2061: Odyssey Three (Space Odyssey, #3)

By Arthur C. Clarke

3.59 - ratings 27,663

Arthur C. Clarke, creator of one of the world's best-loved science fiction tales, revisits the most famous future ever imagined in this NEW YORK TIMES bestseller, as two expeditions into space become inextricably tangled. Heywood Floyd, survivor of two previous encounters with the mysterious monloiths, must again confront Dave Bowman, HAL, and an alien race that has decide Arthur C. Clarke, creator of one of the...

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November 1997 by Voyager

(first published November 12th 1987)

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Quotes From "2061: Odyssey Three (Space Odyssey, #3)"

"He found it both sad and fascinating that only through an artificial universe of video images could she establish contact with the real world."
"It is a good principle in science not to believe any 'fact'---however well attested---until it fits into some accepted frame of reference. Occasionally, of course, an observation can shatter the frame and force the construction of a new one, but that is extremely rare. Galileos and Einsteins seldom appear more than once per century, which is just as well for the equanimity of mankind."
"A man who grows that much hair,' critics were fond of saying, 'must have a lot to hide."
"Almost any seat was comfortable at one-sixth of a gravity."

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