Divinity Falling

By Nour Zikra

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Fierce twenty-two-year-old Addy hasn’t had the easiest of circumstances. Then she runs into Adriel, a half-naked young man with major back burns, kickstarting a series of disasters in her life, mainly her younger brother Reed disappearing into thin air with a strange man. She immediately suspects Adriel is the culprit. After all, Reed’s kidnapper had the exact same burn ma Fierce twenty-two-year-old Addy hasn’t had the easiest of circumstances. Then she runs into Adriel, a half-naked

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Hardcover, 367 pages
2019 by Lightbringer Publishing
173319407X (ISBN13: 9781733194075)
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Tucker (TuckerTheReader)

Many thanks to Nour Zikra for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review
”She didn’t sign up to sell souls. He didn’t sign up to be human.

Wow, I did not expect this to be so dark and heavy. Don’t get me wrong! I loved it but wow… that was something else. I went into this book expecting:

And I got:

That’s a good thing, by the way.

So, what’s this book about?
Fierce twenty-two-year-old Addy hasn’t had the easiest of circumstances. Then she runs into Adriel, a half-naked young man with major back burns, kickstarting a series of disasters in her life, mainly her younger brother Reed disappearing into thin air with a strange man. She immediately suspects Adriel is the culprit. After all, Reed’s kidnapper had the exact same burn marks on his back.

Adriel, who a few hours ago had been a guardian angel, doesn’t know why he is on Earth with a human heart pulsating in his chest. After he sinned, he was sure he would be cast in to Hell. Instead, the wild young woman he stopped for help on the road won’t stop questioning him about her missing brother.

Although Adriel claims innocence, Addy doesn’t believe him until she comes face to face with Lucifer, the lord of Hell, who has imprisoned Reed. Lucifer awakens the demonic blood dormant within Addy and sends her on a mission to corrupt human souls. His desire: to wage war on Heaven with an army of demon-turned humans.

And not following his plan? That’s a sure way to get Reed killed. Against Adriel’s objections, Addy must follow through with a job she never signed up for—preying on human souls.

May, I just get it out of the way (we all saw this coming), Adriel is the newest addition to my fictional crushes list!

Anywho… This book was a splendid combination of horror, mystery, romance, and mythology. It was super well written and fast paced. If you enjoyed Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones or Becca Fitzpatrick’s Hush, Hush then you will most certainly love this!

Bottom Line:
3.5 Stars
Age Rating: [ R ]
Content Screening (Spoilers) - Educational Value (0/5) ~Positive Messages (3/5) - [Female empowerment, you are who you want to be] ~ Violence (4/5) - [Severe burns, cuts, bruises, etc. Battles, and murder] ~ Language (3/5) - [F**k, sh*t, d*mn, asshole, b*tch] ~ Drinking/Drugs (2/5) - [Medication, Alcohol]
Cover: 5/5 ~ Characters: 4/5 ~ Plot: 4/5
Publication Date: October 1st, 2019
Publisher: Lightbringer Publishing
Genre: Fantasy/Romance


[10/11/2019] - Review to come!


[10/01/2019] - Happy Book Birthday to Divinity Falling!


this cover is beautiful!

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Sheena ☆ Oh, the Sheenanigans!

Let's start off by saying I was not a big fan of the lead heroine Addy. Something about her rubbed me the wrong way, starting waaaay back from the beginning chapters of this novel. I would have rather read it from Reed's perspective than hers because she was overly emotional to the point that is became too annoying. Like girl dry your tears, we understand your cheating ex hurt you but whining every 5 minutes isn't going to change the fact that he cheated and let's not forget to mention her attitude. Girl needed needed a major adjustment. Like pronto! It almost makes you wonder why people leave her. And lets be real, my overall dislike for Addy pretty much set the tone of the story for me and more often times than not, I skimmed through her scenes and could barely contain my gag reflex on the "romance" portion of the novel. Like seriously. Our fallen angel deserved so much better but I digress. So in conclusion, I was definitely not the target audience for this and it's plain to see how an ill filled character can easily ruin a potentially decent read.

Galit Balli

The author sent me the ebook for free for an honest review.
This is a spoiler-free review.

A small disclaimer... I read this book at a very hard time in my life when my mom wasn't feeling so good and to top it all our beautiful dog Menta passed away, Reading this book ot only made this time pass easier as I was truly immersed in the story.

Wow, wow... Wow. I can't stop saying wow, hehe.

I truly enjoyed reading this book and I can't wait to know more and read more.

This is a dual point of views story, between Addy and Adriel. Most of the time I can't fully connect to these types of stories but here it was well made and thought off, that you can feel the characters and see their desires and understand how they work.

The main character Addy is so strong and so relatable, I instantly got invested in her and I enjoyed seeing how the character growth over time. I love how fearless Addy is especially with helping her lost brother Reed, but she herself is dealing with new issues as new things awaken in her and the things she finds about herself only makes her even stronger and better at understanding what is really good dor her. Addy showed her true self in these pages and I was fully connected to her because of that.

Adriel is such a strong and great character as well, that as a fallen angle needs to deal with so much as well but also poove to Addy that he is not the monster she thinks he is. This story cured my reading slump I was in and helped me with the sadness I felt, weird I know... But it's the truth.

I loved the characters so much, each and every one of them felt so real and so strong in their beliefs, it made the story flow so smoothly and feel so much stronger as I read deeper into the story. They're so much more I want to know and understand, I need more books by this author :D

The writing style is on point, it usually takes me a few chapters until I dive deep into a story but here, from the first chapter I was completely in and hooked. 

