addicted series is interconnected with two spin-offs. The authors have written the books in 4 “phases”. Each phase is a complete story line with a satisfying enough conclusion.

Recommended reading order:
PHASE 1 (Lily & Lo):
{#1} Addicted to You | {#1.5} Ricochet | {#2} Addicted for Now

PHASE 2 (Rose and Connor) | (Daisy & Ryke):
{spin-off} Kiss the Sky | {spin-off} Hothouse Flower

PHASE 3 (Lily & Lo):
{#2.5} Thrive | {#3} Addicted After All

PHASE 4 (Rose and Connor) | (Daisy & Ryke):
{spin-off} Fuel the Fire | {spin-off} Long Way Down

**Complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.**

descriptive text here


4.5 Stars


A perfect conclusion to Lily and Lo's love story. It has been an emotional journey, watching these characters struggle and grow. I have thoroughly enjoyed this series, the characters, the storylines, the writing, all combined together make for an unforgettably unique experience.


Sorry for the short review, but I'm pretty sure all the plants/trees around me have joined forces with the intent of killing me. In other words, I feel like crap :/


(4 - 4.5)

“I’m proud of myself, and it’s a weird thing to be. I revel in this triumph. I’m nearing the last stretch of a long bumpy road, bruised from falling, but still running. It feels good.”

First and foremost, the characters’ development.

“It’s what I’ll do now. It’s what I’ll do tomorrow and the next day. For however long this fight goes on. Just stand up. And I rise slowly to my feet. Heavy and shackled with weight. I still move.”

The conclusion of Lily and Lo’s story... Gotta say I got a bit emotional there. These kids have come so far. and NGL, their journey have been frustrating, exhausting and quite stressful to follow through (which was partly why i didn't like their previous books as much. Bcs while I sympathized with them, I found it very hard to enjoy reading from their POVs), but these two endured it all together and came out stronger.

“I speak for everyone here today,” Connor tells us, “when I say that you two—Lily and Loren—are the strongest people we’ve all ever had the honor to meet.”

«̶ ̶̶̶ ̶ ̶ ̶̶̶ ̶«̶ ̶̶̶ ̶ Loren  ̶»̶ ̶̶̶ ̶ ̶ ̶̶̶ ̶»̶ ̶̶̶ ̶ ̶

“It’s beautiful up here, and even if I fear falling, it’s nice to know I’ve been down that road before. And I can always walk to the top again.”

His development was legit real. He evolved from this bitter hateful selfish kid who hates the world to this wiser, more mature grown up man. And the best of all, selfless — really shows the way he was with ryke before and the way he was with ryke here (what I've been waiting for. Especially after Hothouse Flower & Thrive, where he treated Ryke like shit. This really redeemed Lo’s character)

'I thought it was going to be hard—being selfless. But when you love someone with the deepest parts of your soul, they become your biggest exception'

«̶ ̶̶̶ ̶ ̶ ̶̶̶ ̶«̶ ̶̶̶ ̶ Lily  ̶»̶ ̶̶̶ ̶ ̶ ̶̶̶ ̶»̶ ̶̶̶ ̶ ̶ 

'Wampa cap securely on his little head. I pat mine. It’s still there. All is well'

She has always been caring even before (at least in her head), but it irritates me to no end when she does nothing about it. (and no, the thoughts doesn't count). Here she actually has more guts (on defending her sister, stands up to her mother, etc) and i love it.

“Where are we going" My eyes flit to the clock. 2 a.m.
"We're taking a trip."
I wipe my splotchy cheeks. "To Hogwarts?" I ask hopefully

(1 chap later)

“About that Hogwarts trip," I start.
His hand freezes on the doorknob.
"Lil..." His voice is more serious. "You know it's not-"
I almost pounce on him to cover his mouth with my palm.
"Don't say it's not real."
It's just as bad as saying fairies aren't real. One of them will die as a result. We have to keep the faith.

Now that that’s out of the way, (I really hold back on loving lily in the previous books cause of her selfishness, and most of the time she really annoys me), Lily might be one of the most adorable creature exists. Her constant thought of wanting to be invisible and inner fangirl are so damn relatable!! (especially when directed to Coballoway and Raisy). Bless u lily for providing me those scenes..

Being in her head has been a delight (with the exception of her addiction thoughts, tho)

*..。o○ LILO ○o。..*

“There’s something about Lily that makes all the terrible parts of me seem irrelevant. That makes a bad day momentary and a good one infinite.
It’s love like this that’s worth living for.”

