Simple Buddhism: A Guide to Enlightened Living

By C. Alexander Simpkins

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Exploring a new religion is no easy task. That's why the Simple series is so popular-these delightful books take readers by the hand and lead them into the basics of an Eastern faith without intimidation or confusion. Simple Buddhism invites readers to discover this appealing religion and its peaceful doctrines, as well as:The history of BuddhismThe themes of Buddhism (The Exploring a new religion is no easy task. That's why the Simple series is so popular-these delightful books take

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Paperback, 144 pages
September 1st 2000 by Tuttle Publishing
Original Title
Simple Buddhism: A Guide to Enlightened Living
0804831769 (ISBN13: 9780804831765)
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I don't want to make it sound like I'm violating a Buddhist principle here - you know, exist with all, be peaceful, and so on - but this book really is lousy.
I bought it several years ago for research and put it aside. I recently picked it up again and was astonished at just how superficial and badly written it is. If you already know anything at all about Buddhism, you're unlikely to learn anything new here. Assuming that you don't nod off wading through the repetition. The authors tried: there are just some things, like meditative technique, that are difficult to relate in writing. When they try it, most of the time it just sounds silly. Those parts still read better than the authors' own poetry that they've slipped in among the more worthy quotations.
I'm not giving up entirely on them. I also have a copy of "Simple Zen" by the same authors, which I'll get to soon, and the few glances I've so far given it lead me to suspect that it's a meatier and better-written work.

John Pabon

Review #39 of my 52 week book challenge: Simple Buddhism. ⁣

Something in Buddhism speaks to me. It's not enough to give everything up and become a monk, but there's something that just makes sense about it. Buddhism is personal, educational, mystical, and their temples jaw-dropping. Simple, though, it is not. ⁣

I didn't have the highest hopes for this book given its aim of simplifying a highly complex religious history and structure. But, it did a decent job at summing up 2,500 years across the world's largest continent. The book even explains some of the more complex concepts of Buddhism in ways easy to understand, and provides user-friendly exercises to begin one's practice. ⁣

I'm still not ready to put on a kasaya just yet, though. ⁣
To find out why I started my 52 week book challenge, what I've been reading, and how you can get involved, check out my original LinkedIn Publisher article or follow me.

Paiman Chen

The Middle Way. Never too much. Keep it moderate.


This is a good introductory book for readers who have never been exposed to Buddhism. Easy read, brief history.

Matt Kain

A good refresher. a quick way to keep the blade sharp.


A good overview, with practical applications for daily life.

Eileen Rubio

Tres interesante!