Hothouse Flower (Calloway Sisters #2)

By Krista Ritchie

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Librarian note: this is an alternative Kindle cover for ASIN: B00JAXSEFQRyke Meadows, meet Daisy Calloway ... she’s all grown up. Twenty-five-year-old Ryke Meadows knows he’s hard to love. With a billion-dollar inheritance, a track-star resume, and an alpha-male personality—he redefines the term likable asshole. But he’s not living to make friends. Or enemies. He just want Librarian note: this is an alternative Kindle cover for ASIN: B00JAXSEFQRyke Meadows, meet Daisy Calloway ...

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Kindle Edition, 479 pages
March 27th 2014 by K.B. Ritchie
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Hothouse Flower
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5 stars!

 photo b498c4b9-c28b-4cc6-8195-503818e30a6d_zpsmb2zhjys.jpg

I have been waiting for the elusive RAISY book since I started this series. Most of my friends that have read this series say this book is their favorite. My expectations were high and I was hoping this book would live up to the hype. It 100% did. I am fucking crazy for RAISY! (Yes… please excuse the amount of fucks that are about to be in this review- I’m channeling my inner Ryke Meadows here)

This is the 5th book if you’re reading this series in order. It’s the first one that focuses on Ryke and Daisy. Ryke and Daisy have been a long time coming. But Daisy was always too young. Too off limits. Now, she’s 18. Things have changed for her, made her see things different and changed her outlook on life. The last 3 years have been crazy. One person has been there for her. Has been her true friend. Her protecter and confident. Her Ryke.
He’s my last real friend. But I know that’s not entirely true. He’s the only real one I’ve ever had.

 photo f7c1faca-67c4-4689-abb0-ba88e8d7653d_zpslwdbwmfn.jpg

My favorite thing about Ryke has always been his love and devotion to his brother, Lo. No matter if Lo shows him he loves him back, Ryke always has his back. Always protects and defends him. Ryke has very few people in his life he feels that way about, but he would do anything for those few. Daisy is one of them. She always has been. Whether he wanted her to be or not. Daisy and Ryke are the adventurous couple. I love the Ryke never wants to change Daisy. He knows who she is and what she’s about and he loves her for it. He just wants her to be safe and happy always.

 photo 382f1ec8-b4b8-4119-a66b-fbf2e693f5f8_zpsjesvkdqc.jpg

Hothouse Flower starts out about 2 years after Kiss the Sky. Daisy is 18 and on her way to Paris for fashion week. She’s going alone. Modeling isn’t something she loves, it’s something she does to please her mother. Ryke is off to California to pursue free climbing- the one thing he loves and that makes him feel alive. There are events that lead up to the both of them going in different directions than they planned.

I love the love you can feel between Ryke and Daisy. That their relationship starts out as friendship and leads to so much more. It takes a patient and special fucking guy to stick around with a girl and be nothing more than her friend for years. Friendship soon turns to love. But it’s a forbidden love. With the age difference, it would be frowned upon and Ryke is terrified his brother will disapprove and shut him out. Still, he can’t control what he feels for Daisy and he can’t stop loving her.
“I kissed you tonight because I want your lips to only touch mine. From now until forever. That’s the fucking truth.”

 photo 9fc6dd3a-d33d-4b0f-8db5-49929e2cd62d_zpslseupj3h.jpg
“I was waiting for the sun to chase me,” he breathes, drawing me to his chest. In one swift movement, my lips are on his. The world is spinning. He kisses me like this is the moment he’s envisioned all his life. Like this is heaven on Earth.
For me, it is. A blissful moment before something that could be the end. The rush before the fear. He whispers, “I fucking love you.”

I smile, my lips tingling. “Guess what?”


“I love you more than chocolate cake.”

