Martha Stewart's Cooking School: Lessons and Recipes for the Home Cook: A Cookbook

By Martha Stewart

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Imagine having Martha Stewart at your side in the kitchen, teaching you how to hold a chef's knife, select the very best ingredients, truss a chicken, make a perfect pot roast, prepare every vegetable, bake a flawless pie crust, and much more.In Martha Stewart's Cooking School, you get just that: a culinary master class from Martha herself, with lessons for home cooks of a Imagine having Martha Stewart at your side in the kitchen, teaching you how to hold a chef's knife, select the

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Hardcover, 504 pages
October 21st 2008 by Clarkson Potter Publishers

(first published 2008)

Original Title
Martha Stewart's Cooking School: Lessons and Recipes for the Home Cook
0307396444 (ISBN13: 9780307396440)
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Community Reviews


Let me first state I am a fan of all things Martha. That said,I'm not really sure who this was intended for; if you don't know how to cook this book will certainly be overwhelming and intimidating, if you already know how to cook, far too basic. Perhaps it is intended as a textbook for people who want to work at MSLO.

Marathon County Public Library

Martha Stewart gives you all of the skills you need to be a successful at home cook. Have you ever wondered which knife to use for certain purposes? How about how to make a rue? Martha has that all covered in this book (which has been so helpful that it has been made into a PBS TV Series)! Don't be intimidated by the weight of this book because it does an excellent job of guiding you on how to cook, from the basics to more advanced techniques. As a person who does not consider herself a cook, this book was a big help! My scrambled eggs, for instance, have never tasted better. Cooking can seem daunting at times and this book guides you like no other.

Ashley C. / Marathon County Public Library
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Steven Peterson

Some of Martha Stewart's cookbooks are more for advanced chefs than amateurs. This book is one whose recipes I can handle! On page vi, Stewart notes the purpose of this work: "The work has been designed and written as a course of study. . .which requires the student to master the basics before performing more advanced requirements."

There is a lot of good "how to" information upfront (including equipment, knives, seasonings, etc. that one needs in the kitchen).

But it's the recipes that are central, at least for me. Some that struck my fancy: herb-filled omelet, perfect roast chicken, grilled side of salmon, steamed asparagus and bok choy with soy-ginger vinaigrette, grilled asparagus, bolognese sauce, and so on.

All in all, a good resource.


From publisher:
"Imagine having Martha Stewart at your side in the kitchen, teaching you how to hold a chef’s knife, select the very best ingredients, truss a chicken, make a perfect pot roast, prepare every vegetable, bake a flawless pie crust, and much more.

In Martha Stewart’s Cooking School, you get just that: a culinary master class from Martha herself, with lessons for home cooks of all levels.

Never before has Martha written a book quite like this one. Arranged by cooking technique, it’s aimed at teaching you how to cook, not simply what to cook. Delve in and soon you’ll be roasting, broiling, braising, stewing, sautéing, steaming, and poaching with confidence and competence. In addition to the techniques, you’ll find more than 200 sumptuous, all-new recipes that put the lessons to work, along with invaluable step-by-step photographs to take the guesswork out of cooking. You’ll also gain valuable insight into equipment, ingredients, and every other aspect of the kitchen to round out your culinary education."

I say if you don't know how to cook at all - first go to Betty Crocker. But if you are ready to move up and beyond then this is the book for you.

I know a lot of people don't like anything Martha Stewart's does. I know she can be intimidating and scary. But this book is fantastic. First and for most the information is amazing. Next the photography is beautiful and supports the information in a wonderful pairing. This book covers some basics but also takes things a step beyond to help you understand how to cook which will ultimately make you a better cook.

