Beasts of No Nation

By Uzodinma Iweala

3.76 - ratings 5,397

“Remarkable. . . . Iweala never wavers from a gripping, pulsing narrative voice. . . . He captures the horror of ethnic violence in all its brutality and the vulnerability of youth in all its innocence.”  —Entertainment Weekly  (A)The harrowing, utterly original debut novel by Uzodinma Iweala about the life of a child soldier in a war-torn African countryAs civil war rag “Remarkable. . . . Iweala never wavers...

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August 15th 2006 by Harper Perennial

(first published 2005)

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Quotes From "Beasts of No Nation"

"so we were playing all this game then and thinking that to be a soldier was to be the best thing in the world because gun is looking so powerful and the men in movie are looking so powerful and strong when they are killing people,but I am knowing now that to be a soldier is only to be weak and not strong, and to have no food to eat and not to eat whatever you want, and also to have people making you do thing that you are not wanting to do and not to be doing whatever you are wanting which is what they are doing in movie. But I am only knowing this now because I am soldier now."
"I'm walking walking walking to where the sun is setting. I'm looking at it and wanting to catch it in my hand and to be squeezing until color are dripping out from it forever. That way everywhere it is always dark and nobody is ever having to see any of the terrible thing that is happening in this world."
"Si j'étais le soleil, je chercherais un autre endroit pour illuminer, un endroit où les gens n'utiliseraient pas ma lumière pour faire des choses horribles."
"Je suis toutes ces choses. Toutes ces choses, mais j'ai déjà eu une mère, et elle m'aimait."
"And now the woman is praying to God............... I am laughing laughing because God is forgetting everybody in this country."

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