I fucking love this series. I fucking love all the characters and I fucking love the writing. It’s become a new favorite of mine. If you haven’t read these you are really missing out. Once again, I listened to the audio of this book. I’ve done the whole series on audio and the narration is spot on! I highly recommend that you give these books a listen!

 photo 53580c62-de69-4f54-a11e-9fc038ae28dd_zpsyojxnngm.jpg

We chose this because nothing else felt right.
Nothing else felt as good.
Our greatest happiness has always been with each other.

mel ☽

3.5 stars

you know, i read this whole damn series for Rose and Connor but i ended up still reading it for Daisy and Ryke. i didn't even know they existed before i started this series but now this book was my most anticipated read for the series because i mean-

the age gap?
mutual pining?
forbidden romance??
the angst?
sunshine/grumpy asshole trope??
two characters FINALLY being together after impatiently watching them be a couple even though they're not a couple for 4 books??


and does anyone else see the resemblance between AelinRowan and DaisyRyke dynamic?? because i do.
Exhibit A: Daisy/Aelin both flirt with Rowan/Ryke just to annoy the shit out of them even though they shouldn't flirt with them because it's ~forbidden~

Exhibit B: Daisy/Aelin are both crazy (respectfully) and Ryke/Rowan both have sticks up their asses and just lets their women do whatever the f they want while smiling proudly at them.

see?? do y'all see the resemblance? no, just me? ok moving on.

i have been waiting- WAITING for this book since i read Ricochet because, well, i have a weakness for the whole sunshine, happy-go-lucky heroine and broody asshole Hero trope. plus i'm a little biased because Ryke and Daisy became my favorites but did i like this tho? ehhh.. mostly, about 75% of it??

↳so this is Ryke (H) and Daisy's (h) story (a year or so after Kiss the Sky). these two have been circling each other for YEARS but they can't do anything because of the 7-year age gap and Daisy was only 15 when they first met. 3 years later, Ryke is still a bit hesitant because of Lo (his brother) being overprotective when it comes to Daisy, and of course her problematic mother. but then they realized that they just wanna be together and they were like ehh fuck it. consequences be damned.

again, this story is more character driven so there's no "plot" BUT this does have the whole road trip storyline for the most part.

*∘✧ WHAT I LIKED ✧∘*
Connor & Ryke bromance
y'all know i love the whole enemies to lovers trope right? well these two do it PERFECTLY. they hated each other back then (don't really know why) and now Connor is all like,
"... Your brother's existence caused your parent's divorce, and yet, you gave up most of your time and energy to help him through his sobriety. How can you possibly think you're a pain in their life? What you've done for them, it's nothing short of heroic, and if you can't see that, then you're blind my friend."

oooooohhhh my god. he said "my friend" awww. these two are so cute. i love the development of their friendship because you can just see their respect for each other grow throughout the whole book. and honestly... i liked reading their bromance more than the main romance of this book (because of my pre-existing salty mood of course but we'll talk about that later).

road trip timeeee
anything that has a storyline where road trip is a big thing, well, i fucking love that. i don't know, i guess it just reminds me of The Lightning Thief and that book was my childhood so im pretty sure i associate road trips to that book hence why i love this trope... but ANYWAYS. my favorite part in this road trip is the bromance and can we talk about the bonding time this group had when the girls swam in a lake full of leeches? *sigh* good times.

Lo & Ryke ?
Lo has always been a little shit to Ryke and giving him a hard time. i can understand why and i really don't blame him for it because he went through a lot and this dude has a lot of trust issues. but when Lo protected Ryke at the end and almost beat the cops up for him??


it was so beautiful. i just love the friendship/sibling developments in this series its so cute.

romance (for the most part)
ignoring the first part of Ryke and Daisy's romance, i thought some scenes were cute. like when Ryke ran 5 km from the riot to the hospital with an unconscious Daisy in his arms, Ryke + Daisy = sunroof (y'all know what im talking about ??), cornstalk scene where he lifted Daisy up on his shoulders and... ya know.. also how the f did he do that?? HOW?? can someone please explain?


im really tryna figure it out because this man really do be defying the laws of gravity.

also, i really like how Ryke knew that Daisy felt like a third wheel when it comes to her sisters and tries everything to make her feel included and treats her like an actual adult unlike others *cough* Lo *cough*. and i do appreciate how he just lets her be and goes with her wild af antics, being all proud and shiii. it's cute.

