Philosophy Made Simple

By Robert Hellenga

3.4 - ratings 643

Rudy Harrington is ready for a new life. His daughters are grown, his wife has died, and the idea of running an avocado grove in Texas suddenly seems infinitely more appealing than staying in his rambling Midwestern house.So a new life it is. Rudy heads off for a part of the world where he knows scarcely a soul. But he has a guide: a slender book called Philosophy Made Sim Rudy Harrington is ready for a new life. His...

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March 1st 2007 by Back Bay Books

(first published March 8th 2006)

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Quotes From "Philosophy Made Simple"

"Fussing over food was important. It gave a shape to the day: breakfast, lunch, dinner; beginning, middle, end."
"It took him half an hour to reach the little mission chapel. From his position on his back in the river he could see just the tip of the steeple, but for the most part he gazed upward at the constellations. Rudy knew his constellations, because each one of his daughters had done a science project on them and they'd spent hours lying on their backs in the middle of the Edgar Lee Masters campus looking up at the sky. As the river bent to the south, he could see Virgo and Centaurus coming into view. At first they reminded him of true beauty, and he was overwhelmed. He knew that this heart-piercing ache, however painful, was the central experience of his life and that he would have to come to terms with it. No one - not Aristotle, not Epicurus, not Siva Singh - would ever convince him otherwise. But then it occurred to him that Virgo and Centaurus were just as arbitrary as the rudimentary classification system he'd used for his books - Helen's books. There were a lot of stars left out of the constellations, and nothing to stop you from drawing the lines in different ways to create different pictures. He wanted to lift his wings and fly, but he didn't have the power. He could only let the river carry him along."
"Sometimes it takes a little jolt to make us appreciate what we’ve got."
"The only meaning our lives have is the meaning we give them."
"She heard melody and harmony and counterpoint; he heard something calling him from far, far away."
"Sometimes pain is God’s megaphone, his only way to get our attention."
"However far back you go you will find all experiences linked by slender threads."
"He knew that he’d known her for less than a week, but now that she was gone he was continually probing his feelings for her, the way he might probe a sore tooth with his tongue, engaging her in imaginary conversations, imagining her saying such delightful things."

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