Ahalya's Awakening

By Kavita Kané

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I searched all these years for myself—and I only found Ahalya, the woman I was supposed to be born as: unblemished, without any faults. I had no hala in me, no sin, no crime, no guilt. What I had done was to respond to the call of life within me…’ Ahalya. Created by Brahma; married to one of the greatest rishis of all time; desired by the king of gods, Indra. A woman ma I searched all these years for myself—and...

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August 27th 2019 by Westland

Quotes From "Ahalya's Awakening"

"It is an education in values, not information, that makes a better man, a better world."
"There have been battles caused by greed, for wealth, for cattle mostly, for domination in religious and social practices, for fertile lands, for offspring and, most important of all, for water. Water will have to be saved and shared, to save us from wars. It’s around water that Man has to live—and for that he will fight. For each civilisation, springs and rivers and having control over the waters is paramount."
"In our pessimism, we wish we could renounce life and live in a dark hole. But as the universal law goes, we have to live and love. It is better to face what is in front of you, not just with dignity, but with some humour. It makes sad, less sad and glad, more glad!"
"Punishment is a harsh word and a harsher option—for the offender, not the upholder. For it is easier to serve punishment than justice,"
"It is just one single moment of weakness, that momentary lapse of judgement—that is all it takes for us to make us lose our all in our struggle between good and bad, right and wrong, allowing the wrong to win."

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