Temple of the Grail (Rosicrucian Quartet, #1)

By Adriana Koulias

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Heresy, Hypocrisy, Murder... France, 1254 High on a mountain in the Pyrenees, the monastery of St Lazarus is a forbidding place. Behind its ramparts and battlements heretical acts are said to take place and there is the rumour of a secret - a secret so dangerous that its keepers will kill to keep it hidden. At the end of a bitter winter, a delegation headed by the ambitiou Heresy, Hypocrisy, Murder... France, 1254 High on a...

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(first published December 31st 2001)

Quotes From "Temple of the Grail (Rosicrucian Quartet, #1)"

"Is it not by learning to read the book of nature with the eyes of faith that we come to recognize the drop of divinity that resides in our own souls though hidden, master? In the end is this not faith; to seek the light that takes us further, the light of Christ that brings that to which reason and knowledge alone can never raise itself? This is truth!"
"The greatest riddle of all.... the riddle of man! The complex mystery of the universal human being as he stands wihtin the threshold of universal laws. This is the most fascinating puzzle!"
"a voice called out after me, 'life takes us on many divergent paths, and yet we shall meet one more time! Not in the flesh, but in the sun, man's home"

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