Goddess of the Sea (Goddess Summoning, #1)

By P.C. Cast

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On the night of her twenty-fifth birthday, alone in her apartment, Air Force Sergeant Christine Canady wished for one thing: a little magic in her life. After drinking way too much champagne, she performed, of all crazy things, a goddess-summoning ritual, hoping that it would somehow make her life a little less ordinary...but she never believed the spell would actually wor On the night of her twenty-fifth birthday, alone in her apartment, Air Force Sergeant Christine Canady wished for one

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Mass Market Paperback, 368 pages
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Goddess of the Sea
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Julie (jjmachshev)

Reviewed for queuemyreview.com; book release Oct08
This Oct08 release is the trade paperback release of a 2003 original.

“Goddess of the Sea” is my first foray into P.C. Cast’s ‘Goddess Summoning’ series about normal women transformed by their willingness to believe in the spark of the Feminine Devine that makes all women magical! But the series is not about witchcraft and crones and spells and such, rather it celebrates the female viewpoint and the joys to be found in the care of tending of beauty in whatever form it’s found, whether it’s nature, art, or humanity.

CC is an Air Force Sergeant who’s afraid of flying and not too fond of water either! So when the C-130 aircraft taking her to Saudi Arabia crashes in the Mediterranean, she’s terrified. She becomes entangled with the sinking plane and is sure she’s about to die. Then she’s rescued by--a mermaid? And the mermaid is asking whether or not she wants to live...well, duh?! Suddenly she’s trapped in the body of the mermaid and there’s a merman after her and another merman who’s really hot and…oh wait, you guys need to read the book to get the rest of the story.

Cast’s story is an enchanting mix of fairy tale, drama, magic, love, and discovery. I probably read WAY more into this tale, but here’s a few things I took away from this book.
-No matter what kinds of physical/physiological changes occur, we’ll still be the same inside.
-There’s no ‘magic bullet’ to solve problems, it takes a combination of innovative thought and the will to try new things and maybe even look silly doing so!
-Not even a whole group of men is a match for one determined woman ***big grin***.
-Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder and what’s inside will never fade or wither (stole part of that phrase from the Bible).
-We are always stronger when we lean on our friends.
-Love is worth sacrificing for. Sometimes the sorrow of love lost seems unbearable, but there’s no telling what’s around the next corner.
I could go on, but I think these were the ‘biggies’.

It’s obvious that Cast has done her homework regarding the USAF. As a proud veteran, I appreciated her attention to the terminology, names, and places that give this story it’s ‘real’ contemporary feeling. I also appreciated that the heroine is enlisted, yet still a strong, feminine woman with ethics and morals. The threads of this tale were woven together skillfully and it was a very smooth read. Although the romance and passion were fairly quick, it was necessary to the author’s plot and this is a kind of fairy tale! And speaking of passion, if you’ve ever wondered how merpeople ‘do it’, you’ve really got to read this one. She did a grand job of depicting sensual lovemaking with legs AND fins!

“Goddess” of the Sea” is a love story. It also imparts a message of feminine empowerment and strength without denigrating the male gender and that’s not so easily done. P.C. Cast has penned a tale that will entertain you. It will also make you laugh and make you cry…but end with a smile on your face.

Charissa Sophia de la Rosa

I really like this book. I love how P.C. Cast wrote it. It spells A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I love how P.C. Cast twist some interesting Mythological stories much more interesting relating it to the 21st Century! :) I'm going to read the next books in this series!

What I love:

-The plot! It is not just like any other mermaid tale nor anything related to Little Mermaid! P.C. Cast made a unique turn of the story that'll just leave the readers breathless!
-Characters! I love Christine Canady or CC! She's a very strong and wise girl! And Dylan, oh goodness, he is just so sweet! He is willing to wait for CC even if it'll be for an eternity! FOR AN ETERNITY! Ahhh! Faithful True Love! **faints**
-Writing Style! I love how P.C. Cast makes -something interesting into something more= making a huge impact to the reader! I do believe the author herself believes in happy endings. :)

What I dislike:

-The RATING! **bangs head** There are some scenes that is NOT I repeat, NOT appropriate for readers below 18! Note: Don't read those scenes! SKIP IT!
-The Cover! Just look at that? First thing that comes into your mind when you see the cover: Boring. I'm pretty sure P.C. Cast can think of other ideas for the cover. Like a girl in a mermaid suit, with/or the sea when it's dawn or night or whatsoever as background! But I guess "Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover" applies to this one.
This book have all the categories I like: Romance, Drama, Fantasy, Magic, and many others. CC and Dylan's love is really amazing! It is an example of true love that conquers all! And the Epilogue? Don't even get me start with that! Sure it can be a little bit predictable but it still sometimes catch you off guard. The Epilogue is my favorite chapter, so heartwarming! :) I'm so happy for them!


Over all, I really enjoy reading this and will recommend it to everyone. If you're a YA reader below 18 and still want to read this, you can do what I did. Just skip the parts where you think it is not appropriate to your age. It'll be your own choice if you'll read it or not.

