Cartas Extraordinárias: mães

By Bette Davis

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Aos quinze anos, Winston Churchill recebeu uma carta em que sua mãe demonstrava estar decepcionada com seu boletim escolar. "Fui preguiçoso", ele responde. Neste livro, Shaun Usher reúne essas e outras correspondências inesquecíveis que têm as mães como protagonistas. Amáveis, espirituosos ou doloridos – às vezes mais de uma coisa ao mesmo tempo –, os escritos oferecem um Aos quinze anos, Winston Churchill recebeu uma carta em que sua mãe demonstrava estar

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Paperback, 192 pages
April 30th 2020 by Companhia das Letras
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0143134728 (ISBN13: 9788535933345)
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Heartbreaking, beautiful. I’m at loss for words.


Another great collection of letters from the author of the Letters of Note website. From ancient times to modern, from famous to ordinary, from birth to death, this collection mines the feelings expressed through letters to and about mothers. For those who have lost their parent or those with a strained/dysfunctional relationship, this one might be difficult to read because it surveys the wide range of possibilities that the mother-child relationship can have. But for a gift for a mother with whom one is on good terms, this would be excellent.

Thanks to the publishers and NetGalley for the opportunity to review a digital ARC in exchange for an unbiased review.


I started this collection with a lot of doubts and even wanted to DNF it after the first few letters. In the end, I am so glad I kept on listening to the audiobook.This is a beautiful collection of letters, full of love, life, hope and pain.I surely will check out the other collections by Shaun Usher.


A lovely collection of letters to and from mothers, expressing their love before birth, during lifetime and after death. More letters should be sent during the lifetime to ensure what we want to say is always being said instead of later regrets. Appreciate your mums every day!


A lovely collection of letters written by or to mothers.There are words of advice, biographies, regrets and thanks - some are written at the deathbed and some upon the birth of a child. Fascinating to read with lots of nuggets of wisdom. Inspiring- I feel I should start writing letters myself.


Really enjoyed some of the letters in this collection. They speak with a frankness about some of the most saddening things in life.

Catherine Jeffrey

A collection of letters from mothers to their children, and from children to their mothers. Funny, sad and heartbreaking in equal measure. Which is what motherhood is like.


Heartwarming. And sad. And inspirational.

Corrie Isla McLaren

Very thought provoking and endearing collection of letters.

Lucy Goodfellow

⭐3 Stars⭐An emotionally compromising collection of letters able to deepen the chill of loneliness felt after the loss of a parent.