100 MORE Days of Weight Loss Day-by-Day Journal: For Recording Lesson Assignments and Insights

By Linda Spangle

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Paperback, 120 pages
April 25th 2018 by SunQuest Media
0976705761 (ISBN13: 9780976705765)

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Carmen Nuland

100 More Ways to push through to the life you want! This book is a "sequel" the original "100 Days of Weight Loss" but each can be read independently. Each day in the book has a short 2-page reading followed by a list of questions to prompt you to think about how you will handle certain situations. I wondered how the author was going to come up with 100 more daily prompts. Not only did that happen but I think her advice in this book may even be better than the first! I love that she assumes that our journey towards weight loss will be filled with temptations, lack of motivation, feelings of deprivation, reaching for food for comfort, etc. - and she doesn't ignore that or breeze past it. She gives real, practical advice on steps we can take to move forward in our path to a healthier life.