A Dangerous Path (Warriors, #5)

By Erin Hunter

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ShadowClan has a dark new leader, but will he be satisfied with his power now -- or does his desire for revenge burn even more strongly? Fireheart fears that there is a connection between the rise of Tigerstar and the terrible dreams that haunt his nights, murmuring of danger and death. Meanwhile, a mysterious and vicious threat unlike any other has invaded the forest, pla ShadowClan has a dark new leader, but will he be satisfied with his power now -- or does his desire for revenge burn even

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Paperback, 313 pages
May 24th 2005 by Avon Books

(first published June 1st 2004)

Original Title
A Dangerous Path
0060525657 (ISBN13: 9780060525651)
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Jocelyn Morgan


Saar The Book owl

This is the 5th book in the first series of Erin Hunter's Warrior Cats.
Okay, I must admit: I'm an adult (thirty - something) reading these children books, but, hey, I'm a crazy cat lady, so it's okay, right?
There's only one book left in these series and everytime I think: 'This story will loose it's magic', but everytime I'm relieved that it didn't. The story is full of loyality, suspense, intrige and there's Always a clifhanger.(In this book you can take that last part very literally).
At every moment that you think the story is dragging on or is getting boring, there is a new secret, dangerous situations,...that keeps you reading further.
When the dark threat grows in the forest, you can just feel Fireheart's fear. That's an example on how the author gives the cats 'human' feelings without exagerating.

I think these series are the perfect example for kids who find it difficult to find a good book or don't like to read. Maybe these can be the doorway to other books and keeping children stimulated to read.


“His voice barely more than a whisper, he added, “I love you.” Sandstorm’s eyes glowed. “I love you too, Fireheart,” she whispered.”

There is much left to be desired in this instalment of the series. Characters I loved previously became frustrating, the story dragged, and the climax of the whole thing was far from exciting. Nothing seemed to go well for Thunderclan (or Fireheart for that matter) and the final death in the book was almost a relief for me, although somewhat sad. Sadder still, my main emotion while reading this was a vague, "ehgggg"; something between frustration, annoyance, and a monotonous, "when will it end"? It was not a positive experience. I really, really enjoyed some of the previous in the series and even if they were not all that good technically they were entertaining and gripping in their content. But, although I spend so much time wanting something to happen much of this book was a lead up to a confrontation that fell short and left me wanting something....anything. I appreciated the darker atmosphere and tone but it was not communicated well. I'm still looking forward to reading the last in the first Warrior's series. I find myself wishing I had read these when I was younger, maybe I would have liked this better? Who knows. Let's just hope the next book is an improvement.

Sophie Crane

This book promises the same astonishment you feel when you read the other books in this series. Packed with suprises, jaw-dropping situations and unbelievable secrets, the story is difficult to stop reading. But above all, the amazing descriptions - the forests, the scents and sounds, the feelings and emotions, the thundering of the cats rushing into battle -make this novel come to life.

Luke Farr

I really feel like Children's books of this genre didn't used to be so terrifying and stressful. As a child (and obviously still presently) I always read a lot of animal-themed books, and while many of them were frightening and dealt with themes maybe not present in other children's books (or books encouraged for children) I feel like they were on a different emotional level than what's being put out today. I think what it comes down to is no children's author has successfully created the overwhelming and suffocating feeling of an inescapable evil bearing down on the main characters as successfully as it was created in this book. During my entire reading of this book I felt as stressed, frightened, and alienated as Fireheart himself was, and at times almost looked forward to the end of it in a desperate plea to find out what happens and have it all over with. It was definitely surprisingly heavy, in a way that I would never expect of a book from this genre, and I will always be surprised that the homebody mother who recommended these books to me one day at an event I was running in Toys R Us did. I highly recommend them, but for those thinking about giving these to young children, I'd recommend a read through yourself first. Anyway, off to the last in this Warrior series, and I am looking forward to the conclusion!


style="display:none" This book was full of mystery and up and down romance. Now that Fireheart has found out that his enemy, Tigerstar, has gained leadership over ShadowClan. Fireheart is very frightened that this will destroy the forest,but a threat has come to the forest that no cat could ever dream of. But now that Fireheart thinks he knows what the threat is his only problem is getting Bluestar to listen to what he has to say. Many things happen in this book, but it was my FAVORITE of the series!!!!!!


something is in the forest and Fireheart doesn't know what it is. Bluestar thinks that it is windclan steeling prey and she declares a fight. Fireheart found a way to stop it. Bluestar thinks every one in the clan is a traiter except for Fireheart until he stoped the fight. Riverclan tries to take part of thunderclans territory but thunderclan wont allow it. they start to fight. During the fight Bluestar tells mistyfoot and stonefur the truth that they were her kits and she gave them to riverclan. graystripe lives with riverclan now but he saves Fire heart from leapardstar and she extials him. he becomes a thunderclan cat again. whitepaw becomes a warrior and longtail is mad because his apprentice is older that him and deserves to be a warrior. since longtails apprentice and an apprentice brightpaw didn't become a warrior they went looking for the thing in the forest and try to defeat it so that they can become a warrior. Fireheart finds longtails apprentice dead and brightpaw badly injured. later Fireheart finds out that tigerstar is feeding a pack of dogs in thuderclan territory. he makes a trail of dead animals that leads to thunderclan camp and at the end of the trail is brindleface. Fireheart figures out a plan to get rid of the dogs. Bluestar risks her last life for her clan. The dogs are killed and Bluestar said that firestar will make a great leader.


moment of silent for bluestar............................................................................................................................................I HATED HOW ANNOYING SHE WAS IN THIS BOOK but it was sad when she died because she finally understood that her clan really loved her!TIGERSTAR HAS GOT TO GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!evilllllllllllllllllllllll lol but i hate him for now on! and i agree if jacob or edward dies in twilight then i will also die!(please dont let it be JACOB I LOVE HIM!)