Ricochet (Addicted, #2)

By Krista Ritchie

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As a sex addict, Lily Calloway must do the impossible. Stay celibate for 90 days.Cravings and fantasies become her new routine, but while Loren Hale recovers from his alcohol addiction, Lily wonders if he’ll realize what a monster she really is. After all, her sexual compulsions begin to rule her life the longer she stays faithful to him. Progress. That’s what Lily’s striv As a sex addict, Lily Calloway must do the impossible. Stay celibate for 90 days.Cravings and fantasies become her

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Kindle Edition, 265 pages
May 22nd 2014 by K.B. Ritchie

(first published August 1st 2013)

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4 stars

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The minute after I finished Addicted to You I started listening to Ricochet. Safe to say I am becoming addicted to this series!
We started a fake relationship. We ended it. We dated. We loved. And then we separated. Pain, happiness, joy and hurt ricochet from each path taken and from each memory uncovered.

This companion novel starts off right after book one leaves off, and it lasts 90 days. 90 days where Lo is in rehab staying sober and 90 days where Lily must live in the real world staying celibate. Both are getting the help they need and fighting their addictions. Even though they’re not together physically, they’re still together fighting their addictions and trying to stay strong for each other.

This, like the first book, is entirely from Lily’s pov. I really wanted more Lo in this one, like maybe some of his time away, that’s the only reason it wasn’t quite a 5 for me. I still loved it lots. It was great to get a little more time with Ryke and Daisy- I can tell their book is going to be fun!

I listened to this book, and the narration was fantastic. I think the woman who voices Lily does a fantastic job capturing her. Now on to listen to the next one and get my next fix of Lily and (hopefully more) Lo!

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I am on tears - both happy and sad. Lily has come such a long way to become the person she is now and who she is going to be and I'm so proud of her. Lily and Lo are both amazing.


**** 4,5 stars ****

I loved it! I was curious how it will all work out... Lo in rehab, Lily alone for 90 days... and well, it was very well played. Though we didn't have much Lo in present, we had plenty of him through flashbacks from the past. They showed how LiLo's relationship began and why they started enabling each other's addictions.

I loved how Lily and Lo realized that they needed to change to have a healthy relationship. Sure, they still have a long way to go but the urge to work on their problems is there.
My last tear falls. I can’t move to wipe it. I am transfixed by Loren Hale, my everything.
“I love you,” he says again, “and no other man will ever say those words and mean them the way I do.”
Beside our main couple and their epic love story, we also got more of Connor and Rose. And you can't do nothing but love this overconfident, know it all, preppy boy and this sophisticated, frosty, independent girl.
“She’ll be intelligent and know more than Connor and me put together.”
“That’s impossible,” Connor tells her. “We’re the two smartest people in the entire world. You put us together, and you get a superhuman.”
Not to mention Ryke... because really... I love him... can't wait for his book. There was so much of him here, it was like prelude to his and Daisy's story.
“Hate to break it to you, but sex is ten times better than skydiving.”
“No it’s not,” she rebuts.
Ryke leans forward on his chair a little. “Then whoever fucked you didn’t do it right, sweetheart.”
All in all, loved this one and highly recommend!

Aestas Book Blog


I am LOOOOVING this series!! Totally ADDICTED!!!

This the kind of story that I most love to read -- a story of two people who are so completely and deeply in LOVE with each other fighting as hard as they can to overcome the obstacles in their lives and be together.

Ricochet is a full length companion novel to  Addicted To You and continues Lily & Lo's tumultuous, heartfelt and emotional journey. I can't get enough of this series!!!

“I love you,” he says again, “and no other man will ever say those words and mean them the way I do.”

As a quick, spoiler-free recap, Lily and Lo have been in each other's lives since they were kids, they are both best friends and lovers, but they each have an addiction -- she's addicted to sex, he's addicted to booze -- and in the last book they reached a point of no return where things needed to change... I won't mention any more though because I don't want to spoil the story for anyone. But just be sure to read book #1 first!

From the first few pages of this book, I was reminded why I love this series so much with this quote ...

"I don't think many people can understand what it's like to be so invested in someone... We have an unhealthy, co-dependent relationship.

I know this.

And I'm trying to change, to grow beyond him, but why does that have to be a stipulation?

I want to grow WITH him.

I want to BE with him.

I want to love Lo without people telling me that our love is too much."

The story told in Ricochet takes place over 3 months in between the first and second novels but I consider it a must read for anyone interested in reading this series. When I first heard about it and realized that it was a full length book as opposed to a novella, I wondered why it wasn't just labelled as the second book in the trilogy but, having read it, I now understand.

It has a very different vibe than the first one. While it is still told from Lily's POV, we see a lot of Rose & Connor and Daisy & Ryke which serve to set up their books which will be coming next year as spin-off novels, but we also do see quite a bit of Lily & Lo too through both flashbacks and present day scenes but just, given their situation, their interactions are a little different than in book #1 but no less emotional.

