By Michael Jordan

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A novel of Guyana. A supernatural terror reaches out from the jungles of Kamarang to the bright lights of Georgetown; stalking the innocent as it seeks to fulfill an ancient curse..

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Paperback, 520 pages
2017 by Michael Jordan
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This book captured me from the first page all the way to the end. It felt so nice actually reading a book about places I've walked through. Usually it's mostly about other countries and not my own. So to read this, especially about a Folklore that would grip anyone, I couldn't put this book down.

Honestly I haven't been latched onto a book like this one in such a long time. I think Michael falls side by side with Stephen King for me now. Because its the way he doesn't hold back when explaining things. He just goes all the way out to explain the horror. And it's one reason why I felt so chilled, knowing that it's Folklore yeah but there's something real about this story.

Shanaz Khan

Riveting! I could not put this book down.