Snow Ghost

By Paul Kropp

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Setting out over the frozen bush for help, two survivors of a plane crash are ready for anything except the snow ghost they encounter.

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Unknown Binding, 93 pages
January 1st 1984 by EMC Corp.

(first published 1982)

Original Title
Snow Ghost (Encounters Series)
0884369641 (ISBN13: 9780884369646)
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Community Reviews

Muammad Ali

This book is filled with suspenseful.It is a fiction book. The story take place in a small town in a wintry day. The characters were Crawford(teacher),Joe(pilot),and Martine(student of Crawford). The plot of the story is two teenage young offenders confront the North and themselves when their plane crashes.Theme is the frozen bush for help, two survivors of a plane crash are ready for anything except the snow ghost they encounter.

Dan Crist

Martin is a slacker in school and does not have a supportive family. His English teacher, Mr. Crawford, invited him to go up North with Mr. Crawford and his son, Doug. They are prepared for the worst, but something more terrible happens: their plane quits in mid air and crashes. The pilot was unconscious after the crash. Doug and Martin have to leave the safety of the plane and get help. I enjoyed reading this book. I recommend it to anyone who likes an action and adventure story.

Robin Zhang

This book talks about how some people survived in an accident. The book is good, but I think the plot is not interesting enough. The plot is too stereotyped. However, this book is very encouraging. The characters in the book are very tough to face the trouble. It's a good book for teenagers. It can make teenagers have stronger mind.

Samuel Lee

Do you think that you could survive a plan crash in a very very cold place that the weather could drop to -20, or -30 degrees in the winter time and your responsible for everything that goes on? The book Snow Ghost is a fiction book that is very good for readers 12 years old and up. Its about a boy named Martin and another boy named Doug who survived a plan crash, but the pilot was badly hurt and the 2 boys have to hike across the frozen bush for help so they can get back home or to safety, but the boys need to do it quick because the pilot is in very bad pain before he dies. This is an interesting book because it tells what can happen if your in a plan crash and its some survivors and y'll are in a very cold place were people could die. Well Doug and Martin had to hike across the frozen bush to a close shelter for help, but along the way Doug and Martin lost the compass that was suppose to help them stay on track so they could go the right direction. After like 2 days Doug and Martin were still walking in the bush and Doug hurt his ankle in the deep snow so that had slowed them down a lot, and Doug had to rest so they rested and when Martin opened his eyes he seen a tall figure in the distance getting closer and he thought it was the snow ghost, and he figured that him and Doug was going 2 die. The figure that Martin had seen that night turned out 2 be a man wandering around the snowy bush. "SPOILER ALERT" the man that Martin saw was a tall caring man that had helped them out the snow to his warm cabin in the middle of the bush, where he provided them hot/warm food and tea, and also made breakfast for them. After Doug and Martin realized that the pilot wasn't with them than the man that rescued them said that a plan had seen the emergency sign he took them 2 get help in the city. So doug was very relieved 2 hear the good news and layed down and relaxed. THE END


I think of this book is bery cool and nice, because theare i nice history in this book and this book theare has i good information.