I just loved them together SO much!! As I mentioned before, they're exactly the kind of couple that I love to read about. In this book we see them both trying to get better and rid themselves of their addictions. But the road is not easy and they each have their own battles to fight but what gets them through is holding on to their unshakable love for each other.

"You make me want to live. And I want to live with you."

The pacing of this book is also a little different than the first - there were some slower parts but there were also some absolutely EPIC scenes that gave me shivers!!! Seriously a few of the scenes were just pages and pages on end of pure awesome! I love that there is a larger character group than just Lily & Lo (even though I love them to bits and they're the highlight of the story for me) but I love the whole family dynamic and seeing each of these characters' issues and quirks and personalities play out. It's genuinely the kind of cast where I'm interested in pretty much everyone.

Lily's therapist also was another highlight. With her help, Lily begins to see a light at the end of her tunnel as she's shown that maybe there is a way for her and Lo to use their love to help one another heal.

"Rose tells me that he's enabled you your whole life, and in turn, you've enabled him… In order to become healthy, you're going to have to do the reverse. Instead of enabling each other, you'll need to help each other."

All the scenes with Lo once again tugged each and every one of my heart strings. I think it's a sign of how invested in a story you are when even the mention of someone's name kicks your heart into overdrive. If it's possible, I love him even more after reading this book!!

Lily and Lo had so much to work through both individually and together but what I loved most about them, and the element that has put this story on my favorites shelf, is how much they wanted to be together and how they were pretty much able to go to any lengths to help each other heal. And how not being together was just never an option, not really. That is the epitome of the kind of book I love and the reason I'm so addicted to this series -- where you have damaged characters with a ton of issues fighting to be together and to make a functional relationship work -- where it's not about stupid mistakes but genuinely about overcoming the obstacles life gives them. Together.

"If we want to stay together, like REALLY stay together and not go back to enabling each other, then yes, we're going to have to talk. I need to know when you're freaking out, and you need to know when I am so that we can stop each other from doing stupid shit."

With Lily & Lo, I really felt like the emotions were deepened because their relationship went back to childhood and so their lifelong history together really gave their story so much more depth.

"Am I [a trigger]?"

"No, Lil," he tells me…"You're the opposite. You're my stability…my home."

I really just want to highlight how much respect I have for these authors for not incorporating any "stupidity" into the story. There was genuinely no "drama for drama's sake". I absolutely adored that there wasn't any "big bad" trying to keep them apart. Facing their addictions was big enough of an obstacle and I loved that there were no external plot elements that came between them. Everything that happened made sense and the focus was on them finding a way to be together and to be healthy. I have to say that I am SO impressed that I am now two books into this series and not even once have I rolled my eyes at anything. It was just them working as hard as they can to make their relationship work. And. I. LOVED. It.

"He's given me hope again. That I'll kick this addiction. And I won't have to be alone when I do it."

Also for the record, since I know many of you are wondering about this -- there is no cheating!!

This might sound like an odd combination but I almost feel like fans of the Crossfire series and the Find You In The Dark series will enjoy this. *happy sigh*... I just love these books.

This series shows the journey of two people willing face their worst demons for the sake of love. Lily and Lo's story is heart wrenching, emotional, and addictive. If you're looking for a new series to fall in love with, I highly recommend picking this one up!!  ♥

4.5+ stars

Also, here's my review of Book #1 ➜ http://bit.ly/1aVSaNM


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Hulya Kara Yuksel

Yep, I loved it so much and I can safely say I'm addicted this series! :)

“I love you,” he says again, “and no other man will ever say those words and mean them the way I do.”


Addicted to You (Addicted #1)
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Pearl Angeli

"You're my stability... You're my home."

Ricochet gutted me on an emotional level. At first I was afraid I wouldn't like it because Lo isn't around and I thought the long distance won't be able to compliment the book but I was surprised to find myself pleased with how the whole situation was handled.

In this companion novel, Lo and Lily were apart and they were working on getting rid of their addiction-- Lo being in a rehab miles away while Lily being celibate and spending her time with her sisters Rose and Daisy.

I love how everything turned out good for both of them despite the loneliness they've endured. With this experience, they were able to test themselves and find out if their love for each other stays the same.

Will we still love each other if he's sober and I'm wading through the things that torment me? Will he fit into my life if I'm struggling with my addiction while he's healthy and absolved from his?

This novel also included bits and pieces of happenings from their past. Through the flashback narration, I was able to appreciate Lily and Lo's characters more because of their imperfections that made them more human and vulnerable.

I love how the secondary characters were also highlighted here-- like Daisy and Ryke's romantic build-up and Rose and Connor's irresistibly charming love affair. I just wish that there's more Lo and Lily phone/Skype interaction here and better yet, a Lo POV.