*∘✧ WHAT I DISLIKED (spoilers!! sorry i'm ranting again) ✧∘*
umm so remember when i said "...with this OW shit still fresh in my mind... obviously imma go in that book a little salty" in my other review? so yeahh that definitely happened and i was still salty.

but then i found out that Ryke and Daisy have been really close for 4 months, so close that they both did NOT date other people (yes, these two dated OP throughout the 3 years they've known each other). and when i discovered this i was like FUUUUCK YESSS!!! after the OW shit i went through in Addicted for Now and now it seems like i ain't going through that again? yesss. and it was going great for a while but then...

... Ryke said they should date other people while Daisy is in Paris for a month.
... Daisy's secretly heartbroken and she listens to him then hooked up with this random model.
... but then Daisy kicked the guy out because she wasn't into it, searched up porn because she couldn't sleep and accidentally stumbled upon Rose and Connors sex video (thx for this by the way because now i know Connor and Ryke have the same d size), and then answers Ryke's skype call but it's actually not Ryke calling her, it's his hookup accidentally calling Daisy because her hand is hitting the keyboard while Ryke is going down on the OW while Daisy sees all of this.

“Yes, yes, right there! God, yes. Holy…!” Even in the darkened room, I can distinguish limbs. The girl’s tanned legs are split apart by the edge of the bed, her back curved upward. She clenches Ryke’s hair, his head between her thighs as he kneels on the ground, his body hidden by the bed frame.

y'all. this shit came out of nowhere and my mood went from 100 to 0 real fast.

and this didn't end quickly because when Ryke found out Daisy saw, he called her, they talked while he let the OW shower in his bathroom but apparently this OW needed soap so he goes to Daisy's place (yes, they're neighbors too) and he just lets the OW come inside Daisy's place and even takes a shower in her bathroom all the while not asking Daisy if all of this is okay while she's on the freaking phone with him. who tf does that?? i wouldn't want the woman who i just witnessed be pleasured by the guy im in love with just a few minutes ago use my damn soap!

and what's worse is that the next time they see each other, they GET TOGETHER. when he finally kissed her all i can think about was BUT WHERE THAT MOUTH BEEN 2 DAYS BEFORE THO HUUUHHH??? i don't know... i just wish Daisy was like no thanks i saw you going down on another woman bye bish i need time ?✋? but nooope. they got together very fast and it had to take them being with other people to realize they just want each other. i know some don't mind this but this had enough power to ruin my mood for the whole damn book that i had to take a 3-day break from reading because that's how pissed i was.

it wasn't satisfying when they finally got together because of this shit like at least add more grovelling scenes or more push and pull between them where it's Daisy's turn to reject him i don't know. i just wasn't satisfied because i've been waiting for these two to get together and then this shit happens and then they get together right away? no thanks.

* * *

also, why do all the bad guys get away in this series? first, it was the news media bashing Lily, Scott for the sex tapes, the dude who broke in Daisy's room and took pictures of her, the fucking designer who stripped Daisy naked in front of everyone the two "friends" Daisy had in highschool who tormented her and made her do things she didn't want to do, and Daisy's mother... please tell me all these bad people get what they deserve in the upcoming books.

and!! i just looked at the wikipedia page for this series because im that type of person and whoever they fancasted as Ryke.. oh my god- ok damn. he's cute or whatevaaa. also i don't know who they fancast as Daisy but i picture her as Kennedy Walsh i don't know whyy.

anyways, this has tropes i don't like with characters i love... so yeah, i didn't know how to rate this because of the stupid drama in the beginning but i still liked this tho. mainly because of the bromance between Lo, Ryke and Connor, and all the other stuff that's going on. despite all of the drama that annoyed me, if i had to choose, Ryke and Daisy are still my favorites for sure.

