The Good, the Bad, and the Undead (The Hollows, #2)

By Kim Harrison

4.24 - ratings 63,449

Rachel Morgan, sexy witch, independent bounty hunter, prowls the downtown Cincinnati for criminal creatures of the night. She can handle leather-clad vamps and a cunning demon or two. But a serial killer who feeds on the experts in the most dangerous kind of black magic is an ancient, implacable evil that threatens her very soul.

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Quotes From "The Good, the Bad, and the Undead (The Hollows, #2)"

"I told you, computers are like women. If you shout at them or ask them to do too many things at once, they shut down and you won't even get a sniff" pg. 4"
"Come work for me, and I’ll tell you.”
My eyes went to his. “You are a thief, a cheat, a murderer, and a not-nice man,” I said calmly. “I don’t like you.”
He shrugged, the motion making him look utterly harmless. “I’m not a thief,” he said. “And I don’t mind manipulating you into working for me when I need it.” He smiled, showing me perfect teeth. “I enjoy it, actually."
"She reeked of tenure"
"Maybe if I didn't say anything about what happened, we could get back to the way we were. Ignoring a problem was a perfectly acceptable way to deal with it, as long as both people agree never to bring it up again."
"Rose to Rachel:
You cry you get angry then you do something about it."
"You are your father's daughter,' he said, the skin around his eyes tightening. 'Trent is his father's son. Apart, you are annoying. have the potential to be a problem."
"You are so full of yourself, Trent,” I said, wishing I could shift the car into reverse and drive over his foot.
His smile widened.
“What?” I demanded.
“You called me by my first name. I like that."

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