Blood Shadow (Blood Never Lies, #1)

By Dianna Hardy

4.86 - ratings 14

Blood Shadow is a companion novel to the Eye of the Storm series and also acts as a PREQUEL to a brand new series to come. You don't have to read Eye of the Storm to enjoy this novel (some background is given). However, we always recommend you do in order to gain full understanding of how the characters have arrived at this point.Five years after her life changed forever, Blood Shadow is a companion novel to the Eye...

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April 27th 2018 by Bitten Fruit Books / Satin Smoke Press
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Quotes From "Blood Shadow (Blood Never Lies, #1)"

"She's a she-wolf. Her nature demands she's dominated, even if she tries to fight it. She'll listen to an amount of force – positive force, not negative force. But leave the run wide open with no boundaries and she won't listen to you at all. All she'll listen to is the call of freedom, even if it leads her straight into a trap. Stop thinking like a human. She's a wolf."
"I was a coward. I've been a coward. So have you. We've both got blood on our hands. We're not the heroes who saved the world, we're the villains who survived it. I've made my peace with that. You should, too, because guilt is a weight you'll never swim away from."
"Death is my redemption,” she whispered, her tears falling on his chest before rolling into the lapping ocean.

He stilled for a moment, and she felt something warm and wet slide down her right temple and past her ear. His tear.

His nose brushed against her forehead, before his lips pressed a kiss to it. “It seems we're at a bit of an impasse, then. Because your survival is mine."
"Melody perfected was a song in itself – a ballad between notes that held all notes together. It was emotion unfurled and impeccably orchestrated, and if it did its job right, it would have no sense of itself. Melody became the story; its song and the singer, one force."
"She wasn't really aware of the song as she sang it. Rather, she slipped through song's tunnel, down its corridor of reality, until she landed in the seat of the music. It was strangely healing; addictively powerful. She hadn't expected to become so engulfed by the notes."
"And she sang. Perhaps she'd never stop, for it was rather freeing, this blissful, empowered place where she was nothing but rhythm and resonance."
"Always. There is always time for jokes. As my father would say, humour is the spark that lights every dark."
"A female who spoke her mind and called it like it was, was considered trouble. When a male did it, he was considered a leader and desirable."

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