The Spirit of Animal Healing: An Integrative Medicine Guide to a Higher State of Well-Being

By Martin Goldstein

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The Spirit of Animal Healing is the follow up to Dr. Marty Goldstein's bestselling book on holistic veterinary medicine, The Nature of Animal Healing.It is chock full of the very latest integrative medical knowledge (which combines conventional therapies with complementary and alternative medicine). Coupled with the vast amount of specialized expertise and learning Dr. Mar The Spirit of Animal Healing is the follow up to Dr. Marty Goldstein's bestselling book on holistic veterinary

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Paperback, 384 pages
February 2nd 2021 by St. Martin's Essentials
1250249694 (ISBN13: 9781250249692)

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Literary Redhead

A friend of the family is a holistic vet, whose approach to animal care I fully applaud. So I was excited to explore more in THE SPIRIT OF ANIMAL HEALING by Dr. Marty Goldstein, holistic vet and author par excellence.

Dr. Goldstein shares the newest integrative techniques in an easy to understand fashion, gleaned from 45 years of practice. You’ll learn about:

*Healing vs. harmful therapies
*Vaccine truth
*Nutrition and supplements
*Cutting-edge cancer treatment
*Animals’ spiritual natures
*Astounding true cases

THE SPIRIT OF ANIMAL HEALING is a resource I’ll turn to again and again as I care for my beloved kitty. I’m so grateful to the author, St. Martin's Press and NetGalley for the review copy. Opinions are mine.

Pub Date 02 Feb 2021

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Why are so many pets dying from cancer and other ailments more than ever ? - is it over vacationing ? over medicating, ? poor diets ? How long have the same old recommendations been applied ? Are their other treatments that could lesson the side effects. This book will make you mad, make you think and make you demand answers.
Dr. Marty questions the tried methods of treatments and vaccinations. He argues that we are over vaccinating them, each dog’s body is different. They have different weights, different ages, different levels of retention. So why is it that a 10 pound dog gets the same shot as a 90 pound dog ? Is the little one getting an overdose ? is the large one getting too little ? That little fact alone is something to think about seriously. The price of traditional is insane for the pocketbook and on the pet’s body. The side effects for many drugs are scary.
He brings up so many great points, one is why are we not focused on homeopathic medicines that build the bodies own immunity and healing ? If you had the chance to enhance your own dog’s healing for a fraction of the cost without dangerous side effects would you do it ? Well yes, but we aren’t offered these choices at most Vet clinics.
He takes in the near death cases , the ones that other Vets gave no chance and gives them quality of life for sometimes years without traditional harsh drugs. It is amazing, years ago he was called a quack today many of his early discoveries are being used across the world. He drops famous names and brags a bit about his Star Power client list which is a bit irritating. Hey, he worked hard to be accepted he deserves to toot his horn.
If you own a pet, read this books for another perspective on a sometimes archaic system. I highlighted like crazy, questioned my vet and feel better for it. Thank you Dr. Marty for not being afraid to step on sensitive toes for our pets.
I received a free copy of this book for an honest review

Jammin Jenny

I really enjoyed this book dealing with how to help your animals achieve a higher state of well-being. Being a long-time pet owner and lover of animals, I loved the tips and insights provided by the author in understanding your animals, and what they need from us in order to thrive. I would recommend this book for any pet-owner or animal lover.I received an e-ARC of this book by the author and publishing via Netgalley. This does not affect my opinion regarding the book.


Dr. Marty has followed up on the book he wrote in 1999, providing additional information. He believes that pets are over-vaccinated, and that many of their illnesses can be better treated with healthful diets and supplements instead of conventional pharmaceuticals and surgeries. The reader will learn that he has treated many wealthy and famous people's pets, and doesn't hesitate to drop names.

Carol Kean

Oprah's favorite holistic vet spreads a message of love and healing, trusting Mother Nature over the latest scientific methods. The title is a bit misleading because "Spirit" doesn't seem to be the main focus of all these anecdotes, insights, and historical tidbits. Dr. Marty putting Oprah on hold (who does that!) seems to be as important to this author as stories of using Vitamin C injections instead of chemo to keep dogs alive longer.

The history of the dog food industry is horrifying, and I'm glad Goldstein brings this to the reader's attention. E.g. After World War I, some 50,000 horses a year were slaughtered for the first canned dog food, Ken-L rations. In 1950, soap makers stopped using animal fat, which put a huge quantity of the stuff on the market for cheap, and dog food manufacturers pounced on it. Ah, but fat quickly goes rancid, so bring on all the preservatives and chemicals that, guess what, coincide with increasing numbers of cancer cases, pancreatitis, and other maladies for vets to treat.

