The Complete Peanuts, Vol. 7: 1963-1964

By Charles M. Schulz, Bill Meléndez

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"My name is 555 95472 but everyone calls me 5 for short... I have two sisters named 3 and 4." With those words, Charles Schulz introduced one (in fact, three) of the quirkiest characters to the Peanuts universe, the numerically-monikered 95472 siblings. They didn't stay around very long but offered some choice bits of satirical nonsense while they did. As it happens, this "My name is 555 95472 but everyone...

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May 17th 2007 by Fantagraphics

(first published April 1st 2007)

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Quotes From "The Complete Peanuts, Vol. 7: 1963-1964"

"What if everyone in the whole world suddenly decided to run away from his problems?"
"Well, at least we'd all be running in the same direction!"
"Don't be a leaf... Be a tree!"
"The crabby little girls of today are the crabby old women of tomorrow!"
"My mind reels with sarcastic replies!"
"Lucy was using my blanket to dry the dishes... We now have very secure dishes!"
"I proved to you that psychiatry is an exact science!"
"An exact science?!"
"Yes, you owe me exactly one hundred and forty-three dollars!"
"What's the sense in having an eclipse if you can't look at it? Somebody in production sure slipped up this time!"
"Soon Hansel and Gretel came to a little cottage. When they got quite near, they saw that the little house was made of bread and roofed with cake. The windows were transparent sugar."
"There must not have been a very strict building code..."

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