With a Little Help from My Friends

By John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Henry Cole

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A picture book that illustrates John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s lyrics from “With a Little Help from My Friends.”I get by with a little help from my friends…

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Hardcover, 40 pages
December 10th 2019 by Little Simon
1534429832 (ISBN13: 9781534429833)

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Lovely artwork in these pages. They look like pencil drawings. The art is amazing and the story is touching and it’s all based on the song by the Beatles. I love these books that make a story out of a famous song.

I got to sing this one to the nephew which brought in the curious niece and they did know the song and they sang the chorus with me.

Two girls are best friends and one moves away and they still need each other. It really is a beautiful story.

The nephew loves singing a book. He seemed interested in what was happening between the kids. He was interested in a book about a relationship. It’s a short book and easy to follow, but it interested him. Wow, this is growth. I’m so happy. He found it very sad for the best friend to move away. He said he wouldn’t like that. He gave this 4 stars. The niece thought this was the sweetest book. Moving schools, she has left a friend behind before and she knows this feeling. She gave this book 4 stars too.

We had fun singing this one together.

La Coccinelle

This is a lovely little book about friendship. Taking the 1967 song as its starting point, the book weaves a story about two young girls and their friendship as it faces a major challenge.

The illustrations by Henry Cole are really adorable. They're mostly in black and white, with just a few touches of colour. I think they were my favourite part of the book and, to be honest, this probably could've been a wordless picture book and it would've worked just as well. The song lyrics did seem a bit forced in a few places, and I'm not sure if "I get high with a little help from my friends" is entirely appropriate for a picture book (the illustrations cleverly use a kite at that point, so it's probably only older kids who will giggle over the "get high" reference).

I've read other books that take old songs and turn them into picture books (e.g., What the World Needs Now Is Love and The Circle Game ), but this is one of the strongest I've read so far. Highly recommended to Beatles fans or readers who are seeking out books on friendship.

Quotable moment:


--Oh, look. The Joe Cocker song.

--No mom, it's the Beatles.

I guess I always associated this more with JC than as a Beatles song. Oops.

I didn't care for this as much as others did. It kind of felt like cheating. Make a book out of a famous song. It just didn't feel original or fresh.

Dana Storytime Account

I LOVE the illustrations in this book. They were beautiful and I loved the tiny bits of color that popped on each page in the sketches.
I also LOVE the Beatles, this song, the Across the Universe soundtrack, and the Wonder Years.

So with those two things in mind...I should love this book? And yet, I feel conflicted. The lyrics of this song don't really work well with this story in my opinion. It felt a little forced and a little unconnected for me which was kind of a let down.


So... I had no idea this song was written by the Beatles. I just always knew it as the "Wonder Years" song!


My son doesn’t like me singing, but I really enjoyed this book.

Jill Culmo

I've always liked the song (duh, it's the Beatles!), and the illustrations in this book tell an accompanying story that is sweet and endearing.


Two little girls find each other and become fast friends, but then, when one of them moves away, they “get by” writing letters, calling each other and planning a visit. The text is the lyrics of the Beatles song "With a Little Help from My Friends"

I have loved this series of illustrated classic songs. Even better when you listen to the song while you read. Henry Cole’s illustrations are splashed with color and nicely expressive. Imagining a story based on song lyrics.

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I don't typically like picture books that rehash song lyrics. I really enjoyed the illustrations in this book. I tried to ignore the lyrics while I looked through to see what it would be like as a wordless picture book and I think I might have preferred it that way. Nothing against the song - but I just don't particularly like reading lyrics, especially when they don't exactly fit what I'm looking at. Illustrations and the sweet story that they tell, though, raised this one up for me.


charming and I couldn't help but hum the tune