A Gift Of Wings

By Richard Bach

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Once in a generation a book, a vision, a writer, capture the imagination  and emotions of millions. Jonathan  Livingston Seagull was such a book. Richard Bach's unique vision again shines forth, touching with magic the drama of life in all its limitless horizons. Once again Richard Bach has written a masterpiece to help you touch that part of your home  that is the sky. Once in a generation a book, a vision, a writer, capture the imagination  and emotions of millions.

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Paperback, 299 pages
May 11th 2001 by Sidgwick & Jackson Ltd

(first published 1974)

Original Title
A Gift of Wings
0330304216 (ISBN13: 9780330304214)
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Community Reviews

John Mahon

A collection of short stories that Richard had published in Flying Magazine. I bought my (first ) copy on my 18th birthday. It gave the strength to believe in my dream of becoming a pilot. Some of the stories are brilliant in their simplicity, and depth. It might be a little too technical in places. Highly recommended.

Tom Fowler

I love everything Bach wrote. Don't always agree with his theology, but do his imagery.


Before I started reading this book, it had NEVER happened to me that I would feel that someone expresses my real and secret thoughts and feelings better than I do by myself. Now I know it's possible. And it's wonderful to see that not only I am a crazy dreamer who's in love with flying, but also a very experienced pilot feels something similar. I am lost for words about this book.


An excellent compilation of the wide variety of Bach's capabilities as an aviation author. These short stories entertain and educate as well as give insight to the mind of the writer. Bach to me is comparable to earlier aviation authors along the St. Exupery or Anne Lindbergh genre. It's an easy read as most stories are short, some too much so. Bach has the ability to draw his reader in to his story and sometimes leaves them wanting more when he ends them.


Love the book. It's inspiring and allows to fly up in the sky every time I open it.


I'm not a pilot and never will be, so in my opinion..
Some of the stories had some nice points (School for perfection, Found at Pharisee, Letter from a God-fearing man), but mostly it was (for me) an over-enthusiastic rambling on flying, which I do not understand, as personally I am not one of those people. I prefer to look up at the sky, rather than look down at where I could be walking. But I can imagine some people would enjoy it and understand it way better than me, since they might have the need to get away and be free in the air. I'm just too happy on the ground and in the moment. In the end, the book is quite average for me, but I did appreciate the enthusiasm which you find on every page of the book. He really loves what he does and I am happy for him.

Summer Houston

This is great for anyone that loves flying. Bach takes you into the clouds with every detail of the pilots control. Places and scenes you'll never come to know until you've been behind the controls. Adventure in the open skies.

Kari Phillips

...makes me homesick for wind and sky ...


I'm stunned to find out how much of my life has been based on Richard Bach's writings - I guess I could do worse.


A great read for any pilot.