100 MORE Days of Weight Loss: Giving You the Power to Be Successful on ANY Diet Plan

By Linda Spangle

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Award winning author of Life is Hard, Food is Easy This eagerly anticipated follow-up to the book 100 Days of Weight Loss will take you even deeper into your journey to success. Using concepts from her highly-successful clinic and coaching practice, weight-loss expert, Linda Spangle provides simple daily motivators that will keep you committed to your program for a minimu Award winning author of Life is Hard, Food is Easy This eagerly anticipated follow-up to the book 100 Days of Weight

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Kindle Edition, 242 pages
May 1st 2018 by SunQuest Media

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Carolyn Injoy

100 Hundred More Days of Weight Loss, Giving You the Power to be Successful on Any Diet Plan by Linda Spangle, RN, MA provides simple daily motivators to use with any diet. You can use it to create long-term success in managing your weight. It can give hope and optimism.

"Here are seven keys to successfully completing the 100 lessons in this book as well as managing your weight long-term.

Key #1 – Always move forward! Your past does not determine your future.
Key #2 – Do what worked before. Think about times when you have been successful in the past.
Key #3 – No more excuses. Think about all the reasons you haven’t been making progress.
Key #4 – Create a finish line. Build a vision of how this project will look when you reach the end of this book.
Key #5 – Kick the roadblocks. Think about what gets in your way when you’re working on losing weight.
Key #6 – Line up a support system. It really helps if you have someone who cares about you and your efforts to complete the 100 MORE Days book.
Key #7 – Learn and grow forever. The lessons in this book are only the beginning."

I gave it five stars because the lessons are pertinent and workable. It sets out a daily plan of something that can be done and builds on that each day.

"Plan to complete one lesson from this book each day, setting a goal of staying on your chosen weight-loss plan for 100 consecutive days. If that’s not realistic or practical, you can space the lessons any way you want."

There are key phrases that make this work. An example is: "Today, I will…At the end of the day, you will have either done these things or not done them. If you missed some, put them on a now list for tomorrow. Over time, gradually increase what you’re doing. But always keep your efforts at a realistic level. Any time you start hating your activity, take it back to a point that feels more comfortable. "

Here is a pointer that I found especially valuable: "Weight-loss success comes from sticking with it and not giving up, even after starting over many times. So instead of quitting, look for ways to reboot your efforts and keep at it." I apply that personally to just keeping on, keeping on whether I feel like it or not.

"Rather than ignoring a slip-up and hoping for the best, put your foot down firmly. Tell yourself, 'That was unfortunate. It was not what I’d planned. And here’s what I’ve learned...' Then live in confidence that you’ll be stronger in the future."

Learning is a step forward. Learning to make choices instead of giving or denying permission to eat something is also valuable to learn. Saying "I choose" is a powerful tool.

"Research shows that one of the most common causes of regaining weight is sliding into discouragement. When this happens, you lose motivation, and eventually you lose hope that you’ll ever be successful." I've found this to be true in my life experience. Hope is a powerful motivational tool.

I received a complimentary Kindle copy from the author and Sun Editing Book Design in an Amazon promotion. That did not change my opinion for this review.

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Linda Spangle