Into Dark Water

By Regina Bartley

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In the small town of Borders, New Hampshire, everyone knew everything. There was no escaping the gossip, lies, and scandal. You were sucked into it like an undertow of a dark lake.Jenny Pearson would be on the first bus out of there after graduation. That was her master plan. Only 68 more days and counting. Nothing could happen in 68 days. Nothing could keep her there. Not In the small town of Borders, New Hampshire, everyone knew everything. There was no escaping the gossip, lies, and

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(first published October 15th 2017)

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Jennifer Kyle

3.75 Stars!



OMG. This was soooooo good!!!!!

Sometimes I just need a fabulous YA read and this sure hit the spot. It's not a long one, but I inhaled this in a single siting. Jenny and Draven are such lovable characters. I would put them on the same playing field as some of Colleen Hoover's YA characters. They are strong, compassionate, and real.

This was an overall enjoyable read that is sure to put a smile on your face and a tear in your eye. It will definitely hit you hard right in the feels.

Laurie Beemer

This is a romance that shows the importance of forgiveness and moving past. What happens when the person that you were supposed to see as an enemy is someone you start to see in a romantic light? This book was fantastic and had be wondering what was going to happen between Draven and Jenny. Jenny found herself having to choose between what she once that and what she know knew to decide what her happiness would be. Thank you for allowing me to read this and write honestly about it.

Whoo Gives A Hoot

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Although I've known of Regina Bartley for sometime I must regrettably admit that this is my first time reading one of her books. When I saw this cover and read the blurb I immediately knew that this book was being added to my TBR list! I am so glad that I decided to take time out of my overwhelming life (life of a college student is no joke) and devour this binge-worthy read. I literally stayed up way to late reading this one because once I started I wanted to know EVERYTHING! It was totally worth my a** dragging the next day when my alarm woke me up way too soon...

Jenny and Draven's chemistry was undeniable, even if they both refused to accept it at first. These two had my heart right from the start and I found myself completely captivated by their different life many ways I think this is what brought them drastically closer. Jenny comes from a well structured and lovable family, while our dear sweet Draven grew up with parents who would rather get in trouble with the law then care for their son. Apart his world is crumbling, but together they begin to repair his lifelong scars.

I absolutely adored every single moment of this story and I can't help but recommending it to my book friends. You may not think this book is for you, but it is completely worth the chance. I cannot wait to see what Regina Bartley comes up with next (and of course go back to read some of her past releases)!

Anna Doe

A beautiful story about overcoming your past, growing up and falling in love. With every book Regina writes I fall more and more in love with her stories.

Julie Gustafson-Monk

There isn't a book that Regina has written that I haven't loved. Into Dark Water was fantastic. Very heartwarming storyline. Yet, there are parts of the book that make you tear up. I know I did. Regina is the master at bringing out the feels with her writing.

Great job Regina!!!! ????

Jennifer Richey

This was a great story I loved it!

Secretly Adorkable Readers

This author always has me on the edge of her drama, angsty filled, and emotional beautiful written words. I would never expect any less from her. The synopsis of this book scared me to death before I read it, not knowing what to expect. Into Dark Water sucks you in deep from the beginning.

N Swaffar

review to come

Savannah Stewart

This book had all the feels! It made you laugh, say awe, remember just how hectic high school was. Into Dark Water is a fast read, that leaves you feeling complete. The secondary characters are as well developed as the main characters, which I adore! It's one of those books that you can feel yourself in the story as you read it. I highly recommend it!