The books covers:

* Equipment lists that tell you everything from a loaf pan to a dutch oven to a spider (which is wide shallow mesh skimmer with a long handle great for removing food from hot oil or boiling water).
* It gives you a run down on knives and what they do and how to care for them.
* Shows how to do basic vegetable cuts and more special cuts like the lozenge which is to cut them into thin slices and then stack the slices and cut into strips. Making cuts on the diagonally to achieve a diamond shape.
* The book covers some basic herbs: how to wash, store, cook and few other tips for them.
* It has a several pages on just onions. Photos of the different kinds, how to peel, slice, cut, chop, saute, caramelize the various kinds.
* Making stock from a basic chicken stock to how to make a consomme or cream soup. It not only tell you how to make them but a glossary of terms and tips.
* Eggs - how to boil, poach, coddle, make a frittata and so on.
* Meat, Fish and Poultry - It has charts to show what each cut of meat and how to buy. It shows how not only how to roast, grill saute, braise, stew and many other things to create the perfect meat dish but also shows how to tie a roast, stuff a turkey, get charcoal ready for a grill, how to carve a duck and many other techniques.
* Vegetables - how to steam, wilt, simmer, saute, grill, make a green salad and many other ways to cook vegetables. It also has a buying guide what to look for, what to avoid, storage and cooking method.
* Pasta - how to make fresh pasta, gnocchi, sauce, baked pasta dishes and several other things.
* Dried Beans and Grains - how to cook and varieties of beans and grains

And finally....

* Dessert - how to cream butter, cut butter into flour, make meringue, a souffle, sorbet and many many other things. It include a chart showing a variety of berries and stone fruits

PLUS all that throughout the whole book there are recipes upon recipes....from gourmet to just basic comfort food

Minestrone Soup
Squash and Goat Cheese Frittata
Chicken Piccata
Pan-Seared Strip Steak with Mustard Cream Sauce
Buttermilk Fried Chicken
Creamed Spinach
Herbed Rosti with Wild Mushrooms
Glazed Turnips
Gnocchi with Basil Pesto
Rice Pilaf
Double Crusted Apple Pie
Creme Brulee
Poached Apricots
Yellow Buttercake with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

It is a beautiful book with a wealth of information that I think anyone who wants to learn more about cooking and enjoys eating good food should have in their kitchen.


I'm not sure exactly how to place this one. It is far too overwhelming a volume for a beginning cook, and yet who else would need it?
As a reference of all things cooking, it's certainly comprehensive. I doubt there is a cooking technique that she doesn't explain. But many of the recipes are a tad pretentious. (It IS Martha, after all.) The photography is lovely, as you would expect. Definitely worth a browse, but not sure I'd buy as a cookbook.

Nicole Wagner

Martha Stewart is always amazing. I knew I'd enjoy thumbing through this book when I borrowed it from the library. I even learned one or two slick new cooking techniques from this book.

What this ISN'T, is a cookbook. It includes quite a few recipes, but it's really a textbook to be studied by someone who wants to become more serious about using classical cooking in the home.

Lee Ange

I really like this cookbook. It’s got terrific easy to follow steps and excellent quality pictures. The recipes are very tasty.


Years and years ago, this book taught me how to cook. Truly. Clear instructions, helpful’s a great starting place if you’re serious about improving skills in the kitchen!


Lots of interesting advice and recipes.I am particularly interested in the chutney recipes.


This is a great book to add to your kitchen shelf of cookbooks, whether you own a couple or hundreds, because Martha, and Company, have put everything you need to keep yourself current and educated on kitchen abilities, into one great super book.

Martha began her career in domestic-keeping instructions and education, she wanted quality in photography and instructions. Some of the recipes back in those early days may have been a bit weak, as time has given way to insight of what her followers want, as well as now having greater access to resources, assistance, and proofing, to those who enjoy domestic skills, as many of her fans certainly do, she has come full circle, and become appreciatively demanding in clarity and instruction. This is has never been more obvious than in this latest tome.

As in most cookbooks and instruction manuals, you need clear photography to help bring the point across and to help you understand what is meant by a cut or slice or turn. Sharp, close photos are ladened throughout the book whether showing you veggies or herbs, meat cuts or souffles.

While this book gives full education in kitchen skills, it should not be known for having all kinds of recipes; there are definitely recipes appropriate to the instruction given, but they are basics. Many of Martha's other books would be well-suited to give you a greater range of recipes in which to try your newfound or sharpened abilities.
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