Calloway Sisters series
#1: kiss the sky4 stars
#2: hothouse flower3.5 stars
#3: fuel the firetbr
#4: long way downtbr
#5: some kind of perfecttbr

Aestas Book Blog


I mean WOW -- the series as a whole stands out as one of the BEST New Adult romances I've ever read and Hothouse Flower had the perfect balance of a hot, sexy romance and a strong, well developed storyline. I adore these characters, I love the writing, and I'm completely ADDICTED to this series. 

Please note that this book should not be read on it's own!! It is a part of the Addicted series (the fifth book in sequence) and I strongly recommend reading them in order. The series tells one continuous story that follows three main couples whose lives are all very closely connected and while each book in the series focuses a little more on one couple in particular, each one of the main six characters is an integral part of each book. So in order to get the complete picture and to feel all the feels, it's best to read them in the following order


Ok... on to the review ;)

The story in Hothouse Flower focuses on Ryke Meadows -- a 25 year old Alpha male -- and Daisy Calloway -- an 18 year old wild and fearless girl. When they first met, Daisy was 15 and Ryke was 22... but now it's three years later and Daisy is all grown up! They'd been close throughout those three years but kept the extent of their closeness hidden from their friends and family, afraid that they would misinterpret it for more than the friendship-only basis they were at. The promise of anything between them was totally forbidden for so many reasons but that didn't stop them from wanting more and even though they both knew they should try to move on, neither of them wanted to.

Despite being a famous model at a young age, growing up as the youngest Calloway daughter had taken it's toll on Daisy and in an attempt to find her freedom, she headed off Paris alone to work Fashion Week there and hopefully gain back some of her independence. Back home, 25-year-old Ryke knew he should let her go, and continued to push back any feelings he had for her -- knowing the severe backlash they'd receive if they ever allowed a relationship between them to develop. But when he recieved a distress call from Daisy, he dropped everything to go and help the girl who'd always been in his heart.

And.... I won't say anything else but that stairwell scene???? *dies* Just WOW!!!!!


What I loved so much about Ryke and Daisy's relationship was that despite the fact that they'd never been romantically involved before this point, they'd build a very solid friendship over the past 3 years which really strengthened their bond and made their connection go far deeper than just their mutual attraction.

But ho boy, their attraction and chemistry just sizzled!!!! No matter how much they (well, Ryke specifically) tried to keep them "just friends", each of their interactions was so powerfully charged. I mean HOLY SEXUAL TENSION!!!!! I was already fanning myself before they'd ever even kissed!!

"She likes to tease, to see how far she can push me, and I've never had a girl play with me like that, with confidence that radiates. It drives me fucking nuts, and I find myself wanting to be around her even more, seeking those give-and-take moments and her fucking joy.

But there's a silent understanding between us. We both know we can't cross a certain line."

I've always loved Ryke. He's like the heart and muscle of the Addicted group. He cares so much for everyone and yet acts like he doesn't give a fuck. And I loved especially how with Daisy, the depth of his caring for her over the years was even deeper because it came without the expectation of anything ever happening between them. He was a protector by nature and his personality was the perfect counterbalance to Daisy who was such a wild and fearless girl. She lived each day in the moment. She was a risk-taking daredevil -- the kind of girl who wouldn't think twice before leaping off a cliff for fun and Ryke was the kind of guy who'd jump right after her without a second thought. They were just perfect for each other.

"What we fucking have," he said. " I love you beyond physical attraction." He cups my smooth cheek, looking deep into my eyes. "I love you, Dais, because you're the wildest fucking girl with the biggest fucking heart. And without you in my life" -- he shakes his head like it's an inconceivable picture -- "I'd be the unhappiest fucking guy… I fucking love you, sweetheart."

Given that they'd been building up to their official romance for the past three years, the payoff when they finally came together was huge. Explosive. And my gosh was it ever HOTTTTT. I mean really. This is about as hot as I've ever seen New Adult romance. Trust me, you will be fanning yourself for pages on end!!