If there’s one word to describe them, it’s soulmates

But somehow, Lilo’s kind of soulmate is different than Coballoway/Raisy’s kind of soulmate.

There’s just something about these two that differentiates them from the other couples i’ve read. Their love’re , in a way, epic. They’re destined to be with each other. Felt like their purpose in this world are to be with each other. Now, that doesn't sound healthy, the whole co-dependency thing. and it really isn't. I even hated their dynamic in the beginning (a few books).

“We breathe,” Lily defends our relationship. My brows rise. Let’s not kid ourselves. We struggle with our codependency on a daily basis.

The way they isolated themselves from the rest of the world, and the way they treated the other characters, sucked. But here - imma say it one more time - the CHARACTERS GROWTH were real. This book wasn't only about them vs the rest of the world anymore, It's about the whole family all together as a team, (especially now that Raisy's out in the open, more of their scenes too) and boy did I love it. ]It was 10 times better than their previous books (though I understand it was all necessary).

“Back then,” he says, “I was so addicted to you.” He truly smiles, a very, very rare one. “I still am.”

There were enough family scenes, the right amount of Lilo scenes, the right amount of drama. It wasn't (only) centered in Lily and Lo, but the whole gang. And that alone opened my eyes to the cuteness that is Lilo

“It’s love like this that’s worth living for.”

In this book, I started fell for Lo too. (even though I hated him for hurting Ryke and forbidding Raisy caused by his own personal feelings, he's not like that anymore). I admired his love : He never gives up on Lily, loves her, cherish her, support her in any situation, never puts her down. How he was so thoughtful, caring, and would fight the world for her. They're basically married their entire life.

'Watching someone you love in pain—and not being able to fix it—it’s agony that I don’t wish on anyone.'

that's the struggle they endured for so long.

Lily and I—we may have started our relationship as pretend. But for as long as I can remember, our love has always been real. From our pretend weddings, to our pretend relationship—in the end, it’s all become reality. And I would love to never, ever grow up with Lily Calloway. In one universe, we’ll be young forever.

PS. i just realized, lilo’s pretty much an opposite attract yeah? slytherin x hufflepuff. love that

PSS. iknowiknow, this review is such a mess, a mix of my thoughts bundled up. just fangirling over here

PPS. their wedding vow, made me aww :

“If someone ever asks how long we’ve spent together, I’d say for as long as my mind stretches back. I can’t tell you the day that I fell in love with you because there wasn’t a single day that I didn’t.” My voice shakes with more joy than I’ve ever known.
“You have the purest parts of my heart, and I’m certain that in every alternate universe, I’m always, always in love with you.”
“Lily Calloway…all this time, your superpower has been loving me.” Tears cloud my eyes, and they don’t stop, especially as he adds, “And you’ll be happy to know that I’m not mortal.”
“You aren’t?” I choke.
“No.” He shakes his head, brushing away the wetness beneath my eyes. “Because my superpower is the love that I have for you. It’s out of this world, extraordinary, incomprehensible kind of love. And no one and nothing on this Earth comes close to it.”

✧༝┉˚ Other relationships I loved ˚┉༝✧

- Ryke & Lo (really developed here)
- Connor & Lo (cute)
- Rose & Lo (hilarious)

And i still feel like my baby Daisy was left out (though not as much as before) but I’ll take it


5 Addicted Stars

Addicted After All is the conclusion to Lily and Lo’s story, but do not fear, per Krista and Becca they will be in the other Calloway sister’s books. I have seriously loved reading about these characters. I have read and talked about them so much with my friends I am half convinced they are real people.

When we met Lily and Lo they were best friends living together and in a pretend relationship to hide their addictions. From the very beginning I knew Lo was in love with Lily, and as time went on I learned about Lily’s love for Lo. Despite their eternal love they have had to overcome so much to be together, both are addicts.

AAA begins with Lily and Lo expecting a baby, living with their family/friends, and deciding their next step. Lily and Lo are going to be parents, and that is so scary for both of them. They are both worried about how their addictions and reputations will effect their baby. I think becoming a parent is scary, but factor in all the outside influences the couple has had to face and their addictions…they are terrified.

Leave it to the Ritchie twins to throw in some extra twist and turns to have you completely enthralled. I read this book pretty much in one sitting, I couldn’t put it down. As I told one my Addicted friends, I could continue reading this series forever. I adore these characters. I adore the twins writing. Like I said I am addicted. I highly recommend this series!

And I can’t finish without a shout out to my love Ryke Meadows…you had me fuck! #Raisyisalive