Shalimar the Clown

By Salman Rushdie

3.89 - ratings 13,166

This is the story of Maximilian Ophuls, America’s counterterrorism chief, one of the makers of the modern world; his Kashmiri Muslim driver and subsequent killer, a mysterious figure who calls himself Shalimar the clown; Max’s illegitimate daughter India; and a woman who links them, whose revelation finally explains them all. It is an epic narrative that moves from Califor This is the story of Maximilian Ophuls,...

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October 10th 2006 by Random House Trade

(first published September 6th 2005)

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Quotes From "Shalimar the Clown"

"Our human tragedy is that we are unable to comprehend our experience, it slips through our fingers, we can't hold on to it, and the more time passes, the harder it gets...My father said that the natural world gave us explanations to compensate for the meanings we could not grasp. The slant of the cold sunlight on a winter pine, the music of water, an oar cutting the lake and the flight of birds, the mountains' nobility , the silence of the silence. We are given life but must accept that it is unattainable and rejoice in what can be held in the eye, the memory, the mind."
"The inevitable triumph of illusion over reality that was the single most obvious truth about the history of the human race."
"Freedom is not a tea party, India. Freedom is a war."
"When you pray for what you most want in the world, its opposite comes along with it. I was given a woman whom I truly loved and who truly loved me. The opposite side of such a love is the pain of its loss. I can only feel such pain today because until yesterday I knew that love."
"Our lives, our stories, flowed into one another's, were no longer our own, individual, discrete."
"You never know the answers to the questions of life until you are asked."
"She saw him fracture into rainbow colors through the prism of her love."
"The beautiful came to this city [Hollywood] in huge pathetic herds, to suffer, to be humiliated, to see the powerful currency of their beauty devalued like the Russian ruble or Argentine peso;to work as bellhops, as bar hostesses, as garbage collectors, as maids. The city was a cliff and they were its stampeding lemmings. At the foot of the cliff was the valley of the broken dolls."

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