Dr. Goldstein shares his insights on the raw food trend, the home-cooked pet foods, and even the new move toward crickets and larvae as a superior source of sustainable protein for our pets. For years I've been blogging about entomophagy and the need for humans to kill fewer cows and pigs and eat more bugs. If we feed our dogs and cats kibble made primarily of corn, rice, or other grains, we have no excuse for rejecting a source of protein that is healthier for cats and dogs AND for the planet. (In fact, I finally found a dog food, Jiminy's, made of crickets or black sawfly larvae, rich in taurine and omega-3s, and our picky collies are eating it.) Dr. G says crickets as a food source for dogs "would help decrease the current dependence on the use of mammals, poultry, and fish as major ingredients in pet food."

The name-dropping and letters of praise from happy clients and people like Oprah may serve to convince us that this holistic vet is all that and more, but for me, it doesn't make for the most compelling reading.

I like the message of Love, Love, Love, and trusting nature, distrusting vaccinations and Big Pharma and conventional medicine, but I dislike the self-aggrandizing tone. That said, I wish my local vets were more like Dr. Goldstein. He has a lot of good messages here. Most, we've seen before in his previous book or at any number of Facebook groups and websites. I might buy the book for friends who don't surf the internet like I do, because I do endorse the philosphy and holistic practices of this vet-turned-bestselling-author.

Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC of this book.

M. [storme reads a lot]

This not the type of book I normally read. But I was intrigued when I was given a widget. I am always open to more natural methods when it comes to my animals. I have four cats and want nothing but the best for them.

This made me look at taking care of my pets in a new way. I am looking forward to being more focused on taking the best care of them I can, that is all I want. This book opened my eyes to looking at taking care of them in more natural and safe way.

This was a new type of book for me to read, but I will retain a lot of this information for the future.

Thank you NetGalley and SMP for the ARC given freely to be reviewed. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


I reached out for this book because of concerns I have with my aging dog, Emi. She has an autoimmune condition, so any knowledge I could gain is helpful. It seems that Dr. Martin Goldstein speaks directly to me. His wit, attitude, compassion, and knowledge are shining through on each page. He seems to realize that if you’re reading this book, you probably have a dearly loved pet in need of special care. I soaked it up, making notes of things I could correct, enjoying the personal stories (I chuckled about his interactions with Oprah), and coming away with a better understanding of what my pet has been trying to tell me.
You don’t have to have a sick pet to read this; any pet lover will find something to assist them in the care of the very animals that are actually taking care of us.
Sincere thanks to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Essentials for an ARC in exchange for my honest review. The publishing date was February 2, 2021.

Julie E. (Bookshelf Adventures)

I am of two minds with this book. On one hand, it is a very informative read about alternative health rather than relying on Western (read: chemical) medications. On the other hand, it is a giant show of how many famous and rich people Dr Goldstein has had the ability to work for/with.

The novel contains a lot of information about animal health, but it’s more full of the ramblings of Dr Marty.

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Dr. Marty's book, The Spirit of Animal healing looks at integrative medical knowledge to give us the latest insights in treating our animal companions. He knows what he's talking about--he's been in the vet business for 45 years.

In this, he discusses the current state of dog and cat disease (especially the rise in cancers), how bodies heal and what we can do to allow it to happen more naturally, whether we are over-vaccinating our pets, and more.

This book was far more interesting than I was expecting. Having been a pet parent and having taken my dog to the vet "as he was supposed to" to get as many vaccines "when and how he was supposed to," I was curious to see what Dr. Goldstein had to say in this subject. I always thought it was weird how much we medicated our animals, but what did I know? I'm a language/history person; I know next to nothing about science. I can say that these pages opened by eyes. But it's more than just the vaccines. I was captivated, fascinated by what he had to say about the body's natural ability to heal. That we do so much to our pets and ourselves that is decidedly *un*natural, when we could be much healthier if we just knocked it off. This is not new, in any sense, but putting it in the perspective of how we treat our pets gave me knew ways to think about it.

Thank you to NetGalley and publisher St. Martin's for inviting me to review this advance copy. I'd highly recommend this to anyone with a pet. I certainly learned a lot.

Lisa Konet

This was a much needed positive book about how to care for our beloved pets no matter what their species because they do so much for us! A very informative, well written and researched book. Such great information and a very moving read! Our companion animals are our everything.

Highly recommended read!

All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Thanks to Netgalley, Martin Goldstein and St Martin's Press Essentials for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Available: 2/2/21