Trump 101: The Way to Success

By Donald J. Trump, Meredith McIver

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In Trump 101, Trump himself becomes your personal mentor and coach as he shares tips, tactics, and strategies, all designed to help you make the most of yourself, your career, and your life. Each chapter covers a basic rule or belief, and shows you how to make it work for you. Learn the vital qualities and skills that every successful businessperson needs.

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Hardcover, 188 pages
October 1st 2006 by Wiley
Original Title
Trump 101: The Way to Success
0470047100 (ISBN13: 9780470047101)
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Love or hate him, Trump ran his presidential campaign simultaneously with an empire ranking him #334 on Forbes 2016 Billionaire List. The book's 2 most-repeated quotes reveal much :
1. “Make it happen in your life.”
2. “Insist on perfection."

However, unlike the candidly raw Art of the Deal, this book seems to be largely ghost-written.

“My principles" :
1. Do the best job possible
2. Build as quickly as possible
3. Spend the least amount of money needed to meet your standards

Other Notes

“Don’t waste your life on work you don’t love.”

“Because I love what I do, I do it vigorously, and I do it better.”

“Remember the saying ‘It’s lonely at the top’ ? I don’t agree. Someone who didn’t want any competition probably coined it."

“It’s okay to start small… you’ll build momentum, and move forward in a natural, comfortable progression.”

“I’m tough, determined, and persistent, and there’s no way I would have become successful without these traits.”

A tip to toughen up : “Become a planner.”

“It’s rare I go out for lunch… going out for lunch interrupts the day.”

“The value of preparation cannot be overestimated... Be prepared to work every single day at full capacity."

"Don’t give up, ever. Be tough and tenacious."

“Surround yourself with beauty… Beauty and elegance are products of personal style that come from deep within. Contact with beauty… exposes successful people to an excellence from which they can learn, grow, and improve their lives… Instead of delivering good, serviceable items, this new understanding can drive you to furnish only the best.”

“The key to striking a deal is persuasion, not power.”

“Make your adversaries feel that they are your partners, not your victims.”

“Be meticulous… Know the minimum you must receive to make the deal, and the maximum you will pay. If you can’t strike a deal within that framework, be ready to walk away… Get proof, documentation, and solid figures.”

“You must practice, practice, practice.”

“If you don’t have problems, then you don’t have a job.”

“Whoever works for me has to move fast.”

“Where there’s a will, there’s a win.”

“Swim against the tide. The comfort zone can pull you under.”

“The easiest way can be the mediocre way.”

“Plug into your own energy.”

“I believe if you remain true to your beliefs and work diligently, good things will occur.”

“Each new project is an adventure… a blank page that I can’t wait to fill. I get excited because I love to investigate, dig in new areas, acquire information, put it together, and gain an in-depth understanding of something completely new. I’ve had this feeling at every stage of my career. It’s how I begin every successful project. I consider it a sign. If I don’t feel excited, I usually pass on the opportunity, even if it could produce huge profits. My enthusiasm drives me to learn, and what I learn gives me more control.”

“Remain open.”

“In my life, I want each day to be full of discoveries. And I frequently wonder what I’ll be learning each day… When I learn, it makes me feel great, alive, and excited.”

“Since everything always changes, constantly re-evaluate the big picture… Make the changes work for you… I decided to adapt by doubling my work hours. It wasn’t a big sacrifice because I love what I do, and I’ve always been a hard worker… I’m happier, and more productive than ever, and those who want to compete with me have to keep up. Always move forward, or you’ll be left with crumbs…”

“Make it your goal to create a business that will remain in business for many years.”

“Don’t be stagnant, complacent, or rest on your laurels, no matter how successful you’ve been. Giving 50% is not enough. Your clients and customers deserve more. They deserve your best.”

“Leadership is not a group effort. If you’re in charge, then be in charge.”

“Keep everyone moving forward.”

“Live on the edge.”

“Business is all about patience and timing… Although speed is tempting because it can mean big and quick profits, it can also cause early exits. So wait for the right deal.”

“Impatience can give the other side the upper hand. For some projects, I’ve waited upto 30 years until all my requirements could be met. For others, I’m still waiting… When the terms aren’t right, stand firm, be strong, and don’t give in.”

“Control the tempo, and you can usually control the game…. You’re in charge. Others must respond to you when you set the agenda, and the speed at which the game runs, which increases your chances of winning.”

“Invite change into your life and business… Don’t be so rigid that you can be broken.”

“Once we counted an average of 400 calls a day to my office.”

“Speed kills the competition.”

“Being concise is polite. It shows you respect other people’s time.”

“Busy people work in soundbites.”

“Always do more. Constantly try to top yourself.”

“Begin by working with your internal processes, how you greet each day. Before you get out of bed, take a few moments to welcome the day. Think of the reasons why today can be special, or important to your future.”

“No person who is enthusiastic about his work has anything to fear from life.” - Samuel Goldman

“Being satisfied can undermine you, and keep you from reaching your potential.”

“You don’t know what pressure is until you owe billions of dollars to banks and they all want their money at once.”

