Hind Swaraj or Indian Home Rule

By Mahatma Gandhi

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Mohandas Gandhi wrote this book in his native language, Gujarati, while traveling from London to South Africa onboard SS Kildonan Castle between November 13 and November 22, 1909. In the book Gandhi gives a diagnosis for the problems of humanity in modern times, the causes, and his remedy. The Gujarati edition was banned by the British on its publication in India. Gandhi t Mohandas Gandhi wrote this book in his native...

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February 1st 1998 by South Asia Books

(first published 1909)

Quotes From "Hind Swaraj or Indian Home Rule"

"A man, whilst he is dreaming, believes in his dream; he is undeceived only when he is awakened from his slumber."
"In reality, there are as many religions as there are individuals."
"We measure the universe by our own miserable foot-rule. When we are slaves, we think that the whole universe is enslaved. Because we are in an abject condition, we think that the whole of India is in that condition. As a matter of fact, it is not so, yet it is as well to impute our slavery to the whole of India. But if we bear in mind the above fact, we can see that if we become free, India is free. And in this thought you have a definition of Swaraj. It is Swaraj when we learn to rule ourselves."
"जब तक आदमी अपनी चालू हालत में खुश रहता है, तब तक उसमें से निकलने के लिये उसे समझाना मुश्किल है| इसलिए हर एक सुधार के पहले असंतोष होना ही चाहिए"

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