This story has everything you needs, pure exciting adventures, angles, and demons, family and love. I think it's a must book to read in this fall season and a must in every book lover's TBR <3

*** Don't forget that it's the last day that you can pre-order the book for a great deal, so grab it while you can.

As always, thank you so much for reading,
Galit ❤

Coffee n' Notes


Divinity Falling by Nour Zikra

Addy feels like she has the weight of the world on her shoulders. Raised by an apathetic mother, Addy took on the responsibility of raising her younger brother, Reed, at a young age. Reed is in his first year of college and she still feels responsible for protecting him. Addy is about to have her world turned upside-down and is given some hard lessons between good, evil, and the nuances of the gray areas in between.

Addy has a fierce spirit to her own detriment at times, but she doesn’t give up. The plot is a rollercoaster ride through heaven, hell, and everyplace in between. Adriel is ever present at Addy’s side, in his own quest for answers.

“Divinity Falling” is also an emotional journey that takes a unique look at self discovery and freewill with an epic battle at the end. If you enjoy stories about angels and demons, with a twist of psychological thriller, you will enjoy this book.

FYI: Adult language with more than a few F-bombs. **Originally written for "BigAl’s Books and Pals" book blog. May have received a free review copy.** June 8, 2020.
Format/Typo Issues: No significant issues.


I should probably start off by mentioning that I am fully aware that this is this author's debut novel, and I fully encourage everyone to give it a shot as it's a pretty fast paced and action packed read.

That said...

So, for this book I gave it three stars. I really liked the concept, but the plot development and characters needed a little work. I thought the romance moved a little too quickly as well, but I usually think that in books with romance, so that isn't too surprising. I did like Addy's character though; I feel that she was a "strong" female protagonist done correctly in many ways. I should also mention that the dialogue needed a little work as well, as some of it didn't sound natural, but it wasn't too bad.

I'll be looking forward to what this author has to put out in the future, as I can definitely see how hardworking and talented and is just by the effort put into this novel. So, kudos to her!

Randa Awad

I was fortunate to have a pre release sneak preview of the first 5 chapters of Divinity Falling by Nour Zikra by preordering this fantasy book ,not just that
I also got entered in a giveaway, a chance to win a copy signed by the author! what a pleasant surprise !
I love it! It is an absolutely exceptional beginning ,
the detailed description of the settings right to the smells make the reader feel that they are in the story .
Now I can't wait for the book to arrive!


This was an excellent story. The writing kept me focused from beginning to end, and I could easily envisage the situations that the characters were in. Nour took an interesting angle in depicting both a fallen angel who'd become human instead of a demon, and having a child of the Devil who was female instead of male, and I loved the relationship between the two. The theological aspects were strong and believable, and the ending was bittersweet but hopeful, which I think suits the story well.


This was a really, really remarkable story and this writer has an excellent writing style.
The plot and the twists, in the end, has been very well executed, so kudo to the author.

I give 4 stars only for the fact that the choice of Lucifer as the antagonist was way too much for my taste. In my opinion, the author should have chosen a less prominent fallen angel because come on, you can't kill Lucifer...

The first half of the story was a little repetitive and claustrophobic...too many parking lots and too many rides with a car.


Adriel is a fallen angel, who has landed on Earth with nowhere to go. The first person he meets is Addy, a feisty 22-year-old, who is searching for her brother Reed. With the same burn marks as Reed's kidnapper, Adriel could easily be involved with Reed's disappearance.

After an initial scuffle, Adriel realizes he can help her find Reed, especially when she finds out she's Satan's daughter and he wants her to recruit minions for his army. If they don't find a way through this mess, not only will Addy lose her brother Reed, but Earth will never be the same again.

There were a couple of things I didn't love about Divinity Falling. Sometimes Addy is too quick to anger and lashes out at her best friend Lizzy for no reason, but she's in a very stressful situation and people aren't always calm and rational. The story is told in alternating viewpoints between Addy and Adriel, but somewhere in the second half, some of the scenes started to be told from each of their viewpoints, which I think was unnecessary to repeat the scene, as not much had changed from each viewpoint.

There's a lot to love about Dinivinty Falling. In addition to being feisty, Addy is a strong main character who isn't afraid to get her hands dirty doing what she thinks is best for her and her brother. She didn't have the best upbringing and she came out strong in the end, despite the horrible parentage. Our characters are multi-dimensional and the storyline is really fun. I think there's definitely more in store for Addy and Adriel, and I would definitely love to read it.

Happy Booker

Divinity falling is a dark fantasy novel written about Addy. Her brother, Reed disappears after Adriel, a strange man with peculiar burned marks shows up in her life. Lucifer captures Reed, the angel of hell but Addy is not convinced and believes the disappearance has something to do with Adriel.

Lucifer gives Addy a task to accomplish. She has to follow the orders delivered; otherwise, Reed’s life is at risk. What is her mission? To destroy heaven by waging war using demon turned humans.

The story reminded me of the famous television series titled ‘Lucifer.’ Although the storyline was slightly different, however, the concept of him being the God of hell and his character personality was similar.

I mainly found the cover to be very intriguing. The devilish wings, feathers, the moon were all very well put together. The pace of the story was steady, and the lead character had a strong personality that worked well with the dilemma in the storyline.

I recommend this book to dark fantasy readers.