I was full invested in ever word of the story. Oh, and the last 20% of the book was just one big reveal or omigosh moment after another. Like really -- my heart was pounding!!!!!!!! And while there was a wrapped up ending with no cliffhanger, there were also some new developments that beautifully set up the last two books of the series which'll be released in the next few months. I absolutely adore the direction the story is heading in and I can't wait to read more!

I also want to mention how refreshing it is that there is literally no "drama for drama's sake" in this entire series. Don't get me wrong, the situations in the book had my heart lodged firmly in my throat on several occasions but each of those situations made perfect sense for the characters and the storyline. I really have so much respect for these authors and the way they have orchestrated and written this series.

And another thing I love is that this series has no cheating or love triangles (omg -- the relief!!!!) and once these couples get together, they stay together. It's about the relationship, about strengthening their bonds, about getting through things together. These are the kinds of relationships I most love to read about -- the kind where it's "them against the world" and not "them against each other". This series is literally everything I love most about romance rolled into one fantastically written story.

I mean, even though in the beginning of the story, Daisy and Ryke were in denial of their feelings for each other, it made perfect sense for where they were at in their lives. Plus it served to build the sexual tension between them to epic levels so that by the time they came together, it was just explosive!!! And my gosh was it ever HOTTTTT . I mean really. This is about as hot as I've ever seen New Adult romance. Trust me, you will be fanning yourself for pages on end!!... But most of all, I adored that once they were together, they were genuinely together. No bullshit, no drama, no stupid fights. Just them making it work no matter what came their way.

"I am so emotionally involved with that girl… I want to be the one to hold her in my arms. I want to comfort her until she reanimates in pure fucking happiness. I don't want to miss a day with her... And I can't take back these feeling."

And finally, I have to mention one more reason I love this series which is that even though the focus of this book was Daisy and Ryke, as with all the previous books in the series, all the main couples were heavily featured -- Lily & Lo, and Rose & Connor are in at least half the scenes of this book. The deeply interconnected network of friends, family, and lovers that this series has is so fantastically done. They all have each other's backs and have built such a strong, unwavering support system for each other. Yes, they bicker and tease but they're always united against an outside threat and are incredible caring and protective of each other. And there's just this brutal honesty and openness between them that is so deeply heartwarming. Each of them has their own special and unique relationship or bond to the other and the dynamics as they all play off each other is just gold!!!! Without a doubt, the Addicted series has one of the strongest, most endearing and well developed ensemble of characters I've ever read.

The Addicted series started strong and it just keeps getting better and better. These characters feel so real to me and I am fully invested in their stories. The writing is fantastic, the romance is hot, the character building is phenomenal, and with each book the story keeps my heart racing from start to finish.

If you're a fan of New Adult romance, THIS is a series you should be reading.  




My review of Book #1 ➜
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"You're a hothouse flower. You can't grow under natural conditions. You need adventure. And security and love in order to stay alive."

*Warning* if you are offended by the F word you need to know it shows up 1,590 times in this book. But without it this book wouldn’t be complete because it is Ryke’s favorite four letter word.

Starting and stopping - in many cases, you will start the series thinking that you will read just one book and save the rest of the books for another time, but then you realize how unsuccessful you were with that attempt .
Withdrawal symptoms - when you read the last book released and have to wait for the next in the series you have mood-related symptoms. These consist of craving more Lo (alcoholic), Connor (smartass) and Ryke (jackass), to bouts of moodiness, bad temper, poor focus, a feeling of being depressed and empty.
Recreational sacrifices – giving up activities so you can continue reading the series. For example, turning down an invitation to go to a party because it will cut into your reading time. You’d rather spend your free time with Lily, Lo, Rose, Connor, Daisy and Ryke.
Social sacrifices – your best friends are the real fictional characters from this series.
Obsession - when you spend more and more time and energy focusing on the lives of these six characters. You make sure to pack your kindle with you everywhere you go because you don't want leave your “best friends” at home.
Behavior - your mood is directly related to what is happening in the book.
Secrecy - in many cases you read in secret to avoid explaining to your family “what” you’re reading. “Yea, honey, I’m reading about a sex addict and an alcoholic.” O.o
Denial – you refuse to admit that these characters aren't real. You talk to others about them like they really exist and their problems are real.
Dropping hobbies and activities – the further you go in the series you stop doing things you previously loved doing. You feel like you cannot physically cope because people in your life don’t understand your obsession with this series.
Financial difficulties - You buy all the paperbacks just so you can hug them.
Relationship problems – you start expecting your spouse to behave like Lo, Connor or Ryke.