“Take good care of those that help you, and they will take care of you.“

“Be in the zone… a certain level of performance where everything comes naturally, easily, and seems to flow... When I make deals, I make them in the zone. I feel like I’m doing what I was born to do… a feeling I savor and try to repeat.”

“Results matter more than routes. Let people follow their own path.”

“Not really trying cheats you, and everyone you work with.”

“Are your habits consistent with your ambitions and values?”

“Approach your work as an artform. Work brilliantly.”

“Don’t be afraid to ask what you’re worth. Create goods and services that you’re proud of and can stand behind.”

“The most successful entrepreneurs compete with themselves to be the best they can be. They know competing with others could lower their own standards.”

“If you accept glory, be willing to accept blame.”

“Eliminate all distractions and give your full attention to your work. I’m constantly surprised at how easily people lose focus…”

“It takes courage to persist… it means working day after day, year after year without becoming discouraged, worn down or bitter.”

“Join the Explorer’s Club. Learn about the mysteries of life.”

“I didn’t say it was easy, I said it was simple.”

“We received an unbelievable amount of gifts for Baron, including a baby carriage with a built-in chandelier from Ellen Degeneres.”

“Confidence is a magnet that will draw people to you… uncertainty can destroy your chances of success.”

“Never let anyone undermine your confidence, especially yourself.”

“So many successful people never want to retire… Experts hate to give up the mastery of their business.”

“Working fast also helps me build the stamina to maintain and strengthen my pace.”

“I consciously think about my momentum. I monitor it, and work hard to keep it going.”

“When you sense the onset of inertia… treat it like negative thinking and zap it at its first appearance. Don’t let inertia hold you back, because it can be murder to shake.”

“I firmly believe in constraints, and I diligently monitor and try to control my momentum… Harness your energy… As your momentum carries you, stay in control.”

“Rarely is anything that’s worth doing problem-free.”

“Since everyone makes mistakes, try to be understanding when other people fail. Don’t immediately give up on them. You wouldn’t want anyone to write you off without a fair chance.”

“Dealing with trouble promptly is usually the best approach, and usually more cost-effective…”

“Reach within to rise above.”

“Achievers have motors that drive them forward at all times. They don’t have neutral or reverse…”

“Never, ever give up. Your higher self continually needs to be fed so it can grow. That part of you must constantly strive to build a productive, fulfilling life that is rich in the things that are most essential to you, which doesn’t necessarily mean money.”

“Concentrate on the target, not on the weapon.”



In true Donald Trump fashion, each 3- or 4-page chapter is very straightforward descriptions of mentalities to have. These are great if you seek to be a driven, productive worker, and would definitely require an immense amount of energy to accomplish.

"Energy is the key to accomplishment. Harness your energy and you will have the ability to achieve your goals" (161).

I think many would read this book and say "well, I don't have the freedom or flexibility in my job to put these into practice," to which Trump addresses in the very first chapter "Don't Waste Your Life on Work You Don't Love," and until then, there will likely be a disconnect between application of these 33 conceptual chapters and our own work lives.

Tara Joyce

Discover the spiritual and emotional side of the Trump. This book contains great business ideas and some smart advice for any business owner. Believe it or not, Trump is an Innerpreneur. This book is proof.


Hands Down!!!!Donald Trump's best book. Very simple and to the point. Just the way I like business books. Just really common sense points.


I really liked to learn what lies behind Donald Trump's ideas and his work ethic. He does not give up and zeros in on what is important.

Kristi Elizabeth

Short and sweet. Business tips that can help anyone who owns their own business or is thinking of doing so. Very inspiring, motivating, and positive.


As a Trump fan I really enjoyed this book - 30 lil golden nuggets and important lessons from the perspective of a billionaire as well how they applied to his own life and real business examples ... Giving you albeit small , yet nevertheless important insights into Trumps world and his way of thinking. The Q and A section at the end of each chapter with answers directly from The Donald himself further helped this too

I also really enjoyed how we were treated to Trumps typical schedule and what his day goes like with commentary of what he got up to - which was randomly peppered amongst the chapters throughout the book - again giving us a peek into the world of a billionaire and how actually ones day would look like with such responsibility and wealth - and you can see the man is busy as well puts the man hours in throughout his daily schedule juggling one thing to another in business aswell as personal family life

I'd recommend this whether your a trump fan or just entrepreneur / biz owner looking for more inspiration ...

To Our Continued Success!
Waseem Mirza


I'm a fan of Trump. I will admit that. But this is a book of practical advise about how to make yourself a more positive and focused business person.

Also, Mr. Trump gives you a look into the way he makes deals, things he looks for and even the fact that he alludes to a meditation practice.

All in all, if you are not a fan of Trump, you may not like this book. But if you are a fan of business, this would be a good book to read.

Alvin Walker

Great book!!! He shares wonderful tips, and strategies for the purpose to help you make the most of yourself, your career, and your life. I love chapter ten under the subtitle Make It Happen in Your Life where he said “If you keep in touch with your goals by visualizing them, they stand a good chance of working out beautifully.”


People bag on me for liking Trump and installing his everyday teaching into my own Private Real Estate Companies value. This book is a must read and a must own for people to constantly feel fresh and passionate about their everyday business dealings and matters.