I'm Back!: More Rare Air

By Michael Jordan, Mark Vancil

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When Michael Jordan decided to walk back onto the court to play his first game of basketball in over a year and a half, he announced only "I'm Back." The entire country took notice. His fans rejoiced and the Chicago Bulls began to think about another championship season. What basketball's greatest player been up to since he announced his retirement in 1993? In I'm Back: Mo When Michael Jordan decided to walk back onto the court to play his first game of basketball in

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Paperback, 132 pages
June 28th 1995 by Collins Publishers San Francisco

(first published June 1995)

Original Title
I'm Back!: More Rare Air
0006491537 (ISBN13: 9780006491538)
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A gorgeous cash grab. Worth collecting but skip as a read.


This book is about the time in 1993/1994 where Micheal Jordan decided to leave the NBA and then when he came back after a year and half. The reason why decided to read this books is because i knew the story of when Jordan decided to "retire" and go play baseball which wasnt the best idea Jordan ever had but after i read this book i sort of understood the history and meaning for why Jordan wanted to do this. Micheal Jordan saw that he was getting so much success on the court that he thought he would be able to be great at another sport which was baseball but that wasn't the case so when Jordan saw how not as successful he was in baseball he said to himself that he should go back and do what he loves to do and that's play basketball and after that jordan went one to win multiple championships including the titles he already had before. So this story was very interesting because its not likely that someone would see a big time person like Jordan make a mistake and then learn from that and bounce back to be even more successful so this book was almost inspiring for me.

Michael Hargrave

Huge Michael Jordan fan. Want to tap into the mindset that helped him dominate the basketball world!

Mal Ly

this is a book about a man name'd micol jorden and he talks about how he love basketball.
he talks about


I prefer My Story as far as autobiographical books go, but I still enjoyed this book.