Addicted series is interconnected with two spin-offs. The authors have written the books in 4 “phases”. Each phase is a complete story line with a satisfying enough conclusion.

Recommended reading order:
PHASE 1 (Lily & Lo):
{#1} Addicted to You | {#1.5} Ricochet | {#2} Addicted for Now

PHASE 2 (Rose and Connor) | (Daisy & Ryke):
{spin-off} Kiss the Sky | {spin-off} Hothouse Flower

PHASE 3 (Lily & Lo):
{#2.5} Thrive | {#3} Addicted After All

PHASE 4 (Rose and Connor) | (Daisy & Ryke):
{spin-off} Fuel the Fire | {spin-off} Long Way Down


Well, thank goodness it wasn't bad.

I had struggled with the idea of Ryke & Daisy for a long time. With Daisy being a minor and all the drama that was happening around them... it was hard for me to accept them.

But they kinda grew on me. I'm not saying they're perfect and that some parts weren't forced at all but they were cute. They also understood each other's needs and flaws.

The best parts for me were when Ryke and Daisy, individually, worked on their issues with their siblings.


I had a dream about Daisy and Ryke the other night and that’s, apparently, all it took for me to want to re-read their first book. It’s been 2 years since I read it and at that time I was not rooting that much for them due to the age difference (which is something I never like in contemporary books) but they have won me over. Maybe this time I appreciate them more.


Addicted To You (Addicted Book 1) |
Ricochet (Addicted Book 1.5) |
Addicted For Now (Addicted Book 2) |
Kiss The Sky (Addicted #2.1, Calloway Sisters #1) |
Hothouse Flower (Addicted #2.2, Calloway Sisters #2) |

“I kissed you tonight because I want your lips to only touch mine. From now until forever. That’s the fucking truth.”




There is no way I can write a review that will do this book justice. No way can I write words to describe how FUCKING SEXY RYKE MEADOWS is and how adorable Daisy is and how freaking hard I fell in love with them together.


“Big bad wolf, are you going to eat me?” .
My gaze drops to her mouth. “Until you fucking scream.”

I absolutely adore Krista and Becca’s writing style. It's smart, witty and just draws you IN. There is not a single drawn out moment or a wasted word and I absolutely loved it. I probably highlighted 80% of this book. SO many moments had me tearing up and even more had me fanning myself. You all can have Connor, RYKE IS MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“You love me,” I breathe.
He lets out a short laugh. “You’re such a fucking girl.”
“Say it again.”
He smiles, a full blown one that tingles my body all over. “I fucking love you, sweetheart.”

These authors just keep raising the bar and each book just gets better and better. This is one of those series that started out strong, and just keeps getting stronger. I am so happy I still have 3 books left to read.


Hothouse Flower (Addicted #2.2, Calloway Sisters #2) |

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Hothouse Flower

Ryke Meadows POV

My life is full of unconventionalities, abnormalities and awkward fucking situations.

If you’re easily offended by crude language and inappropriate talks, you’ve taken a wrong fucking turn somewhere. You won’t understand me if you can’t handle me, and I’m not going to try to explain myself.

I’m raw.

I’m hard.

I’m the thing you shy away from.

So I’m warning you now. Back away.

Because once you enter my life, I won’t ever let you leave.