I'm giving Goddess of Sea by P.C. Cast five stars because of the writing style, strong characters and the ever amazing plot of this book!
I'll be looking forward for the next books in this series. :)


My sisters are always critizicing me because Im a bookworm, so when my younger sister brought me this book to read i was VERY skeptical.

I have to say the First 100 pages were really slow for me and felt like they dragged too much. But once you pass all that you are emerged in a facinating story of not only love but strugle, passion , survival, fear and sorrow. There were so many emotions going on that one moment i was overjoyed the next i was crying and then outraged.

I have to say that I was very pleased with the message this book send to women. We are all beautiful creatures with magic inside us waiting to be flourished and we must stick together.

I would recomend this book to anyone and everyone!!(over 18 ;) )

Tracy Ehlers

loved, loved, loved this book... a huge fan of The House of Night series and I just had to buy these books, so very glad I did! a fast paced and enjoyable read a great introduction to an awesome series..


After a rather lonely twenty fifth birthday, Air Force Sergeant Christine Canady wished for a little magic in her life. The next day she boards a plane for a new job in the Middle East and a freak accident causes everyone to ditch out into the ocean. Christine gets caught up in the wreckage and she's pulled down, and just when she's about to breath in the deadly water she's saved by a mermaid who switches bodies with her. Christine had chosen life no matter the price but she didn't know she was going to be hounded and attacked by an insane merman. She turns to the Goddess Gaea for help and the two devise a plan. She goes ashore as a human during the rather dreary Dark Ages where she needs to find her true love. Unfortunately, Christine doesn't want the two legged knight who covets her, she wants Dylan, the gallant and wonderful merman who escorted her to the shore, while she also yearns for the ocean. Having made her choice she and Gaea await the God of the Sea to aid them and in the meantime, she is forced to fight off the amorous and malevolent attentions of her human suitor. It's a rotten time and place to be a woman but with the help of her sisters Christine will get through the upcoming battle.

Yeesh. You don't have to beat me over the head with a stick. I get it. Women are divine, we are all goddesses, we rule and woe to the man who thinks otherwise. According to the synopsis on the back of the book I had assumed that the knight in shining armor was going to be a dream come true, not the nightmare from hell. Ugh.

There actually wasn't a whole lot of romance in this book, it was mostly all about woman power and the mystical bonds of sisterhood and the age old fight of church vs females. Modern woman and men from the Dark Ages were never meant to interact and this book set my teeth on edge when they are forced to do so.

Christine is alright. I didn't care for her very much. I understand the pull the sea held over her but her constant escape attempts to go see Dylan kept getting her in trouble and that reckless disregard annoyed me. Plus in the beginning of the story she was celebrating her birthday with buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken which she chased with champagne. That's a gross combination and I can't respect someone who would do that. What saved the book for me was Dylan. He was a shining beacon amidst this dreary story and I loved him. When his fate unfolded, I felt like screaming. I know I said that I enjoyed the ending from P.C. Cast's Goddess of Light, but this ending sucked. He was the best thing in this book and he didn't deserve what he got. It will all work out in the end of course but I hate that kind of deux ex machina cop-out. Even though it's still him at the end, it didn't feel like it. This was definitely not my favorite of P.C. Cast's Goddess Summoning books, but this was still an imaginative read.


My first by P. C. Cast and I liked it. I heard about her House of Night series too but wouldn't dare to read because it's YA. Yep, I'm currently having disappointed-with-YA-books. Anyway, this premise is marketed as adult but after I finished it, I think this book has a bit/slight of YA. The way CC/Undine's - the heroine - thinking isn't exactly adult-like or should I say, childish?

There are two time settings in Goddess of the Sea and I was confused by it in the beginning of my reading. Instead of stay-in-present time or to-the-future, it's back-to-medieval time. Did I like it? I didn't because I was going to make this book in my Speculative RC! But, to think again - perhaps this book will pass because got some urban parts in it.

I liked the romance, though. Very much. It was romantic in the mer-folk way. Especially when Dylan said, "I'll wait for you for an eternity." Whoaaa. For me, that's very heart-warming. He's CC's love interest and he's hot. I liked the way he loves CC. He loves her for the her true-self, her soul. The book's merely a love story.

What I liked the most about this book? The talk about military. CC's a USAF before she got caught in air plane crashed, being sent back to medieval and became mermaid. I always have a thing about military. Only if I made it for aeronautical engineering. Sorry, kinda lost in thoughts.

If you like mer-folk story, fantasy and steamy scenes (I couldn't stop wondering about where the "love" organs might be - ahaks!), I recommend you this book. Looking forward to read the next book.


Thanks goodness i was smart enough not to buy this piece of "literature", i'd really really regret my money, even if it was 5 cents..