This novel as a whole, was a soul-wrenching continuation of Addicted to You. I legitimately cried and swooned and everything!

Rating: 4 Stars


Addicted To You (Addicted Book 1) |http://amzn.to/2zRYSYS
Ricochet (Addicted Book 1.5) | http://amzn.to/2zTkHr5

"I don't think many people can understand what it's like to be so invested in someone... We have an unhealthy, co-dependent relationship.
I know this.
And I'm trying to change, to grow beyond him, but why does that have to be a stipulation?
I want to grow WITH him.
I want to BE with him.
I want to love Lo without people telling me that our love is too much."


You know when you read a book, and you become so HOOKED, so OBSESSED with the characters that you just wish they were real? That you could be a part of their story, or maybe just jump into the pages and hold them and hug them and tell them it'll all be ok? Well that's exactly what I want to do with Lily & Lo. The pain they both went through during this book just tore me up inside. I love the fact that they are both finally willing to try and get their lives in order because of the love they have for one another.

I just love how they love, so passionate and so unapologetic.

I JUST LOVE THEM!!!! I know I said love like 16 times in this review, but I just need to get it out. I haven't felt this passionate about characters in a series in a long time and it's just making me want to burst with giddiness!

"I no longer craved for something more. He was enough."

Side note- I LOVED (I know, again) getting to know more about Connor & Rose and Ryke and Daisy. They are so entertaining and also a nice little break from the heaviness that surrounds Lily & Lo's addictions and recovery. Especially the banter between Rose & Connor (I am SO looking forward to their book) and Ryke's blunt demeanor.

Addicted To You (Addicted Book 1) |http://amzn.to/2zRYSYS
Ricochet (Addicted Book 1.5) | http://amzn.to/2zTkHr5

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I picked up Ricochet as soon as I finished with Addicted to You - I got so immersed into the lives of these characters, that I ignored everything else: buddy reads, reviews, friends, boyfriend... And it was worth it!

First, I would like to point out one thing. Ricochet is a full-length novel that must be read before Addicted for Now, second book in the series. Don't mind that it is something-point-something. This is not a novella that you can skip and not miss out any important details. I know that it was published after second novel, but I don't think I would be able to enjoy reading Addicted series if the authors haven't decided to write these in between stories and build, lets call it a bridge that connects timeline.

One thing that is different if you compare it with other two books, is that story is equally focused on all characters although it is told from Lily's point of view. We find out more about Ryke and Daisy, but also about Connor and Rose. I was worried in the beginning that it would turn into Gossip Girl fanfiction - they are all rich kids with too much free time - but it did not. Steam level is much higher than in Addicted to You - snippets to Lily's past were cold-shower-worthy. And there are barely any explicit scenes - Krista and Becca Ritchie know how to write perfect build-up of tension and emotions.

I became Ryke's fangirl. Most of the readers are all about Connor, but Ryke is such an intriguing character. I cannot wait to find out more about him and Daisy.

And, it is official - I got addicted! Big thank you to all ladies who chatted with me on Twitter, Instagram and Goodreads - Siiri @ Little Pieces of Imagination, Amy @ Foxy Blogs, Angela @ Feeding My Addiction Book Reviews, Nick @ Nick's Book Blog, Lisa @ Lost in Literature.

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Amy | Foxy Blogs

The first three books are on sale in the series.
#1 Addicted To Youhttp://amzn.to/1jXupa5
#1.5 Ricochethttp://amzn.to/TXsnQt
#2 Addicted For Nowhttp://amzn.to/1ocOMkM
Pain, happiness, joy and hurt ricochet from each path taken and from each memory uncovered.

RICOCHET is a companion to the sequel: A full-length New Adult Romance that continues where Addicted to You left off. As a companion novel, it bridges the gap between the first and second book. It is highly recommended to be read before Addicted for Now.

RICOCHET is the three months that Lily and Lo go about working on ridding themselves of their addictions. Being healthy in both mind and body is their goal. Learning what triggered their addictions is a big step in recovery. The back history of their relationship told throughout the book helps the reader understand how this couple goes from best friends to lovers.

I'm officially hooked on this series and will be moving onto the next book right away.
Addicted series is interconnected with two spin-offs. The authors have written the books in 3 “phases”. Each phase is a complete story line with a satisfying enough conclusion.

Recommended reading order:
PHASE 1 (Lily & Lo):
{#1} Addicted to You | {#1.5} Ricochet | {#2} Addicted for Now

PHASE 2 (Rose and Connor) | (Daisy & Ryke):
{spin-off} Kiss the Sky | {spin-off} Hothouse Flower

PHASE 3 (Lily & Lo):
{#2.5} Thrive | {#3} Addicted After All

PHASE 4 (Rose and Connor) | (Daisy & Ryke):
{spin-off} Fuel the Fire | {spin-off} Long Way Down


I enjoyed this long novella so much I need to start the second book right now! I’ll post the review later.