Hothouse Flower will be released March 2014. To see Ryke and Daisy's first encounter, check out Ricochet (available now). You can find more with them in Addicted for Now (available now) and Kiss the Sky (available now). It's totally optional whether or not you want to read the Addicted series beforehand, but you should at least read Kiss the Sky.

Pearl Angeli

He's like my wolf-- dangerous, alluring and protective.

(Buddyread this book with sis Bea. Check out her fantastic review!)

It's official. Hothouse Flower is my favorite book in the series so far. And RAISY is my favorite OTP!


I can't get enough of how good this sequel is. I have always been a fan of Ryke Meadows and Daisy Calloway ever since the earlier books. It's because of their undeniable chemistry. I love their age difference and the fact that Ryke Meadows is several years older than Daisy. Their relationship was so good that I actually wasn't able to help myself smiling, laughing, and swooning over them from the very first page up to the last.

Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie did not disappoint. As the series goes on, the writing becomes more and more beautiful and heartfelt. What's even great is the humor in every page. It's very entertaining and it's also filled with witty conversations and banters. (I especially love the Connor-Ryke banters and Lo-Rose banters) Seriously, this book is making me laugh out loud... A LOT!

The romantic plot of this book is also remarkable. Ryke and Daisy's attraction towards each other in the earlier books was very apparent but this time, their feelings are already unstoppable. I especially love the way Ryke comforts Daisy and supports her whenever she experiences night terrors and paranoia. The way he always stays with her despite the fact that everyone around them are against their love affair was so touching.

The way Ryke also proves to Daisy that she deserves so much better when it comes to guys... I'm speechless. No words. Ryke is everything!

"Every theory you've ever fucking had about men, I'm going to prove wrong."


Lo, Lily, Rose, and Connor also made remarkable appearances in this book. The sequel will never be complete without these lovable characters that I have grown to love all throughout the series! Some parts also made me teary-eyed, especially Ryke and Jonathan's relationship development.

Hothouse Flower was overall a great and enjoyable sequel. It's so difficult not to like it, just the like rest of the books in this series. This is one of the best series I've ever come across!

She's the sun. I'm the dark. If she's gone, I can kiss that fucking light away. Without her, I know I'll never see it again.



Pearl's Book Journey (1)


Pavlina Read more sleep less blog

+5 Ryke Stars <3

"Ryke Meadows has invigated my body and soul.
He is more than just my pillow.
My wolf.
My bodyguard.
He's my everything."

This is PERFECTION!!This is one of the best book I have ever read!So many amazing journey!I'm so in love with the characters!Ryke and Daisy are so dynamic together!They are perfect for each other.I didn't want it to end!It was a long book but I wouldn't have problem if there were more!I hope the authors decide to write another book for them!!

The story begins with Daisy who finally becomes 18.Her relationship with Ryke is better than ever and they are much closer than before.

"I've never met a fucking girl that I wanted to stick around for longer than a month.."

Daisy goes to Paris for fashion week while Ryke is in California.Something awfull happens to Daisy..and Ryke will be there for her..


I loved both so much!!They create a strong bond!!Both have their problems but they has each other to help one another.I loved Daisy.She is sweet,funny and adorable.I hate her mother, who didn't let Daisy live her life!


Ryke,Ryke *sigh* Why must these guys be only in books??? He is amazing!He cares so much for Daisy,he would do anything for her.

"I kissed you tonight because I want your lips to only touch mine.From now until forever.
That's the fucking truth."

He is so smart,cocky,funny and sexy!But he prefers not to show his real self to everyone.


I feel sorry for him because Daisy's mother and his brother, Lo, treat him so bad.However, Lo manages to change my mind towards the end!I laughed so loud with the boys :D Ryke,Connor and Lo!They have so many funny dialogues!!

I could read this book again and again!So much I loved it!!I want to say thank you to the amazing authors Krista and Becca for this brilliant book!!Well done girls :))
You did it again!!