I have a habit, either good or bad: I never give up books, no matter what a torture it can be to finish them. Perfect example of pure torture it was! After finally, finally scrolling the last page, i ended up with 2 thoughts in my mind:

~ There's never ever any book (and there can't be!) about mermaids, better than the "original" Andersen's The Little Mermaid, anything else after it is just a poor copy, trivial allusion or just a ridiculous parody on a real masterpiece
~ Why oh why the author didn't stop on writing a lovely fairy tale for children? It could have been a neat, magic book, naking the readers smile, not cringe in disgust running through those loathsome porn details she decided to fullfill the book with?

A human making love to a merman. A merman making love to a mermaid. A mermaid making love to a human. Are you crazy, lady? "His spear pierced into her sanctuary", his risen flesh was trembling with irresistible desire", etc etc, is it supposed to be literature or a cheapo romance paperback i was reading at 12 giggling at all those "her nipples hardened after his gentle touch running through her hungry body" - YUCK! Anyways, what spear, it's a damn MERMAN!

The whole idea is full of most ridiculous ridiculosities: a brother (a merman btw) wanting to rape his sister (dear author lady, you definitely must have some troubles), the main heroine getting drunk on her birthday and setting a ritual; the chick transformed to a mermaid for whatever reason; another lusty knight, gosh, all i wanted was to spit and then puke. Or vice versa. Or both at the same time. The preamble with Air Force stuff was totally unnecessary and what is worst, completely inappropriate. And holy moly, naming the merman DILAN.. That's pretty sad, with the same success he could've been named Jack or John. Or better yet BOB. A Merman Bob, lovely, eh?

All my ideas and beliefs in magic are ruined lol Dear P.C.Cast, i read you're teaching artistic writing in the university, please don't do that :)

Never again anything by this "author" will come close to my hands. I was writing the same dumb low-quality stories (with no sex parts of course) at the age of 7, when i was a great mermaid fan. Perhaps i should have published them lol


Loved ..... it , was great and entertainig . It was one of the best novels i have read in a while .


I expected this book to be a more adult version of The Little Mermaid, but there was a bit more to it than that.

CC was a sergeant in the USAF, despite her fear of flying (first off why would she choose a career which would definitely involve some flying even though she was petrified of it?! I certainly wouldn't!). On flying to a new position, her plane crashed in the middle of the ocean and just as she's pulled under the water, a mermaid appears and asks if she wants to swap bodies in order to live and CC readily accepts. She is quickly transported through time and space to Medieval Wales, where things are nowhere near her modern life.

CC's first encounter as a mermaid is to avoid being raped by Sarpedon, a fierce, defiant merman, who is half brother to Undine, the mermaid CC has become. She manages to get away and as she swims to a little cove on the beach, she meets Gaea, the Goddess of the Earth, who helps and watches over her. She is rescued in the sea by Dylan, a lovely caring merman. She is further rescued on land by Sir Andras, who I really didn't like, but then he was the male chauvinistic pig that men of that time were supposed be.

CC has to pretend to be a princess with memory loss in order to avoid the questions of who she is whilst staying at the monastery on the island on which she was washed up. The abbot believes she is a sorceress and she has to calm her opinionated mouth, so as not to appear too strange for the time. Women in that day and age were still considered the property of her husband and once the idea of who she is is planted in Sir Andras' mind, he decides she is worth marrying for the money. CC, however, has other plans!

She spends a lot of time with Dylan and soon love blossoms between them, but she still has to cope with Sir Andras' attempts to woo her and Sarpedon's possession of Andras in order to find her.

I really enjoyed the character of Undine/CC. As a modern woman she is used to standing up for herself and men respecting her, but in this world of Medieval Wales, that is a hard thing to do without being burned at the stake. I loved Dylan's love for her and how he stuck to his words - he really did wait for her for eternity. And I thought the ending was brilliant - I certainly wasn't expecting Dylan to appear again.

This was a fun, light read and I enjoyed the writing style. It is a fairytale, but has some strong messages in it as well. Women are strong characters and that beauty comes from within are the main ideas.

I initially read this book for my character A-Z challenge in the group I am I, but I will be hunting out the rest of this series.

bibz reads

Oh. This really took my breath away. I wasn't anything spectacular from P.C. Cast, since House of Night let me down. But this book was so heartbreakingly quaint, beautiful, and wonderful. IT WAS SO FUCKING HEARTBREAKING. I THOUGHT I WAS LET DOWN AT THE END. :C

What I loved the most was Dylan and CC.

But really. I felt every single heartbeat that CC felt, the sorrow she felt and the joy she experienced with Dylan.

One thing that confused me was... Merpeople sex. ROFL. WHERE DO THEY HOLD THEIR ORGANS?
Anyways, enough of that. I thought everything was going to end up picture perfect but I was utterly wrong, I THOUGHT IT WAS GOING TO END HORRIBLY. GOD.


My fucking KOBO reader went out of battery and I had to leave the house .


I DON'T KNOW IF I LOVE THIS BOOK because I have nothing else to read, or that it really was,

a goodread.

please read this. tell me how you felt.