Say Goodbye to Hollywood

By Jenny Trout

3.97 - ratings 142

When she’s hired to adapt the blockbuster novel, Beautiful Darkness, for film, screenwriter Jessica Yates sees an opportunity she can’t pass up. The only thing standing between her and a guaranteed hit movie is the author. Lynn Baldwin’s rise from Midwestern housewife to literary superstardom has gone straight to her head, and she’s not willing to see her creation hit the When she’s hired to adapt the blockbuster...

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March 21st 2017

Quotes From "Say Goodbye to Hollywood"

"That’s what happens with Millennials. They’re so used to getting participation ribbons and trophies for losing, they think everything is owed to them. They’re ungrateful."
"One of the worst parts about working in entertainment is that there’s so much you’re expected to have seen. Oh, you’re a screenwriter? You’ve seen the new Batman, then, right? I’m watching this show on Amazon, right now, and oh my god, it’s so good—but I’m sure you’ve already seen it. The reality is, I’m usually so busy on my own work, I rarely have time to see anything that isn’t required for some kind of voting."
"But once the word “Millennials” is uttered by anyone over thirty-five, there’s no point in trying to reason with them."
"Success and talent aren’t even in the same neighborhood."
"But one-hundred-million customers can’t be wrong, can they?"
"For every manic pixie dream girl who helps a twenty-something white guy find his way off Zoloft, I write two women who fix their own lives while taking their damn meds. The"
"So, she wants you to pay to share some of her success. Why’s that a problem? Dan Brown sold the rights to The Da Vinci Code for six million dollars. I didn’t hear anyone complaining about that."
"Just because the book has sex in it doesn’t mean women are only reading it for the sexy bits."

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